The Styles Twins

Perfect chocolate brown curls, falling perfectly on his beautiful complextion. Bright green, sparkling eyes so playful and happy, but can turn dark in a second. His perfect jawline, forming into his always present, yet seducing smirk. Pink plump lips and sparkling white teeth. Warm soft neck, trailing into broad shoulders and down to strong muscly arms and firm, soft large hands. His tan chest and stomach, abs hard to the touch. Then his towering height above you, starring down with his, once again beautiful eyes.
Imaging that, then double it....


2. When I First Saw Her

Sorry there is no cover guys...Movellas is like refusing to let me add one so..yeah..enjoy!


Harry's POV

The smell of alcohol, sweat and perfume filled the air. Lights flashing everywhere, people on the floor dancing. Typical Friday night...


I yelled at the bartender to get me another drink. He hurried away looking scared. I laughed at his frightened gestures. He came back with another beer and set it on the coaster in front of me. I threw some cash on the table, grabbed my drink and walked away.


Managing to maneuver through the large, dancing crowd, I found a spot in the corner of the room. I brought the cold drink to my lips and leaned against the wall. I searched the crowd, who knows maybe someone will look interesting...


Ronnie's POV

I sat in my usual place, enjoying a drink and the fun atmosphere. I looked over at Bree and Ella, my closest friends. They decided to tag along this time, since they had no other plans. They were out on the dance floor, in there tight dresses, heels, styled hair and makeup on, dancing with a few guys.


Its crazy how the three of us get along so well. Im so different from them. They are all pink, sparkles, bright, heels and dresses. And I'm all purple, dark, converse, jeans and hoodie. Just like tonight. They got all dressed up and im here in jeans, converse and a crop-top. But thats besides the point, they accept me for me and thats why I love them.


I swallowed the last of my delicious drink, and set the glass on the table. I stood up, steping over a very drunk couple making out on the floor, and found a spot at the bar. I loved weekends. Finally being able to get away from school, not that i did anything anyway, and all the stupid drama. I absolutely HATE drama! I just don't see any point in it or starting it, so I try and stay out of it. But this week was one of the weeks that I did get involved, so I decided a few drinks will be nice.


I told the bartender to just surprise me, Im feeling a bit adventurous. He brought back a blue, slushy like drink. I took a sip and it tastes so good. Doesn't even taste like there is any alcohol in it. I gave him a smile, and he walked away.


Harry's POV

There were never many girls I found attractive at the club. All the snooty girls always came here. Im not saying I've never brought one home for the night, but im never fully satisfied with any of them. Nto trying to sound like a prick, but its true.


I finally layed eyes on someone appealing. She's at the bar, two empty glasses in front of her, she sipped on a third. With her long, curly brown hair, in simple jeans and a crop-top that shows just enough; I smirked at my finding, and went for it. She looks so innocent, its kinda cute. I still have my drink, so I finish that off and set it down before I get any closer.


I took the seat next to her and waved the bartender, he knew me quite well and brought over another beer. She glanced over at me. I caught her bright blue eyes, and smirked. She smiled back, then spun around and headed towards the other side of the club.


Hard to get I see. Well two can play at that game. I stood up and followed her. I could easily see where she was going because of my towering height above everyone. She glanced back, noticing me behind her. I stopped in my tracks, turned around a bit. She walked over to some girls and pretended to started to chat. I moved toward her again.


I bent down, trying to reach her neck, and whispered in her ear. Wanna get outta here, love? I moved the hair off the neck and kissed it, sucking a bit to leave a small mark. Her breathing increased and she shivered at my touch. I can tell I make her nervous and I like that. She didn't responde, only tryed to push me away with no success. I smirked at her again, but she hurried away. I stepped forward, grabbing her arm and pinned her against the wall. Her fear only turned me on even more. What do ya say? I whispered and pressed against her, going back to my place on her neck. She let out a small gasp as I pushed my hips against hers. Then she placed her hands on my chest, I like that, but what she did was unexpected. She pushed me forward and kneed my right in the crotch.


I groaned in pain, and bent over a bit. She smirked and whispered in my ear. Im not the kind of girl to mess with...  Then she spun around and walked away with pleasure.

Not exactly the kind of reaction I normally get...


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