One Chance

Bre is incredibly excited about starting her Freshman year in High school. I mean with her dating the freshman quarter back and her 3 best friends by her side what could possibly go wrong? Bre's life has its normal ups and downs like any other teenagers but, when she has a strange encounter with one of the totally hot juniors her life spins around. She is introduced to super hottie Liam Payne who saves her in more ways then one could imagine, all she has to do is give him the chance.


34. what a mess

I had been pacing across my bedroom floor for an hour when Zayn finally stopped me in my tracks.

"Your freaking me out Bre," Zayn said as he picked me up and placed me on my bed. I just ignored Zayn and continued to go over what I already knew on my mental check list. 1) Liam had cheated on me. 2) He had cheated on me with my biggest enemies older sister. 3) Liam didn't know I saw him kiss Jasmine. Zayn coughed.


"Earth to Bre," he said as he snapped his fingers in front of my face.


"Ugh, what Zayn?" I asked as I pushed his hand away from my face.


"Do you want to know the rest of what happened?" Zayn asked as he lifted his eyebrows questioningly.


"Yes," I shrieked. "Tell me everything you know!" I laid down on my bed like a child preparing for story time.


Zayn chuckled, "Even in all the chaos that is your life your still the same old Bre."


"Tell me!" I said as I punched him playfully. I laughed as I thought to myself what a good guy Zayn was. I mean I don't think I would ever date him well because of Priscilla but Zayn was like  one of my best friends now.  I felt comfortable and safe with him; like I could tell him anything.


"Okay so what did I leave off in telling you," Zayn asked me as I laid my head on his lap and looked up at him.


"Uhm, you told me how Jasmine is Catherine's older sister and how they set me up," I told him.


"Ah," Zayn nodded. "So, after we got into that fight last night, I didn't go home, I went to Liam's house." 


"You did," I asked a little surprised.


"I did," Zayn said as he looked down at me. Zayn smiled his dazzling movie star smile, "And this is my story stop interrupting missy." I giggled and nodded and Zayn continued telling me all the details I had missed out on.

"Anyway," Zayn continued. "I went to Liam's  place and I called him out." "I have to admit he was pretty shocked when he saw me, especially with how mad I looked."  "I said 'Liam what the hell is the matter with you man?'" "I then went on to tell Liam how he had a beautiful girl wrapped around his finger and he was going to lose her if he didn't smarten up."


"What did he say," I asked intrigued with what Liam's possible reply could be.


"Shh," Zayn put his finger to my lip and I shut up. "Liam took me inside and we had a long talk on his bed." "Liam told me how he went to break up with Jasmine last night; not to pick up his sister at the airport." "Liam advised me  about how Jasmine wouldn't leave Liam alone even though she knew you two were dating."


"But Zayn he kissed her I saw it," I whispered and then clasped my hand over my mouth because I had interrupted him yet again.

Zayn continued, leaving my interruption unnoticed.


"Bre, I  was infuriated with Liam yesterday." "I couldn't stand the thought of him playing two girls, especially you." "That is why I acted how I did yesterday." "And trust me, I wouldn't have believed anything he was saying either but he showed me he really does feel genuine about you." "He gained my friendship and my faith in him back."


"How," I asked still a little lost.


"When I told him that I was going to tell you he was cheating and to dump him and that I would find you a new boyfriend, he cried." "And I don't mean like a small little cry I mean like full out bawled."


"He may have gained your trust back but he hasn't gained mine back," I said as I sat up on my bed. "And it is not going to be easy for him to gain that back." "He hurt me Zayn and he doesn't deserve for me to act like nothing happened." "He has to learn from his mistakes."


"I know," Zayn sighed." "I would just hate for you guys to end, your perfect for each other."


I sighed to myself. What Zayn had said earlier was true, my life was in complete chaos. My life was basically like a jigsaw puzzle, and I had to find where all the pieces fit best.  


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