Zoey A 17 year old girl had a One Direction concert at there school but her friend Lilly Made her Go What Happends When she gets unto the wrong car and falls asleep? You have to read to find out


5. Does He Have Feelings For Me?

Zoey I  really like you . I froze,  dident even move. Harry but we just met I told him.

(Harry's POV) Why did I just tell her i liked her. We were looking right each other her drown eyes were sparkling like crystals. Zoey you are just so beautiful and i want everyone to know how beautiful you are. Well you got to get me he said. She started to run around the room and she fell a couple times. I ran after her and I pinned her agents the wall. Leaning for a kiss, Then she dunked down and I kissed the wall. I gave her the pouty face and she kissed the tip of my nose. Ok Styles I might have something on you too she told me. I started to smile. (Zoey's POV) I really did like Harry but everyone said he's a  womanizer I believed it to. It was around 12:00 at night and i was so tired. I walked over to Harry and asked if we wanted to go to sleep. He agreed.  I skipped  over to Harry's room, ran to the bed , opened the covers and Harry came onto the bed and whispered in my ear your beautiful. After that we both fell asleep

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