1D Imagines


2. Lauren & Niall having a picnic. :)

"Hey Lauren?" Niall whispers, trying to get Lauren up.

"No, its too early! 5 minutes!" Lauren says, covering her head with the white pillow that was next to her.

"Lauren you get your butt up or I'm getting the guys." Niall laughs.

"NO NO NO NO! I'M UP!" She says, sitting up think about the last time the boys got her up, pouring water all over her bed.

"We are going to a silent movie in the park. Just you & me. It's our fav!" Niall gasped, geez what a dork, "Get changed its 5 in the afternoon."

Lauren soon got up as Niall left the room searching for a cute outfit. She found everything & got changed. Lauren wore a beautiful, puffy, blye tangtop with a white mid thigh skirt.

"Ready, Love?" Niall says, knocking on the door.

"Yup." Lauren says popping the 'p'.



*Ariving to the silent movie in the park*

Niall layed down a stripped red, white, & blue blanket on the ground, laying down next to Lauren. They lay there with Lauren in Niall's arms, smiling.

"You know I love you, Lauren?" Niall says, kissing her on the head.

"Yes, but not as much as I love u." Lauren says.

"Nut Uh!!" Niall screams, "Opps sorry peoplez." he says as people stare at him.






I hope you like it Lauren Ik its short but it was a little hard to write then I thought it would be.

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