One Chance

Bre is incredibly excited about starting her Freshman year in High school. I mean with her dating the freshman quarter back and her 3 best friends by her side what could possibly go wrong? Bre's life has its normal ups and downs like any other teenagers but, when she has a strange encounter with one of the totally hot juniors her life spins around. She is introduced to super hottie Liam Payne who saves her in more ways then one could imagine, all she has to do is give him the chance.


51. Treehouse

Zayn's P.O.V 

I quickly pulled my Harley into our one car garage. I was careful not to hit my sisters pink bicycle as I parked the motorcycle. I knew I didn't have to worry about my Mom being home because she had just started working as a nurse at the new hospital. Although I didn't have as close a relationship with my Dad I knew he would be at work too. Doniya isn't on Summer break so she would still be at college and Waliyha and Safaa would both be at school so I had the house to myself. I walked down the narrow hallway that was filled with my drawings on the walls and dove onto my bed. I reached under my bed and grabbed my sketch pad, it was all I needed anyway. Well that and a sharpened pencil. I took a pencil off my desk and the sketchpad in hand and ran out to the kitchen. I grabbed myself a glass of cold ice tea to the fridge and headed outside. I took a second to take in my backyard, basically I took a second to remember my childhood. I was now seventeen going on eighteen. I was no longer the child I sometimes longed to be anymore. I only had my senior year left and then I'd be off to college like my sister had left two years before. My sisters really were my everything to me. Im the only boy so I guess you can say I was a little to feminine but that doesn't mean I couldn't perform well in a fight. I closed my eyes and let thousands of  childhood memories wander freely through my mind. I remembered how Doniya would dress me up in girls clothes. I recalled when my mother gave birth to Waliyha and Safaa and I was no longer the baby of the family. I was the big brother and I took that responsibility very seriously. Once they were born me and Doniya weren't as close because I spent all my possible time being the best role model I could possibly be. I knew that even though I was scared of the water I wasn't going to let either of them be. Without Mom and Dad's permission, I had signed both of them up for swim lessons. It was costly and out of my own pocket but I was never stingy with my money when it came to them. Safaa and Waliyha were my little princesses and I would do anything for them. Thank goodness they are only 10 and 12 now because by the time they start dating, they will have their college big brother to pummel anyone who hurt either of them. I laughed at the fact that I knew all the words to Hannah Montana songs because of them. In fact, if it wasn't for little Safaa I would have never started to draw in the first place. The memory was so clearly embedded in my mind, like it had only happened a few hours ago. Safaa has the most beautiful green eyes and it was because of them I was inspired to draw. The first drawing was of her eyes, and that is how I learned of my hidden talent. I was infatuated with eyes and I always started with them because they are my favorite part of the body. 

      Once I had the eyes down I started drawing faces and then full bodies. Drawing wasn't something I ever expected me to get a career from. It was just my escape. I liked to capture every detail, every shade and every color. My goal was to get the drawing to look exactly like the person. I wanted to bring whatever it was I was drawing to life and if I didn't get it perfect I started all over until it was perfect. I took in our backyard for one more minute. Our yard was pretty large considering the size of our 4 bedroom house. Doniya's room was more of a guest bedroom now since she was in college, my room was the smallest because I'm the guy and Safaa and Waliyha shared a room. Then of course there was the master bedroom for my parents. In the yard, we had a medium sized above ground pool which I never used and never planned on useing. We had a nice sized swing set for the girls and a grill and patio opposite of where the pool was. The best part of my yard would be the incredible treehouse my Dad had built when I was 10. I have to say he did do a rather good job on it but that may be because he is in the construction business.  It wasn't your average treehouse because afterall it needed  to fit three young, growing children. No, our treehouse was breathtaking and no one was ever allowed in it besides me Safaa and Waliyha. Doniya wasn't even allowed in it and I think that ticked her off a bit. Once I had figured out my drawing ability I made a sketch for my father to follow but I'm pretty sure he just did his own thing. Because we lived further away from the beach we had lots of tall trees in my backyard, making it rather easy for a treehouse to be built in. My Dad had made our house in the tallest of the trees in our yard. In the center, where the ladder came down, there was a small I guess you can say living room. It was a circular cabin and had a couple bean bag chairs so you can sit after you climbed up the long ladder. Once inside the "living room," to the left of it was a larger house for my sisters and the right was my house. As I climbed the ladder I couldn't help thinking  about the time I had gotten into a fight with my parents. Me and my parents, especially me and my Mom, rarely got into fights because I was very close with them.  I was about 14 at the time and I recalled the fight very clearly. I had just getting good at drawing and I wanted to start painting. I asked my parents to buy me paint so I could paint my walls however I wanted to but they refused! Well, lucky me I didn't have to run away because I was mad, all I had to do was go to my backyard! I remembered how I had basically lived in that treehouse for 3 days. I had brought snacks games and other things to occupy myself while I was up there. And it was summer so I wouldn't get cold. My parents still work in the summer so when I was hungry or had to go to the bathroom I would wait until they left for work. But when they came back, I would return to my treehouse. And the only people I invited up there was, you guessed it, Safaa and Waliyha. I crawled through the opening to the "living room" and then crossed the little bridge to the right that led to my house that had been painted blue. I ran my hand over the wood and stopped at the part that I had painted my name on. It was the only part my Dad had let me do because he was convinced I would ruin it some how. Neatly in black ink I had written "Zayn" and put my hand prints next to it. I opened the door to the house and crawled inside. The house was so big that I was still able to stand straight up in it without coming even close to hitting my head on the ceiling. Everything was exactly how I had left it last time I was in here which was probably three years ago.  

The mattress that I had dragged up there when I was fourteen still laid in the corner of the room. My bean bag chairs were there as well along with the carpet myجدة (grandma in arabic) had knitted  for me when I was little. Of course, there was reminisce of me everywhere. Drawings hung from every wall and anywhere I could possibly fit them. I threw the sketch pad and pencil on to the mattress and observed my old drawings like I was walking threw an art museum. I was most definitely my own worst critic. People always told me how I was such a good drawer but I never believed them. I always felt as if everything I did was never good enough. As I observed my old works I could remember why each one was drawn and how I had been feeling at the time I drew it. They seemed to go in a pattern between in love heartbroken, sad, happy as could be. Each drawing had a foot note on the back that I had labeled who it was drawn for and why.

My first heart brake, Sara Walden, 7th grade. "bleeding rose"


For Zoe Little, Summer going into 8th grade "you give me butterflies" 

Freshman year Ashley Hughes "tears I cried over you"

  Sophomore year Jillian Carson "Baby, your my Angel your my darling angel" 6 month anniversary present.


   Summer going into Junior year Jillian Carson Forever doesn't last a lifetime

I could feel the tears building in my eyes. Jillian Carson. The name pounded through my mind a thousand times. She had been the love of my life. I was finally happy for once and she was happy too. We were foolishly, completely in love. We had everyone convinced that we would get married and be those teenager sweethearts. I think we even had ourselves convinced. She was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. She had thick, black wavy hair and the prettiest blue eyes that I could've stared into for all eternity. But it wasn't just her looks that made me fall for her. It was her loving and caring personality. It was that personality that made me fall for her but also made me loose her int he end. The worst part about this girl was she hadn't even broken my heart intentionally. It wasn't her fault I couldn't eat, sleep or do anything the entire month of July. It was a rainy Monday morning on June 24th and I was driving her to the airport. She would be going to Africa for the summer to help at one of the developeing towns that was filled with under privileged children and I wouldn't see her until the school year started again. My body trembled as I remembered the last embrace, the last kiss and the last words we had shared before my life spiraled out of control. I shut my eyes and the airport came into my mind.

"I love you Jill," I whispered in her ear as the other passengers boarded the plane. I could clearly see the tears stream down her face, I saw me wipe them out of her eyes. 

"I love you more Zayn," I could feel her kiss my cheek.

" You have to promise me something," I heard my own voice echo in my head.

"Anything," I could see her eyes, wet with tears. 

"You have to be very careful with this," I could see my handing her the box. 

"But whats in in," I saw the confused wrinkle form on her forehead that I loved so much. I heard me chuckle and the lady call everyone onto the plane.

"open it," I felt my smile form on my face. I could see her open the box. Inside the little red box was a small silver key attached to a necklace chain so she could wear it. I could see her look up at me and wait for an explanation.

"what is it," her voice ran through my mind.

"this," I recalled me pausing because I got choked up. "is the key to my heart." "you have to be careful because its the only one and I'm trusting you with it."

"The plane will departing in five minutes all passengers leaving for Africa must board now," the flight attendant yelled into the microphone. 

"I'll keep it forever," Jill whispered and I pulled her in for  tight hug. We kissed passionately on the lips. The last kiss. I can seen her walk onto the plane. That night it would be all over the news.  I punched the wall of the treehouse so hard I could feel the tree shake. 


 Bam! It was just that easy to have  lost my everything. I remembered my family and friends being so concerned about me. Liam was the worst. He practically lived at my house that summer. He made sure I ate and got me everything I liked just to try to bring me out of the deep depression I had fallen into. I honestly think if it wasn't for him I would have never found the light and pulled myself out of the dark void in my life. I cried for a good ten minutes and tried to push Jillian out of my head. She was part of my past but I would never forget her. She made me who I was today. I took my phone out of my pocket and texted the two closest people in my life besides my own family.


New  Message

To Liam , Bre

I need both of your help 

Please come to my house after school.

I'll be in the backyard, gates unlocked




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