One Chance

Bre is incredibly excited about starting her Freshman year in High school. I mean with her dating the freshman quarter back and her 3 best friends by her side what could possibly go wrong? Bre's life has its normal ups and downs like any other teenagers but, when she has a strange encounter with one of the totally hot juniors her life spins around. She is introduced to super hottie Liam Payne who saves her in more ways then one could imagine, all she has to do is give him the chance.


63. spending the night

Bres P.O.V

"I'm home!" I yelled as I slammed the door behind me.

"Whats up Bre," I saw my brothers head lift off the couch.

"Hey Bre," Nick's girlfriend, Alyssa smiled at me genuinely from where she sat on the couch next to Nick. 

"Hey guys," I smiled and threw my duffle bag onto the couch nearest to me. "Wheres Mom and Dad?" Just as Nick was about to answer I heard their laughter coming from the kitchen. Nick jerked his head in the direction of the kitchen while I walked over there. 

"Hey my angel," My dad grinned as I walked into the kitchen. 

"Hey daddy," I said as I gave him a hug. He kissed the top of my head and then I hugged Mom.

"Are you hungry honey," she asked as she took a sip of her glass of pink lemonade. 

"Nah we ate at the Wendy's drive through," I replied as I grabbed a can of soda out of the fridge. 

"That food is horrible for you," My mother grimaced. "And you shouldn't be drinking soda either," she said as she took the can from me and dumped it in the sink. 

"Ugh Mom," I groaned. "I'll start eating healthy again tomorrow."

"Just make me happy and drink water instead," she said as she tossed me a bottle.

"Fine," I rolled my eyes. "Welp I'm going to bed."

"Your not gunna stay up and watch The Voice  with us?" 

"Mom it's already 9:30 and I'm exhausted," I said as I gave my parents a hug goodnight. 

"Okay sweet dreams," she said as she kissed me cheek.

"Goodnight sweetheart," dad hugged me goodnight. I practically ran through the living room, waved goodnight to Nick and Lyss although they probably didn't notice because they were to busy swapping spit, and climbed the stairs. I slammed my bedroom door behind me and found my lover sitting casually on my bed. 

"Liam," I whispered in an angry tone.

"Yeah," he replied nonchalantly.

"What if I was my mother," I asked as I walked closer to the bed. "I told you to wait outside by the rose bush."

"Well then I would've greeted her with a "Hello how are you Mrs. Baldanza" and asked her if she needed my help with anything," I could see his cocky smile in the dim moonlight that shined through my window. I giggled and climbed onto bed with him. Liam kissed me softly at first and then began to get more intense. We rolled so I was now on top of him, kissing him like I would never see him again.He removed my shirt, exposing my favorite, lacy hot pink bra. He kissed down my neck, causing me to giggle because my neck is my weakest point. Liam placed one more kiss directly in-between my breasts and then began to undo my bra. I could see a frustrated look on his face and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Uhm babe," I laughed. "Need some help?" 

"No no," he said annoyed. "Stop laughing, your making it harder then it already is." I swear Liam was completely puzzled.  He looked as if he was giving brain surgery.

"Got it!" he exclaimed as he removed my bra.

"Shhh your too loud," I said still laughing. Next was Liam's shirt which I quickly slipped off, exposing his gorgeous abs. I stopped moving and just stared at them for what seemed like forever. 

"Bre," Liam whispered. "What is it love?"

"Nothing sorry its just," I paused and collected my thoughts. "Your sort of...beautiful." Liam let out a low chuckle causing me to move a little on my place on his chest. 

"Well if I'm beautiful then there isn't a word in Webster's dictionary to describe you," he whispered and pulled me back in for a kiss. He slid my pants off easily leaving me in my black lace thong. We were both slick with sweat now and just as I was about to remove his pants he stopped me.

"What," I asked completely out of breath. 

"We don't have to go any further Bre," he said as he slid his hands up and down my back."I'm happy here." There must've been a hurt look on my face because Liam sat up so I was now sitting on his lap. He pushed the hair out of my face so he could look me in the eyes but I didn't allow him to. I looked at my closet, the ceiling, everywhere but him.

"Bre will you atleast look at me and tell me whats wrong," he said as he grabbed my face and held his gaze on me. 

"You don'ttt waannt mee," I stuttered and I could feel my body tremble a little. 

"Bre are you crazy," Liam placed his hands on my hips again to steady me.

"You won't go all the way with me," I mumbled.

"Is that why you look upset," Liam asked astonished. I nodded slowly. 

"Bre I want you so bad right now it hurts," Liam choked out.

"Then why won't you let us go all the way," I said as I pulled my hair out of my face.

"Because I care about you too much Bre," Liam looked at me full of seriousness. "I just want you to be positive that this is what you want." "That I am what you want."

"I do-," I started but Liam put his finger to my lips. "Lets talk about it more this summer." "You must be exhausted so lets just get some rest, okay?"

"Okay but im not sleeping in this," I said as I climbed out of bed and grabbed an old T-shirt and comfy sweatpants from my dresser. I slipped them on quickly and then crawled back into bed with Liam. Liam took the sheets and entangled us in it and then wrapped his arm around me protectively. We laid like that for a while and I almost was asleep when Liam spoke up.

"Bre," he said sweetly.

"Yeah," I said in a sleepy voice. I could feel the bed move around as he turned onto his side. He reached down the back of my shirt causing me to fully wake up again. 

"Liam what are you doing," I said trying to move.

"Yup just as I thought," Liam said as he held the back of my shirt.

"What did you think that my T-shirt was made in China with 95% of the worlds T-shirts," I said sarcastically.

"Nope, made in heaven," Liam smiled and I couldn't help but laugh. 

"That has to be the cheesiest thing I have ever heard," I said still laughing. 

"Oh really," Liam moved so his face was by mine again. 

"Yes," I said as I leaned in and pecked him on the lips. 

"Well I got tons more," he smirked as I pulled away. 

"Lay em on me," I laughed.

"Well remember there all true about you," He paused. 

"Do you pray to God every night," he asked and I replied by nodding. 

"Well you know God was just showing off when he made you," Liam smiled. 

'Okay that one was pretty sweet," I said blushing. 

"I don't have to pray to God anymore cause all my wishes, hopes and dreams came true when you said "Yes." 

"Do you want me to cry," I said looking into his dark eyes. He shook his head and then kissed me softly on the cheek. 

"Get some sleep babe," he said while I snuggled into him and laid my head on his chest. 

"I love you," I said as I yawned.

"I love you too," Liam's voice, already fading, reached my ear. And then sleep took over and I was left with the feelings of joy, love and pure happiness. 


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