The Styles Twins

Perfect chocolate brown curls, falling perfectly on his beautiful complextion. Bright green, sparkling eyes so playful and happy, but can turn dark in a second. His perfect jawline, forming into his always present, yet seducing smirk. Pink plump lips and sparkling white teeth. Warm soft neck, trailing into broad shoulders and down to strong muscly arms and firm, soft large hands. His tan chest and stomach, abs hard to the touch. Then his towering height above you, starring down with his, once again beautiful eyes.
Imaging that, then double it....


6. What were you thinking?!


Harry's POV


I watched her run down the street. She didn't turn back.

God Harry! What the hell were you thinking?!

Even though I barely even knew Ronnie, I felt like I'd known her for ages. Even if we were both drunk and had sex. I just felt some connection, the minute we kissed. I should like some love-struck idot.

I put my head in my hands, letting out a frusturating scream. I thought of Edward... He had stormed off and probably went boxing. Ronnie probably ran into him. She thought he was me. God damn it!

The perks of being a freaking twin! I angryily thought to myself. I stomped inside, slamming the door behind me. I flung open my door, and pulled on a tank and some sneakers. Also grabbing my boxing gloves, which I occassionally used, and walked out the door. I chose to just run to the gym, to warm up and have some time to think.

Note to self, get to know a girl first, and tell her about your twin.

If I hadn't acted like the prick I was and begged her to sleep with me, and got her so drunk, none of this would have never happened!

My thoughts went on and on, until I ran right up to the door of the gym. I flung the door open, and stormed inside, Immediately looking for my dumbass brother.

He stood in the center of the ring, pounding on his opponent, half his towering size. His angry face told everything about him. He threw another punch, with all his strength, turned around and stepped out of the ring. His opponent dropped to the floor, most likely unconscious. The people who surrounded the ring, stepped aside, scarred to even make eye contact. He smirked at that. I just rolled my eyes and stalked towards him. Grabbing his water bottle, he took a long drink then threw it back down, taking his gloves off in the process. I reached him, gripped his toned, sweaty arm, and yanked him around. His eyes turned a dark green and ears bright red. Mine did the exact same.

"What the absolute fuck were are thinking!?!" I screamed at him.

He gave me a stupid look and rolled his eyes. "Not my fault you didn't tell her who was your neighbor in the room next door."

I'm basically fuming now. He doesn't even give the slightest fuck. He does what ever he wants, or cares about which is nothing. He doesn't help anyone, he has no friends, no life or freaking sense.

"Your just a self-centered, careless idiot!" I turned towards the ring, strapping on my gloves. He got my memo and followed, doing the same.

I grabbed a mouth guard, stripped my shirt off and stepped into the ring. He once again did the same.

He took the first swing, I ducked before he could slam me in the face. I threw a punch, nailing him in the jaw.

**20 minutes into the fight**

We both have our share a cuts and bruises. He swung again, sending me back a bit from a hit in the torso. We both pulled our arms back, and put all our force into the punch. Both of us falling to the floor, our noses gushing out blood.

"Alright, its over." I murmured coldly, ripping off my gloves and throwing them out of the ring. I turned my back to him, and headed for the showers.

With a rag held over my nose, a stripped off my shorts and boxers and stepped into one of the stalls, pulling to curtain closed. Blood washed off my body and turned the running water red as it drained. My right hand is sore, 3 fingers probably fractured. My bloody nose eased a little, but its probably broken too. I never leave here without some kind of injury.

I heard another person come in, slamming the door behind him. The shower next to mine started and a loud crunch filled the room. Tile fell to the ground, splashing water and glass into my stall. An angry growl rumbled in the back of my throat. Edward. What the hell is he so mad about?

I turned the water off, stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. I also grabbed a paper towel and held it on my bloody nose.

 The water in his stall stopped also and he trailed out, face fuming with anger. His right hand is gushing blood, and dripping everywhere. he wrapped a towel around his waist and I threw him a rag for his hand. He caught it, wrapped up his bloody mess of a hand and looked up, his cold eyes into mine.

"What are you so freaking angry about?"

I just glared at me, wincing when he clutched his fist.

"Dude, you need to learn how to take care of your angry without breaking something." I said to him, pointing to the shower and his hand. He looked at the floor and walked over to the sinks.

He unwrapped his hand, blood still spilled out while he rinsed it off. He tried to straighten out his fingers, but winced at the pain. I walked over to him, grabbing some bandages out of the cupboard. I grabbed his hand, he gritted his teeth and snapped his eyes shut, I chuckled to myself.

I straightened out his hand, setting it back in place. Having so many broken bones, you can pick up on some things. I wrapped 4 bandages around his swollen wrist and stepped away.

"Now, seriously what the hell is your problem?" I asked, giving him a serious look. My hand is also broken, but I'll get that worked out later, he needs to get over this stupid anger.

He just shook his head, stared at the floor, and a tear fell down his cheek. What the hell happened? I've never seen him like this before.





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