One Chance

Bre is incredibly excited about starting her Freshman year in High school. I mean with her dating the freshman quarter back and her 3 best friends by her side what could possibly go wrong? Bre's life has its normal ups and downs like any other teenagers but, when she has a strange encounter with one of the totally hot juniors her life spins around. She is introduced to super hottie Liam Payne who saves her in more ways then one could imagine, all she has to do is give him the chance.


46. Lucas

I got out of Liam's car and slammed the door behind me. He walked around and wrapped his arm around my waist; pulling me closer to him. I could feel everyone's eyes on us as Liam and I strolled over to the main entrance of the school. I still wasn't used to all the popularity dating Liam brought me. I liked my life to be more private and only shared with the people I loved and knew personally. Just my luck people I didn't even know would say "hi" to me or gawk at me as I walked through the hallway.I tried not to show how weirded out I was by it but I couldn't help it. It was like everywhere I went someone was piercing me with their eyes; watching my every move and just waiting for me to screw up.  Liam must have picked up on how annoyed I was with people watching me.

"Dont pay attention to them babe," he whispered in my ear as we sat down at one of the benches in the courtyard; our usual meeting spot. I sat on his lap and he wrapped his arms around me tightly, like he was protecting me from the people who always seemed to watch us. He kissed at my neck, causing me to giggle. I really was very ticklish! He worked his way up my collar bone and up to my cheek, planting little kisses as he moved. Liam's touch, as usual left me with goosebumps on every part of my body. He left one last soft kiss on my cheek and then pulled away. He obviously saw that my mind was somewhere else because I didn't react to his kisses like I usually did. That would be laughing and trying to push him away.  

"Whatcha thinking about," Liam asked eyeing me closely.

"I'm just pondering life," I said sheepishly. That was my usual answer whenever someone asked me what I was thinking about. It was quite smart of me actually because "Life" was way to broad of a topic for anyone to know what I was actually thinking about.

"Bre," Liam said. Gosh my name sounded a thousand times better when he said it.

"Liam," I said putting my face to his and looking into his "melt you like butter on a hot day" brown eyes.

"You suck at lying," he laughed and pecked me quickly on the lips. Luckily, I was saved by the bell and didn't have to answer his question.

"Dam it!," Liam laughed. "You got lucky but your telling me what your thinking about at lunch."

"Fine," I groaned. Liam pulled me close to him and kissed me long and passionately on the lips.

"Be," Liam said as he kissed my neck. "Nice," he said in-between kisses. "To Lucas," he finished with one last kiss and a tight hug goodbye. 

"No promises," I yelled after him as he turned and walked in the opposite direction I had to go in. I laughed and walked up the stairs to the top floor where Priscilla and I's lockers were located. I dreaded each step I took. Not only did I not want to meet this lucas kid I also didn't want to lie to my best friend. I knew she would want  my honest opinion of the kid and I wasn't sure I could give her it. I reached the last of the stairs and began, slowly walking over to my locker, which was exactly 10 away from Priscilla. Of course Priscilla wash't there yet but I would wait for her, as usual and then we would walk to homeroom together. Just as I was about to open my locker I heard someone yell my name from across the hall.

"Breeeeeeee!" Priscilla yelled a she ran towards me. i knew what the people around us were thinking, "Wow what a freshman." But I didn't mind I loved Prisiclla and all her weirdness.

"yougottomeetlucashescomingnowandohmygodbreeee," she was speaking so fast everything she said sounded like one big, long word.

"Woah babe slow down I have no idea what your saying," I said laughing. "You look really good today by the way."

"REALLY!" "Thanks I tried really hard today," she giggled.

"As you were saying," I said  as I focused back on opening opening my locker.   

"Oh yeah," she shrieked right in my ear. I rubbed my head and grabbed my Spanish binder out of my locker. 

"Lucas is coming now,  I told him I wanted him to meet you," she smiled from ear to ear. I really did try to sound the least bit interested.

"Well okay," I smiled half-heartedly. Priscilla then blabbed my ear off with all this nonsense about Lucas. Gosh, did I talk this much about Liam? I mean we had been dating 7 months. Nah, I definitely didn't talk this much about Liam.

"Ooooh!"" Prisiclla yelled in my ear again. "Here he is now, how do I look?" 

"Good," I smiled looking over her quickly. Just then a tall, muscular boy with light brown hair approached us. I looked at the ground and tried not to notice how.. well.... hot the guy was. I mean I felt kind of guilty because ever since I started dating Liam, I just didn't look at other guys. Well until now. I looked down at my feet and tried not to make it obvious that I had totally just checked him out. 

"Hey Cil," an attractive, seductive voice filled the air around us.  

"Hey Lucas," I heard Priscilla say full of energy. "Uhm, I want you to meet my best friend," Priscilla stuttered a little over the words. I knew it was in polite to not look at someone when you were talking to them but I just couldn't do it. What was I afraid of? That this boy would be more attractive then Liam? That maybe I'd develop feelings for this boy? "Woah Bre stop mind babbleing," I thought to myself. Who cares if this boy is more attractive then Liam. Liam is my boyfriend and I love him. I never met a guy like him and he is always there for me. I won't get sucked in no matter how good looking he is. It was then that I did it . Shit why'd I do it? Why'd I look up? Oh crap. As I looked up I was met with, just as Priscilla described, the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen. 

"Hi," I managed to choke out. my face must've been white as a ghost. 

"Hey," Lucas winked at me. Why was he winking at me? I didn't like it. 

"Nice to meet you," I mumbled rudely and slammed my locker shut. This already happened once with Zayn. I want my best friend to be happy and I will not ruin that for her. I love Liam. I love Priscilla. And I will do whatever it takes to see a smile on their faces. I swear if this boy hurts my bestfriend I will break his pretty boy face. 

"Same here," Lucas smiled cockily. Dam his smile was nice. BRE SHUT UP!!

"Ugh," I groaned.

"You okay Bre," Priscilla asked looking at me worried. She must not have seen the wink and smile because she didn't look upset. She was probably thinking of how hot he was to notice anything. 

"Nah I really don't feel good," I lied badly. Neither Lucas nor Priscilla looked convinced. Maybe Liam was right. Maybe I was  a really bad lier.

"Im gonna go to class and ask Señora for a pass to the nurse," I said quickly. I gave Priscilla and whispered in her ear so Lucas wouldn't hear.

"It's my time of the month," I lied again but made it more convincing. "And Lucas is seriously hot just be careful," I whispered.

"Okay see you later," Priscilla broke out in a huge smile. "Feel better," she called after me as I quickly ran down the hallway. 

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