One Chance

Bre is incredibly excited about starting her Freshman year in High school. I mean with her dating the freshman quarter back and her 3 best friends by her side what could possibly go wrong? Bre's life has its normal ups and downs like any other teenagers but, when she has a strange encounter with one of the totally hot juniors her life spins around. She is introduced to super hottie Liam Payne who saves her in more ways then one could imagine, all she has to do is give him the chance.


61. never let go

Priscilla's P.O.V

I hit the bottom of the cliff with a loud thud. All of sudden I felt as if I was being sucked in by a gigantic vacuum. I seemed to be being dragged further and further into the darkness. I watched as the bright light became fainter and fainter.  


"God dam it Priscilla," I heard the most beautiful voice in the world say in a frustrated tone.

"Zayn, I'm coming," I yelled  but no noise came out. Suddenly I felt something on my lips. DID ZAYN FLIPPING MALIK JUST KISS ME???? No no no no. I must be still in the dream world. I felt my lips twitch and I blinked my eyes because I was in the bright light. I could feel my body around me once more and I slowly wiggled my fingers and toes. And then I opened my eyes and blinked some more as the adjusted to the bright hospital lights.

"Priscilla," Zayn said looking into my eyes with great emotion. I could feel a smile break out on my face as I tried to sit up and hug him. 

"Woah woah take it easy," Zayn laughed as he helped me sit up. He put his hands on my face and held my head so I was looking deep into his eyes.

"I thought I had lost you," he sighed and a tear rolled down his cheek.

"Its okay I'm here now," I smiled and wiped the tear from his face.

"Yeah and you can never do this to me ever again," he smiled and pulled me in for a hug. I tried not to think of the possible kiss but I couldn't help it.  

"But I was wondering," Zayn cut off my mind babble. "Well I know your dating this Lucas guy but-," I yelled cutting him off.

"NO," I paused and lowered my voice. "I mean no we aren't going to be together anymore, I actually have someone else in mind," I smiled slyly. 

"Oh really," Zayn said meeting my gaze. "Well can this "Someone else in mind" take you out for pizza when we get home?"

"I'd be thrilled if this "Someone else in mind" took me out for pizza," I giggled.

"Wait I am the someone else right," Zayn asked with a concerned look on his face.

"Haha yes its you Zayn," I smiled.

"YOUR AWAKE!" Bre shrieked as she came barreling down the hallway and into my tiny hospital room. I laughed as she jumped on top of my bed and tackled me causing Zayn to get up and move to the couch. 

"You scared the crap out of me," Bre yelled. "By the way I was to scared to tell your Mom so she doesn't know you had to go to the hospital." 

"Haha okay I'll just cover these stitches with make up," I said as I pointed to my forehead. "No need to freak my Mom out over something this small. 

"I'll go tell the doctor you finally woke up," Liam said as he turned and walked out of the door. Soon a tall man in a white doctors apron came into my room.

"Hey Priscilla how are you feeling," he asked as he approached me. 

"Uhm pretty good just a small headache," I said as I thought of the crazy dream I had. 

"Well thats normal so Id say your clear to go," He said as he stood up. "Just make sure you sign out in the lobby." The doctor, Zayn and Liam all exited the room while Bre helped me change from the hospital night gown into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Pretty soon we signed me out and made our way back to the camp grounds. This time, instead of wandering off I helped everyone pack the cars back up.

"Does your head hurt a lot or do you think you can ride on the motorcycle with me," Zayn said as he grabbed my purple duffle bag and threw it into Liam's truck.

"I think I'll be okay," I smiled up at him. "We just have to make sure I'm back in the car once we get in my neighborhood. He nodded curtly and walked me over to his Harley. Zayn hopped on and patted the space behind him. I climbed on and wrapped my arms around his waist. Bre handed me the helmet and I slid it onto my head easily. 

"Hold on tight,"Zayn whispered as he revved the engine.

"I"ll hold on tight and never let go," I whispered back. I could see him blush a little and then we were off, driving into the late afternoon sun.

AUTHORS NOTE: okay guys I'm winding down here. I think there will only be for or 5 more chapters left here but don't worry Im almost positive there will be a sequel. xx Bre  


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