The Bucket List

Belle has been diagnost with A.L.S. but she and her husband Harry have decided to make best of the time they have left through a bucket list. Can They get them all done in time?



2. Emily

Harry’s P.O.V.

            I was in the kitchen making breakfast for my lovely wife and myself, as she was upstairs taking a test. I guess I should explain a little about my wife and myself. My name is Harry Styles and my wife’s is Belle (Ya like from Beauty and the Beast!). We met 6 years ago at a meet and greet type of situation. She was 17 at the time and I was 19. It was a random chance that we got to talk but from the second I saw her I couldn’t believe the feeling I felt inside. It was all due to fate you could say, but we just called her Emily.


“What day is it?” Louis asked as we drove down the California freeway.

“Wednesday!” Niall said jokingly.

“Wow good one Niall!” Liam said sarcastically laughing before reminding Lou that it was the 6th of June.

We were on our way to a surprise meet and greet thing for a girl that was dying from cancer. I really didn’t want to go because I was so scared. She was 17 and in the third stage of the cancer. Worst part was she only has a few weeks expected to live. It was really bothering me how close in age we were.

“You doing ok?” Zayn asked nudging me from my worrying.

“Oh ya totally! I was just zoning is all. Must just be jet lag,” I lied trying to convince him. He seemed to either buy the explanation or knew the truth. We finally were at the hospital after driving for what seemed like forever.

 Once we snuck inside we met the Make A Wish supervisor and the girl’s parents, Tracy and Stan Andrews.

“Thank you so much boys for taking out time in your tour to come see Emily,” Tracy said with watery eyes.

“Our pleasure ma’am, really,” Niall said as we all murmured a ‘Ya’ or ‘Of course’ to her.

“Well shall we?” the supervisor asked with her arms directing us out of the lobby into the hallway.

“So tell us a bit about Emily Mr. Andrews,” Liam asked trying to lighten the tense mood.

“Oh. Um sure,” he said unsure of where to start. You could tell he was having a hard time with this but he did tell us quite bit in the short time we had walking to the room.

Emily was 17, a senior in high school, a twin, outgoing, kind played tennis, was in stage 3 of stomach cancer and loved One Direction.

Once we got in front of the door the boys and I lined up single file before going in. Once in the room we heard two shouts. One came from the bed with a girl wearing a colorful sash on her head and one from the brunette in the chair hiding her face behind her sister. Next thing we knew there was a second chime of cheers. We were royally confused by this before we realized the first scream was meant for the scary movie that was on the T.V. and the second was one was for us.

“Oh my god!” the girl, we all assumed was Emily with the sash, screamed at us. The girl that had been holding her during the movie had shot out of the bed with her hands on her mouth saying nothing.

While the boys went to hug Emily I couldn’t take my eyes off of the girl standing next to the wall now. She hadn’t moved her hands from her face but she was crying facing her sister and all the boys.

“Harry,” Louis hissed gesturing me to come and hug Emily. I walked over with a big smile on my face. I leaned down and hugged her followed by me getting on both knees leaning on her bed.

“Hello Emily!” I said with the boys behind me talking to her. I looked straight ahead to see silent girl being held on either side by Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, who where crying now.

So she’s the twin I thought to myself.

As Emily chatted with Niall (who she confessed as her favorite) the other boys and I walked over to introduce ourselves to Emily’s sister.

“Hi my name is Belle,” she said as Liam moved in for a hug. “I can’t thank you guys enough for doing this for my sister. It truly means the world to her and my whole family that you chose her,” she said smiling but still crying.

“Oh love don’t cry! It was our pleasure!” Louis assured her as he pulled her into a hug.

“Harry!” I heard my name and turned around o see a rather mischievous smile on Emily’s face. “Belle is totally in love with you,” she said with a wink.

“Emily!” Belle shouted with furious eyes shooting invisible daggers at her.

“Well lads I don’t know why we even came! We weren’t the ones wanted!” Zayn joked looking hurt as Liam wiped an invisible tear away and Lou looked down holding his heart.

“No! Don’t go! I actually wanted to talk to you guys,” Emily began waving us over to her bed. As we started over that way again Emily put her hand up to stop us. “Not Harry of Belle. Sorry guys,” she said. “Could you two step outside for a quick minute?”

“You heard her! Leave buck-ah-roes!” Lou shouted pointing to the door behind us.

“Come on,” Belle laughed waving me to follow her. We stepped into the hallway where Mr. and Mrs. Andrews were talking to a doctor. I hadn’t even noticed they left.

“Oh. Um this way,” Belle said leading the way down the opposite hallway. “Are you hungry?”

“A bit,” I said shyly. I am never shy in front of girls but there was something about this one.

“I haven’t eaten all day. Do you mind?” She asked walking into the elevator.

“Not at all!” I responded rather anxiously. She giggled at the awkwardness I held in the air.

We talked the whole time while out of the room. She told me all about herself. She was 17 as well (Duh. Twins), she plays basketball and was a lifeguard at a water park. Then I told her about myself, even though I was guessing she already knew half of it.

“So are you a big fan like your sister?” I asked eating the cupcake on my tray.

“Ya,” she confessed blushing, “I’m sorry if that freaks you out at all.”

“Oh not at all! I think you are the two calmest fans we have ever encountered! I mean you have hundreds of pictures of us around Emily’s room but treat us completely normal. It’s refreshing,” I admitted. We smiled at each other before my phone buzzed in my pocket.


You two may return if you wish.

~ As proclaimed by Queen Emily herself with love xx

I busted out laughing before showing Belle. She rolled her eyes and laughed.

“That’s my sister! Wow we’ve been here an hour,” she said looking at her watch.

“Didn’t fell like it that’s for sure,” I said equally surprised as we threw our trash away and walked back to the room.


“Harry!” I heard Belle scream excitedly from upstairs.

“Babe I’m making breakfast! Come down!” I heard a couple of thuds as she hopped down the carpet stairs. I felt her arms wrap around my waist while resting her cheek on my back. I kept cooking the hash browns as she took a deep breath trying to get my attention. I wiped my hands on a towel as I turned to face her.

“Is it done?” I didn’t want toe get to excited till I knew what had happened for sure. She simply nodded as her contagious smile slid onto my face. I kissed her forehead and sprinted up the stairs to the bathroom. I looked around frantically not seeing the test on the counter.


I popped my head out of the bathroom. She waved the piece of plastic above her head. I slowly walk to the railing looking down. I could tell without her telling me that we were pregnant.

“BELLE!!!” I screamed sprinting down and picking her up and spinning her a couple of times.

Finally after two years of marriage and six months of trying and failing we had done it! I am going to be a daddy!

“I love you Andrews,” I said looking down at my tiny wife.

“Love you too Styles,” She said winking before burying her face into my chest.

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