I Will Save You Tonight

When Madison runs away from home she meets a boy named Niall Horan. He helps her on her feet and things heat up from there.


7. Tour Time

Madison's POV

We were boarding the plane, on our way to to New York to have our first concert. Needless to say, I am terrified. Niall kept trying to comfort me, but it wasn't really working all that well. I cant believe I am about to do this!


Niall looked at me with discomfort in his eyes. He was obviously worried. "Hun, are you alright. The planes about to land and then we have to do sound checks."


I nodded my head not being able to form the words. Oh my god, I am touring with One Direction. I did a little fan girl dance in my head, only to be interrupted by the sound of five laughing boys. Woops, I guess that wasn't in my head after all. Oh well.

When the announcement came on that it was finally safe to exit the plane, I couldn't move. I tried my hardest but it was like my body was frozen. Niall and the others were trying to talk to me, but I couldn't do anything. I couldn't move, speak, or even fucking blink. That was when I felt a pair of hands around me. I assume they were Niall's, but whom ever they belonged to made me feel safe. I leaned my head into their chest, taking in their scent. Yup, this is definitely Niall.  He carried me all the way to the studio.


A/N I am sorry I have been really terrible at updating, and I am also sorry that his chapter sucks, but I promise I will update at least three times a week. Thanks for the views, and keep reading!



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