Zoey A 17 year old girl had a One Direction concert at there school but her friend Lilly Made her Go What Happends When she gets unto the wrong car and falls asleep? You have to read to find out


3. Tears

Harry and I got up To go get some breakfast. Liam make the food and  have to say it was pretty good. Out of know where Niall asked to tell them about my self. Well my name is Zoey im 17, my fav. color is mint green, my best friend is Lilly, she loves One direction, I dont have many friends in fact everyone hates me for some reason. At this moment I started to tear up. Ok thats not the real me........ My parents died when I was only 15 days old, I got abopted my this wacked lady who killed herself infront of me and told me she hated me, everyone hates and I will never have friends.Then she hung herself. I knew her for 14 years too. At that point I lived with my neighboors, but they hated me so much. Prettymuch everyone did. Then I met Lilly She was like a sister to me. I pretty much spent the night 4 days a week. I Noticed there were tears running down my face i walked away

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