The Styles Twins

Perfect chocolate brown curls, falling perfectly on his beautiful complextion. Bright green, sparkling eyes so playful and happy, but can turn dark in a second. His perfect jawline, forming into his always present, yet seducing smirk. Pink plump lips and sparkling white teeth. Warm soft neck, trailing into broad shoulders and down to strong muscly arms and firm, soft large hands. His tan chest and stomach, abs hard to the touch. Then his towering height above you, starring down with his, once again beautiful eyes.
Imaging that, then double it....


5. The Second Style


Harry's POV

A small groan ecasped my chapped lips. I lifted my head from the flat pillow. Rolling over onto my back, a felt a warm, small body next to me. My eyes fluttered open and I sat up, holding my head. My head is pounding. I glanced next to me, a girl, half covered in the sheets of my bed, sprawled out asleep. The memories of last night replayed in my head, well what I could remember anyway.

I held my head in my hands, and rubbed my eyes trying to wake up. A small crash in the kitchen made me jump out of the bed. I found my boxers, slipped them on, and slipped out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind me. I didn't want to wake her up, so I let her be.

I turned the corner, walking into the kitchen.

"Interesting night last night, mate?" Edward smirked at me.

"Oh shut up, like you've never brought a girl home!" I teased back at him.

"Ok you got me there." He replied giving me a cheeky smile.  

I chuckled to myself, and strolled over to the cabinet and grabbed a bowl and spoon. I grabbed the ceral and poured myself a bowl of it. Edward, my twin brother, stood at the end of the counter scrolling through something on his phone.

"Whatcha looking at, bro?" I asked giving him a questioning look.

"Nothing..." He replied coldly.

"Yeah ok, nothing." I replied just as cold.

"I SAID NOTHING!!" He yelled, clenching his fist and shoving my against the counter. I shoved him back, my breath rapidly increasing. This is normal. He never lets anyone in, even on the slightest occasion. And I try to make a friendly conversation with my own brother, but he always ends up blowing up. Its been going on since we were little.

I just gave him a cold stare, and he backed up, walking back to his room. I put my hands on the counter, leaning over. God, I can't have a fucking 5 minute conversation with him, without him getting mad of something. I heard a door slam and rolled my eyes.

Walking back to my room, I cracked the door open, seeing if Ronnie is still asleep. She had moved to the middle of the bed, wrapped up in all the blankets and slighty snoring. I smirked at her, she's probably so hung over.

I slipped in, grabbing a new pair of boxers, and some gym shorts, and walked back out to the bathroom. I didn't want to use mine and wake Ronnie up.

I stripped off my boxers, and turned the water on and looked in the mirror. I turned around, looking at my back. I found multiple scratch marks and sore marks. Ronnie, geez you were fiesty.  I thought to myself, only smirking. I stepping into the cold running water and let it wash away my dirty feeling.


Ronnie's POV

I slowly opened my eyes, unsure where I am. I feel sick to my stomach and my head is pounding. I sat up, brushing the hair from my face. I looked around the room, trying to remember what happened last night. I saw my clothes scattered across the room, and Harry's? Yeah...Oh my god! Bloody hell! I slept with Harry. What the fuck was I thinking! 

I stood up, picking up my shirt and underwear, pulling them on. Events from last night came flashing back in small pieces.


Harry slammed me onto the bed, crawling on top of me, and crashed his lips to mine. I pulled him closer to me, digging my nails into his back. A moan growled in the back of his throat. He pulled my shirt over my head, and pulled down my jeans. I did the same to him.

He's literally gorgeous. Toned stomach, muscly arms, just perfect. I couldn't stand him not touching me.


I straddled his waist, he grew hard under me. I leaned down, hovering my lips over his. He pulled me down closer to him, but I turned my head and he kissed my jawline. He whimpered, and flipped over, bringing himself on top of me. I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled him down to me. He smashed his warm lips to mine. I pulled at his messy curls, causing him to let out a loud moan.


I walked over to the door, pulling it open. Wandering down the hallway, I turned the corner finding the kitchen. The tile is cold on my bare feet as I walked over to the fridge. I have no intention of eating, I feel too sick, just looking around.

I heard someone walk in behind me, and I spun around. Harry stood there in grey gym shorts, a blue tee, ripped off into a tank-top and boxing gloves slung over his shoulder. His curls hung over his forehead, and eyes dark and cold.

"Good Morning" I spoke to him, my voice barely loud enough to hear. He only gave me a strange do I know you look. I exchanged him was a puzzled look and dropped my head to the floor.

"Morning" He quickly mumbled under his breath.

"So your a boxer?" I questioned. He nodded his head, not making eye contact or even looking in my direction. I felt a little hurt that he isn't taking any notice of me, but I knew it would be this way. "Well last night was fun" I smirked at him.

"What are you talking about?" He glared at me, his cold eyes meeting mine.

I can't believe he can't  remember anything. Its like he doesn't even know who I am. I just stormed off down the hallway back to his bedroom and into his bathroom. 

Edward's POV

That must have been the girl Harry brought home last night. She must've thought I was Harry. Well she's pretty mad now, but its Harry's fault, not explaining who was in the room next door.

I slipped on my shoes, grabbed my gloves and headed out the door. I need to beat something or someone up.

Harry's POV

I stepped out of the shower, and wrapped a towl around my waist. I quickly ran my hands through my curls, and spayed on some colone. Throwing on my boxers and gym shorts, I walked back into my room, expecting to find Ronnie still asleep, but she's gone. Her clothes are still scattered everywhere. I grabbed her jeans, and picked up her cell phone, putting my number in and setting it back down.

I heard a disturbing sound come from the bathroom, and knocked on the door.

"Ronnie? Are you okay?" I asked, opening the door. I found her on the floor, in front of the toilet. She had just threw up. I walked over to her, and knelt down, placing my hand on her back. She shoved me away, and got up, leabing the bathroom. "Everything okay?" I asked again, a little more demanding.

"Oh so now you remember me?" She shot at me, picking up her jeans and pulling them on. I have no idea what the hell she's talking about.

"What are you talking about?" I said coldly.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about! You have probably have had tons of girls in here, and only remember half of them! I don't wanna be just another one of those girls Harry!" She yelled at me. I was taken aback by her words. I'm speechless. She rolled her eyes, storming out of the bedroom. I ran after her. She threw open the front door, and walked out.

"Ronnie wait!" I screamed at her. She didn't even turn around. I reached out and grabbed her arm, but she jerked it away. She did stop though. I gave her a pleading look, but she only slapped me across the cheek. Now I'm angry. I grabbed her hand before she could pull it away. She winced at the strength I used.

"Explain to me what the fuck you are talking about!" I yelled at her. She turned her head, struggling against my grip. She looks scared. I let go. Now what have I done. She ran away, down the street.

There no sense in chasing her. Now I just mad her another one of those girls...




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