The Styles Twins

Perfect chocolate brown curls, falling perfectly on his beautiful complextion. Bright green, sparkling eyes so playful and happy, but can turn dark in a second. His perfect jawline, forming into his always present, yet seducing smirk. Pink plump lips and sparkling white teeth. Warm soft neck, trailing into broad shoulders and down to strong muscly arms and firm, soft large hands. His tan chest and stomach, abs hard to the touch. Then his towering height above you, starring down with his, once again beautiful eyes.
Imaging that, then double it....


3. Hard to Get


Ronnie's POV

I headed to the door of the club, looking back at the guy a nailed. I smirk at him as he tryed walking it off. He caught my eye, giving me a cold but playful, oh its on look. I rolled my eyes, and continued out. I knew Im in no shape to drive, so pulled on my hoodie, and decided to walk home.


First I walked over to my car, grabbed my phone and earbuds and locked the doors. Someones scream caught my attention. I glanced through the cars in the lot and found the source. A couple cars down from mine, a drunk couple are getting in on in the back seat. I laughed at the thought of how desperate and drunk they must be.


Its only a little after 11:00, and I hate going home when my parents are still up. They drive me crazy with stupid questions, I mean I'm 18 I can take care of myself. I decided insead of walking home, to head back in the club and have a few more drinks, I mean why not? I just hope that guy isnt still in there...


I walked in, found a spot at the bar once again and waved the bartender. I shrugged off my hoodie, letting it fall to the floor. The bartender brought me another one of the blue smoothies, which I found out has quite a lot of alcohol in it, and sipped it happily. Noticing the bartender checking me out, I turned in my chair, making my back face him.


I scanned the club, a lot of people had either headed home, passed out, or were making out in the corners on the room. I hadnt spotted the guy who groped me earlier, I was used to guys checking me out and stuff, but that was new. He actually wasn't that bad looking. Chocolate brown curls, bright green eyes, strong arms and torso and towering height. If he didn't come onto me like a sex-crazed prick, I might have took interest in him.


I turned back around, the bartender had moved on, and set my empty glass on the table, ordering another one. I knew this was gonna be an interseting night. I felt someone hovering behind me, so I turned and there he was. He took the seat next to me, handing me my jacket.

"Think you dropped this?" He smirked at me. I nodded grabbing my jakcet and throwing it back on the floor. I turned my head, not even attempting to start a conversation.

"You know, I never get that kind of reaction when I give a girl that kind of attention." He blurted out.

"Well some girls don't want some prick coming up the them and groping them. You know some girls aren't all sex-crazy, they actually wanna get to know someone." I snapped back with a sassy attitude. He looked stunned at what I said. I just rolled my eyes and finished off another drink.

"Well let me buy you a drink and we can chat?" He suggeseted. This guy, how the hell is a drink gonna make me go home with him.

"I can pay for myself thank you." I waved for another drink, but a beer this time. I already spent a lot on all those tropical drinks, so I decided to go with something less expensive. The guy also got a beer as well.

"I'm Harry by the way." He said flashing a smile at me.

"Thanks, cause I was dying to know!" I shot back at him sarcastically.


The DJ started another upbeat song. A few people still hung around, including me and that guy. He's not leaving. I just shrugged it off, I'm pretty drunk at this point, so I'm not thinking to clearly anymore. I finished off another beer on the dance floor, and threw the glass in the air.


Harry...? I think thats his name? He's right up behind me, trying to get me to dance with him. I still had some thought, and refused to let him touch me. Even though I kept pushing him off, he kept coming on back. Its like im his new shiney toy, and he wants to play. I'm not planning on doing anything stupid tonight, so he's gonna have a hell of a time.

Harry gave me another drink, the only thing im allowing him to do. I continued dancing, I have a ton of energy, but I know its gonna were off.

**4 drinks later** I'm wasted. I know I need to stop drinking, so I finished off my last drink. Harry is pretty drunk as well. Harry stood behind me, hands on my hips as I grind into his. He was happy I finally let him touch me, but only for dancing. Other than that I stayed away from him. I don't think he got the concept though, he keeps leaning down, biting at my neck. I have to admit he really is hot, and knows what he's doing.

I cringed at his touch, his lips pressed to the top of my neck. Its like his touch sent sparkes all through my body, from that one spot. He moved my hair out of the way, and moved down my neck. I drew in a sharp breathe. He smiled against my skin.

"H-Harry..." I breathed heavily. He only contined kissing down my neck, sucking slighty, leaving a few marks. I tryed pushing him away, placing my hands on his hard chest. He didn't budge. I turned my head, removing him from the place on my neck. He put on a pouty face, and whimpered a little. I couldn't help but giggle.

"Harry, I barely know you." I said staring into his beautiful green eyes.

"That can change..." He whispered. I felt my heart beat faster.

I knew I couldnt do something stupid, especially something I'm not going to remember. I got out of his grip, and started walking to the door of the club. I felt him following behind. I picked up my hoodie from the floor and yanked it on. Flinging the door open, I stepped out into the cold, spring morning. Harry right behind me. I didn't turn, only walked forward, starting to walk home.

His hand caught my arm, pulling me too him. I couldn't help but let out a squeal. I tryed pulling away from him, but he dragged me toward him, pinning me against the rough, brick wall of the outside of the club. He moved the hair away from my eyes, and looked into them.

"I have never wanted someone so badly. You seem different. Its like I feel this connection with you. ANd I know we are both completely drunk and not even gonna remember this night but just let me get to know you..." He whispered in my ear.

"Ronnie..." I whispered back. He gave me a puzzeled look. "My name is Ronnie." 

He smirked at me, then leaned in. I turned my head and slipped under his arm.

"It ain't gonna be that easy." I smiled at him and started running down the sidewalk.

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