Zoey A 17 year old girl had a One Direction concert at there school but her friend Lilly Made her Go What Happends When she gets unto the wrong car and falls asleep? You have to read to find out


4. Movie Night

It was getting pretty late and I suggested to watch a movie. The boys wanted to too. Liam and Zayn picked the movie Niall and Louis went to get snacks. I asked Harry if he knew where my pink Coach bag was when I went in there car. Harry told me if was in the car , so me and Harry walked outside to the car and i was about to open the door, But Harry shut it. Hey! Why did you do that? Zoey its so hard not to kiss so. I blushed. At that time he kissed me. The kiss was just so perfect. I have to say it was my first kiss.  He back away and I was blushing crazy. I just smiled and he was smiling showing his sexy dimples. I opened the car door and grabbed my pink Coach bag. We back into the house hand in hand smiling. Liam told us we were watching 
"Paranormal activate 3" oh gosh I said. What's wrong Harry asked. I get freaked out from scary movies very easily.  It's ok I'm sitting next to you love he told me. He told me to meet him in the movie room I td him Ok. I went in the bathroom and opened my bag up to find short shorts that said "Kiss Kiss" and a tight shirt that was white with pink dots . I hated to say it but I looked Damn hot. I walked out of the room feeling good. I tried to find the movie room. I probably opened about 6 doors and i finally found it happily.  Harry motioned me to sit next to him. The boys were sitting far away from us. The movie was starting and I was so scared.  Harry and I were cuddling together. His hand was going Dow. Further and further down and squeezed my bum. I looked at him and told him " What are you doing?!" 
Zoey I know its been only 1 day but I really......


     (Authors note) 
    Hey Guys its me Leah here i just wanted to have any suggestions about the book. If you want to be the author for 1 chapter you can email me it at.   pinkgirl72@me.com.      Ok Bye guys Love ya

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