One Chance

Bre is incredibly excited about starting her Freshman year in High school. I mean with her dating the freshman quarter back and her 3 best friends by her side what could possibly go wrong? Bre's life has its normal ups and downs like any other teenagers but, when she has a strange encounter with one of the totally hot juniors her life spins around. She is introduced to super hottie Liam Payne who saves her in more ways then one could imagine, all she has to do is give him the chance.


53. help

Bre's P.O.V

I watched Zayn closely, the way a predator stalks its prey. 

"Are you okay Zayn," I said as I stared blankly at the figure in front of me. I scanned down Zayn's body and tried to find any sign of the old Zayn but it wasn't there. The cocky grin wasn't there and neither were his cautious eyes. His eyes were pinned on me but he still didn't answer my concerned question. His hands trembled at his side and I noticed his lips quiver a little. It was then that I looked back up at his eyes and found a tear start to spill out of his right eye. In one quick movement I closed the space between us and gently placed my hand on Zayn's shoulder. Underneath my palm I could feel his body shaking and I began to grow more nervous and scared. I carefully reached up and wiped the tear that was now streaming down his face with the back of my hand. All of a sudden a sudden Zayn's body stopped shaking and a huge grin appeared on his face. I was about to step back and have a normal conversation with my close friend when he began leaning closer to me.  Zayn wrapped his arms tightly around my waist and pulled me closer to him. Before I could even comprehend what was going on Zayn pressed his hot lips to mine. My body froze and my mind raced madly. I pushed against Zayn's chest with my fists but he only tightened his grip on me. I was about to kick him, you know there when strong arms grabbed me from behind and forcefully pushed Zayn away from me. I was in Liam's arms for a second but that changed quickly. In a swift movement, Liam had me behind him with him standing protectively between me and Zayn. Zayn was now recovering from being pushed and stumbled off the ground.

"Liiiam," Zayn stuttered and watched us with hurt eyes. "I'm so sorry," "I don't know what that was but it wasn't me," "I don't even like Bre like that, no offense but I don't know what came over me," Zayn rambled on. "I'm sorry." After what seemed like forever Liam moved out of the way and casually wrapped his arm around my waist. 

"Its okay mate," Liam said in his normal tone. "What can we help you with though," he said, quickly changing the subject. Zayn nodded curtly and I knew he was probably going to dive into this tragic story that Liam mentioned earlier. 

"Come with me," Zayn said as he turned on his heel and walked towards a ladder that was dangling from a tall pine tree. Zayn was halfway up the ladder before I caught on that he was taking us into a...... into a treehouse? Liam and I followed him up the ladder until we were all inside a circular cabin with bean bags scattered on the floor. Zayn then led us down a narrow rope bridge and into a treehouse that was painted blue. I gasped and gawked at the amazing treehouse I had ever seen.

"This is by far the coolest treehouse I have ever seen," I exclaimed. I heard Zayn chuckle and I couldn't help but laugh as well. Liam and I took our seats in the purple bean bad chairs that were in the corner while Zayn sprawled himself across and queen matress that was in the corner opposite of us. I looked up to meet Zayn's pain filled eyes. Liam took my hand and Zayn then divulged into a tragic love story. When he was finished I was surprised he managed to make it through the whole story without crying. I could tell he was holding it in but I didn't question him. Liam, Zayn and I sat in silence for what seemed like hours but Zayn broke the silence.

"I believe the reason I kissed you was because you remind me of Jillian so much," he managed to choke out. 

"Zayn," I said truly feeling his pain. "We need to get you help." "Now I know Priscilla is taken but there are other girls-" I began but Zayn abruptly cut me off. 

"No," he said as he stared at his hands as if they held the answer to all his problems.

"No?" I questioned.

"Zayn doesn't want anyone else," Liam whispered from next to me. I took a deep breath and let it out. I knew I would have to do what was best for Priscilla but I couldn't stand to see Zayn like this. Liam took my hand and I quickly glanced down at our intertwined hands. I could see all the funny lines that run through hands. I traced one of the lines all the way down to my silver freshly manicured nails. I shook my head and tried to focus on the problem at hand but something kept drawing me back to our locked hands. I looked up at Liam and found the answer in his sweet brown eyes that I had fallen deeply in love with. I knew how to help Zayn. Liam must have been scared with the look on my face because he jumped up from the bean bag and took my face in his hands.

"Bre," Liam said shaking me a little. "Are you okay what is it love?" I giggled and kissed Liam sweetly to keep him from worrying.

"Zayn," I said looking over at the lump buried in sheets on the fluffy mattress. He moved his head a little and pulled the blanket off his face. His eyes were still red but the white was starting to come back into his eyes. 

"What did you do every time you fell and love and got heartbroken," I asked looking deep into his eyes.  

"Cry," he paused. "Hate my life."

"Ugh," I groaned and crossed the treehouse in two strides so I was now sitting on the edge of the bed. 

"what else did you do," I said as if the answer was in the room.

"Hope I find another girl?" Zayn looked beyond confused.

"NO!" "God dam it boys are dumb." I quickly scrambled off the bed and walked over to  the wall that Zayn had showed us moments before. I ran my hands in front of the drawings like I was Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune. Liam and Zayn still stared at me blankly. I did a face palm and then did my best Zayn impression.

"You paint." It was then that they both seemed to understand what I meant. 

"So Zayn is going to paint like a broken heart or something to represent his heartbreak over Priscilla?" Liam asked looking up at me from where he was sitting. I walked over to him and ran my fingers threw his brown wavy hair. 

"Your lucky your cute," I said sarcastically. I then quickly scooped up Zayn's sketchpad and pencil off the floor and threw them over to his awaiting hands. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and went to "photos"

"Do you need pictures for ideas?" I asked and I was about to hand him my phone. Zayn shook his head abruptly and his cocky smile that I loved appeared on his face. 

"I think I can do this one from memory." And with that, I strolled back over to Liam and sat on his lap. He kissed the top of my head gently and then we both turned our attention to Zayn. We watched closely as his hand zipped all over the sketchbook and the smile, that I had missed for a long time reappeared on his sweet face.   


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