My Personal (Now Public) Diary

This is my Diary, put into internet form... It includes things that you might relate to. Some chapters are long, and some are short. Its like ranting on youtube, but on movellas.... Ill invite some co-authors to rant along with me. If you agree, or disagree with a topic, feel free to tell us in the comments!


5. Secrets


Secrets are meant to be kept. When someone tells you a secret, it means they trust you. They trust you with what no one else knows and they trust you with what they have kept inside their mind and heart. 

Secrets are secrets for a reason.

When you tell someone someone else's secret, how can you NOT feel guilty. Especially if you promised that you wouldn't tell.

Sooner or later, that poor person whose secret has been leaked will find out. If it's ten minutes from then, or a year from then. It will get around.

You wouldn't want somebody telling somebody else your secrets.

I'll say it again.

Secrets are secrets for a reason.

No matter how big it is...

Deep, dark, embarrassing, horrifying...

Or little.

It's. A. Secret.





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