I Will Save You Tonight

When Madison runs away from home she meets a boy named Niall Horan. He helps her on her feet and things heat up from there.


3. Larry Stylinson

Harry's POV

Everyone settled in the lounge, Madison in Niall's arms, Liam sitting on the back of the couch, Zayn in the comfy chair, and Louis and I in our normal cuddle position for movies. I sat down on the ground and Louis with his head on my lap. I love Louis. I wish that he would think of me as more than a friend, but I know he doesn't. I started running my hand through his hair. 

Niall's POV

Madison whispered in my ear. She was worried about where she is staying. I told her she can sleep here. She smiled at that. When the main menu for Toy Story popped up I could see tears form in Madison's eyes. "What's wrong?" She forced a smile. "Nothing, it's just this was my brother's favorite movie, I can recite this almost word for word." She nuzzled into me and  I fell asleep. I woke and everyone was asleep in the same position they were in last night. I looked down at Madison. She was so beautiful. I wanted to be with her so bad, but she was so fragile right now. I watched her eyes flutter open, and she smiled at me. "Madison," I was nervous. "will you go out with me?". Her expression changed from tiredness to happiness. She nodded and I kissed the top of her head. We have only known each other one day, but I loved her. 

Louis POV

I awoke with the sound of laughter. I was laying on the ground, and Harry was no longer my pillow. I sat up and walked into the kitchen to see everyone laughing around the table. "Morning sleeping beauty" Harry was always so cheesy. That was one thing I absolutely loved about him. He was amazing. I smiled "I am quite beautiful aren't I?" Everyone laughed at that. I saw the girl Niall brought home. What was her name, oh right, Madison. I looked at her sparkling green eyes. "I don't think we have had a proper introduction. My name is Louis Tomlinson, the great and powerful." She giggled and grabbed my hand. "Nice to meet you Mr. Great and Powerful. My name is Madison, but you can call me Night Hawk." A burst of laughter exploded from the kitchen. I looked back at Harry and was mesmerized by his flawless looks. "Oi, Lou what are you staring at?" Liam's voice disturbed my thoughts. "Oh nothing," 

Niall's POV

"What she we do today?" I looked at the boys standing in the kitchen as Madison walked out of the bathroom. Louis was acting less childish than usual. "I don't know, what do you think Madison?" Liam was trying to be considerate of our new guest, and I could see that. Somehow I still think he is mad at me. She looked at us. "I think you guys should pick, you have already been more than kind to me." After a while of banter between the six of us we decided on roller skating. This was going to be a fun day.

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