I Will Save You Tonight

When Madison runs away from home she meets a boy named Niall Horan. He helps her on her feet and things heat up from there.


5. The Tour Is Back On

1 Month Later

Madison's POV

I have been dating Niall Horan for over a month. I am loving every part of it. We are staying in a house in Davenport, Iowa, while they are on break from their tour. We decided to stay here and lie low. The boys and I were all sitting around the table eating breakfast, when Niall got a call. "Hello?" I heard him ask into his iPhone. "Okay, thank you, we will be there tomorrow." on that note he hung up. "That was Simon boys, we go back on tour tomorrow." The boys all sighed simlataniously. I got out of my chair and walked to Niall. "What about me?" I asked looking into his eyes. Man, his eyes were amazing. "I don't know yet," he seemed pretty worried "mannagement might not like the idea of taking an extra person." I watched him pull out his phone and send a text. He put his phone back in his pocket and kissed me on the forehead. I leaned into his chest and he set his chin on the top of my head. "It will work out, I promise." He sighed, I could tell he was frustrated, and I knew exactly what he needed. I turned to the other boys. "Whatya guys say we pack up our stuff, and watch a movie?" the boys all agreed and I went to put my stuff into the suitcase I brought with me from my father's house. Since then I had bought another suitcase, and some more clothes and shoes. Niall always let me use his money, even when I offered to use my own. I was suprisingly the first to finish, then Liam, then Zayn, then Niall, Harry, and Louis. Louis was by far the messiest in the group. We all settled into our positions on the sofa. With Harry and Louis on the ground. They were awfully cute together, they always acted like a couple, but they never say anything about it. I pulled out the movie Elf being that it was around Christmas.

Harry's POV

Once the movie had started I started playing with Boo's hair. He looked up at me. "Hazza what are you doing? You're going to ruin my do!" I laughed. "Boo, you haven't even brused it. How could I ruin it?" he looked back at the tv and mumbled "Whatever." I laughed. and he jumped up. "Don't laugh at me Haz, or you'll regret it!" "Oh will I?" I raised my eyebrows, and smirked trying not to laugh. Louis lunged at me and we restled. I gave him a massive nuggy, and he tackled me to the ground. He was sitting on me and tickling me. "Hahahaha, Louis, Hahahha, Please, I. Surrender. Hahahahahahahahaha!" I couldn't breathe. "Say Louis Tomlinson is the best and most talented member of One Direction, and I Harry Styles am 100 percent jelous of him." I continued laughing and managed to yell the word NEVER! He kept tickiling and I finally gave in. "Louis Tomlinson is the best and most talented member of One Direction and I Harry Styles amd 100 percent jelous of him!" He stopped and got off me. "There we go," his accent was extremley strong, "now get over here so I can lay down you big oaf." I did as he said and I driffted off to sleep within minutes.

Niall's POV

After Lou and Harry's little scuff, I tried to get focused on the movie. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was Simon. I pulled out my phone and checked my messages.

"Can my girlfriend come on the tour with us?"

"I don't know Nialler. Management is fighting it."

"Please. She has nowhere else to go."

"Bring her in tomorrow and we will work something out."

"Simon, you're in America"

"Only for a few days while I am filming the X Factor."

I sent him a message telling him we will meet him at 3 tomorrow


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