One Chance

Bre is incredibly excited about starting her Freshman year in High school. I mean with her dating the freshman quarter back and her 3 best friends by her side what could possibly go wrong? Bre's life has its normal ups and downs like any other teenagers but, when she has a strange encounter with one of the totally hot juniors her life spins around. She is introduced to super hottie Liam Payne who saves her in more ways then one could imagine, all she has to do is give him the chance.


56. romeo and juliet

Bre's P.o.V

"Will you guys shut up," I pleaded while Harry and Niall jumped on my bed like two year olds. 

"My Mom will flip if she knows your in my room. "And if you break my bed, your buying me a new one," I yelled in a hushed tone.


"Sorry," Liam chuckled. "They don't get out much." Liam took control of the boys and made Harry and Niall stop jumping on my bed.

"Fine," Harry rolled his eyes.

"Lets go get Liss and Danielle," Niall said to Harry. The two started walking to my bedroom door but I stopped them mid in their tracks.

"Hey," I said stepping in front of the door and blocking their exit. "You came in through the window and your leaving through the window," I said in a bossy tone. The boys strutted over to me, knelt down and kissed me on each of my cheeks.

"Okay Little Miss Sassy Pants," Niall joked as he turned around and began walking away from me. 

"Bye Breeeeeee," Harry said jokingly as he followed Niall down and out of my window. I shook my head in disbelief and leaned against Liam.

"There just trying to get under your skin," Liam said as he looked down at me.

"Why, I did nothing to them," I said defensively. 

"There just jealous because their girlfriends aren't as pretty as you love," Liam said as he kissed the top of my head.

"So where are we going," Priscilla asked before I could say anything sweet back to Liam.

"We aren't allowed to tell you," Louie said as he draped his arm over Priscilla's shoulder. "But it was all Zayn's idea," Louie said while he winked at Zayn. 

"Speaking of the surprise, Louie wheres Eleanor?" I asked.

"Photo shoot this weekend," Louie answered me and rolled his eyes. I nodded and then sat down on my bed. We then awaited for Harry, Liss, Niall and Danielle to return. Soon Niall's white jeep rolled into my driveway and Zayn and Louie descended down the rose bush that grew next to my bedroom window. Liam was of course, the last to leave my room besides Priscilla and I. He paused in front of my window for a second, as if he was taking in his entire existence and then climbed onto the vines of the roses. I leaned on the windowsill so we were now looking into each others eyes. We both leaned in and Liam pressed his lips to mine with an intense passion. The sparks flew and because I'm a dork I couldn't help but automatically think about Romeo and Juliet. In school we had just finished reading the balcony scene where Romeo and Juliet make their plans to get married before school was let out for spring break. Everything clicked and when I opened my eyes and there before me was my Liam. My Romeo. I giggled at what a loser I must be to make the connection to Romeo and Juliet. I truly am a hopeless romantic person. 

"What," Liam questioned my giggling with his award winning smile.

"This just reminds me of Romeo and Juliet," I said sheepishly.

"Ah the balcony scene," Liam sighed and I nodded frantically. Liam pushed a piece of hair out of my face and tucked the strand behind my ear. 

"Well in that case I play Romeo and you play Juliet," he said in an all to seductive voice. He didn't seem to say it in a question but I choked out a "yes" anyway. Liam moved closer to me so that I could feel his hot breath on my neck. He kissed my neck softly causing a small moan to escape my lips. My hormones raced through my body as I realized how badly I wanted him. I bent down so his mouth was now next to my ear. His breath tickled me as he spoke and I could feel a chill run down my spine.

"I think Cilla is feeling rather third-wheelish," Liam whispered breathlessly. I turned away from the window to see Priscilla awkwardly standing in my room. I could feel my face get hot as I remembered she had been standing there the whole time. Liam released his grip on the windowsill and landed on the ground. I watched as he strolled over to Niall's jeep and then I took my gaze off of him. I stood up to my full 4'11 height and walked over to where Priscilla was standing. 

"Sorry bout that," I said, my face still bright red. I really did hate showing any sort of affection in front of Liam's and I's friends. I just liked to keep my love life private and on the down low.

"I won't be mad if you tell me where we are going," she smiled cockily. I laughed lightly, happy she had taken the awkwardness form the air. 

"You know I'm not allowed," I said as I playfully shoved her. Event hough I hadn't been friends with Priscilla as long as I had with some of my other friends, she was the easiest for me to get along with and relate to. In fact, our relationship could best be expressed by a single quote. 

"It isn't about the friends you have known the longest, but the ones who came and never left your side." And I was positive that the girl in front of me would be my partner in crime until the very end.

"Soooooo you can tell me and I'll keep my mouth shut," Cilla begged and whined. Just then one of the boys honked the car horn signaling it was time to go. I grabbed the light blue duffle bag Liam and I had packed earlier and slung it over my shoulder. Suddenly, Pricilla's face turned extremely white and she looked like a deer in headlights.

"what," I asked concerned.

"I have nothing to wear," she shrieked. I giggled and opened the second draw on my dresser.

"I got you covered," I said as I pointed to the draw that held Pricilla's clothing that she left at my house numerous times. She sighed with relief and skipped over to me.

"Good thing I always leave clothes here," Priscilla said as she helped me stuff her clothes into the purple bag that she had brought with her, prepared for our sleepover. Once we filled the bag, Priscilla lead the way down the stairs.

"We are leaving Mom," I yelled in the direction of the kitchen.

"You didn't eat dinner yet," she said a she shuffled out of the kitchen.

"I'm sure we will stop somewhere on the way there," I said as I gave her a tight hug. "Harry can cook anyway I reassured her and headed towards the front door with Priscilla trailing behind me.

"Okay keep your phone on and call me when you get there," she yelled as priscilla closed the door. Zayn and Louie hopped onto the motorcycle and pulled out of my driveway first. Niall, who I assumed was driveing Liss, Danielle and Harry pulled out of my driveway next. Priscilla and I piled into Liams volvo along with all our paraphernalia.

"Ready to go on an adventure," Liam beamed happily.

"Your sucha dork," I grinned at him.

"I'm your dork though," he said leaning closer to me. Just as he was going to kiss me Priscilla interrupted. 

"Eh em," she cleared her throat from her place in the back seat. 

"I think I've witnessed enough of the "Liam and Bre love story extravaganza" today." she paused and smiled stupidly. 

"If you would so kindly step on the gas and catch up to the hot piece of ass driving the motorcycle I'd be very happy." Liam laughed and I shook her head.

"Anything for you madam," Liam said as he tipped his imaginary hat like a limo driver. Priscilla smiled smugly while Liam smoothly pulled out of the driveway. He opened the windows and a sweet Californian breeze brushed across my skin. I placed my sunglasses over my blue eyes and set my chair back so I was in a laying down position. I sighed and took a deep breath, feeling rather content with both the love of a boyfriend and a best friend. And with that, we were off on our week long adventure.        



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