My Personal (Now Public) Diary

This is my Diary, put into internet form... It includes things that you might relate to. Some chapters are long, and some are short. Its like ranting on youtube, but on movellas.... Ill invite some co-authors to rant along with me. If you agree, or disagree with a topic, feel free to tell us in the comments!


13. First Kiss

Everyone dreams about how their first kiss is gonna go. This is how mine went. it was nothing like i imagined. So i went to theater camp. It was just a day camp for one week. I met a guy there. He was really nice and i remember his from the previous years but i never actually talked to him. But this year i did. the first couple of days we just kinda talked and became really good friends. as the days went on. Everyday after lunch, we would either go outside or stay in and watch a movie. Almost the whole week it was rainy, so we would stay inside. Me and this guy would sit next to each other because ya know.. thats what friends do. Anyways, one day he put his arm around me and we just kinda sat there with my head on his shoulder. I ended up drifting off and falling asleep. He woke me up once the movie was over and said that i was a cute when i sleep. I laughed a little and we went to our next class. He happened to be in every single one of my classes. He was one of those guys that wasn't afraid to be himself. And he was a total flirt. In blacklight theater (Where you control huge puppets in that weir purple light that makes things glow) he would always sneak up behind me in the dark and hug me from behind. He would hide behind some puppets so we wouldn't have to do any work. In musical theater, he would stand next to me for every single one of the dances. And he was a descent singer. At the end of the dance we all had to collapse on the floor and he would always collapse somewhere where he could talk to me. It was perfect. The day of the final performance, we had an hour or so to go get something to eat. My friend was bringing his girlfriend out to eat with us and the guy from camp suggested that we pretended to date so we wouldn't be third wheeling. I agreed knowing what he was up to. We cheesily held hands across the table the whole time. It was hilarious and flattering at the same time. I was gonna miss this camp. After dinner, we went back to the theater where we had our final performance. In blacklight we just sat in the dark talking to each other and not actually doing any work. In musical theater, he collapsed next to me like he did every time. Right before we went on to do a skit, he asked me out. I said maybe. (1) Because i was nervous. (2) It came out of the blue. And (3) He lived and hour and a half away and didn't have a working phone. We went on stage and performed perfectly. After the performances, we all gather around and sign each others shirts. My group of friend went into the back hallways because it was way to crowded to be out on the stage. I was holding back the tears as i was saying goodbye to my friends and signing their t shirts. Once i signed everyones shirts i just kinda went off and cried. My friend who has been my friend for years noticed me crying and came over to give me a big hug. That triggered everything. Everyone came over and gave me a hug. The guy that i liked pushed everyone out of the way and embraced me. He gives  good hugs. Everyone else went on to their shirt signing while the guy and i just stood in the corner hugging. He let go and put his forehead on mine. "May I?" He asked and i nodded. And that is how i got my first kiss. But since he doesn't have a phone, i have not contacted him since then.. Therefore i have no clue if he took the kiss as a yes to his question. So i guess ill just have to wait until next summer to find out.

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