One Chance

Bre is incredibly excited about starting her Freshman year in High school. I mean with her dating the freshman quarter back and her 3 best friends by her side what could possibly go wrong? Bre's life has its normal ups and downs like any other teenagers but, when she has a strange encounter with one of the totally hot juniors her life spins around. She is introduced to super hottie Liam Payne who saves her in more ways then one could imagine, all she has to do is give him the chance.


27. Trouble # 2

As we slowly walked up to Zayn's motorcycle I really started worrying about him. What was wrong with him? I climbed onto the back of his bike and we drove back to my place. Neither of us had eaten dinner so I decided to invite him inside for dinner. My parents must have been out to dinner and my brother at school because my house was dark and empty when we walked inside. I grabbed some leftover chicken from the fridge, heated it up and brought it outside for us to eat. Zayn hadn't talked since we got to my house. He didn't even talk to me while we ate dinner. I tried to start conversations but he just would nod or give me one word answers like, "Yeah." I mean I know Zayn is the shy and mysterious one out of the boys but still this was way to  quite even for him. I got up from the couch that we had outside under the awning and picked up the dirty dishes. I washed them quickly and then returned to the couch that I had left Zayn on outside. He looked up at me as I sat down and then resumed to staring at his hands. I just couldn't take the silence anymore.

"Okay Zayn whats up with you," I said loudly making him jump a little in his seat. 

"What do you mean," he whispered.

"Don't give me that!" I yelled really starting to get mad. "You've been acting weird all day." "You obnoxiously coughed whenever Liam and I kissed." "You glared at Liam basically the entire day." "You wouldn't talk to either of us or let alone anyone." "Jesus christ Zayn you won't even look at me now!" And that, is when my life completely spun out of control. Zayn looked up at me with sad eyes. He moved over closer to me and slowly put his arm around me. Holy crap! What the hell What was he doing.!?Oh my god this can't be happening! I mean I think Zayn is amazing and nice and attractive but I have to be with Liam. We are perfect together and I have always had a crush on him since elementary school. But there was something about Zayn's carmel eyes that just got to me. I saw my entire life change as I pictured me being Zayn's girl instead of Liam's. I pictured us holding hands and walking down the beach together. Maybe dating Zayn wouldn't be so bad. Liam's smile popped into my mind and I brushed Zayn away. No Liam was everything to me I wasn't going to throw that all away over however I felt about Zayn. Zayn started to lean in closer to me. I could feel his breath on my skin. Zayn bit his lip. Oh my god! Is Zayn Malik going to kiss me!?  


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