Zoey A 17 year old girl had a One Direction concert at there school but her friend Lilly Made her Go What Happends When she gets unto the wrong car and falls asleep? You have to read to find out


1. Glimpse

My friend Loved this band everyone has been all over called "One Direction". i dont think anything is great about them but everyone loves them. We raised TONs of money for the school so we could do something fun to do. Everyone had to say BRING 1D! so they desided to bring them to the school. My friend made me go then have a sleepover at her house after words. It was the night of the schools concert we walked in 30min early and i saw some of the boys first i saw this kid with blond hair, Lilly said his name was Niall. He winked at my friend. Then I saw ths other kid with stipes on and i head my friend say OMFG its fricking boobear! Whatever i thought. The I saw The Hot person witch i knew was Harry. He was so sexy, his hair was amazing! I kinda liked him. He gave me a smirk showing the most cutest dimples in the world! ZOEY! scremed Lilly i turned around and saw Likly far away. I look back at Harry and he was laughing. I giggled back.

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