One Chance

Bre is incredibly excited about starting her Freshman year in High school. I mean with her dating the freshman quarter back and her 3 best friends by her side what could possibly go wrong? Bre's life has its normal ups and downs like any other teenagers but, when she has a strange encounter with one of the totally hot juniors her life spins around. She is introduced to super hottie Liam Payne who saves her in more ways then one could imagine, all she has to do is give him the chance.


60. dream world

Priscilla's P.O.V

I skipped happily through the meadow. I don't know why but there was something about this place that made me over joyed. I bent down by a small stream that was peacefully flowing through the meadow. I reached in and let the warm water rush over my hand. Never had I felt so at one with the world. Where ever I was I knew one thing for sure, I never wanted to leave. I was wearing a pretty purple floral dress that just screamed summer. The birds sang out in harmony and two deer walked near the edge of the forest that surrounded the meadow. 

"Priscilla," I heard the voice of an angel call my name. 

"Yes," I questioned to no one in particular. It was then that the most beautiful women who I had ever seen seemed to appear out of no where. 

"Who are you," I said not frightened because just by looking at this girl I knew she meant no harm. She had beautiful hair that was dark as night and glorious eyes the color of sapphire. On her head she wore a halo made of white lilacs that were intricately woven with small vines. 


"Wait," I paused and tried to collect my thoughts but I suddenly had a pounding headache. "Ho-how do you know my name," I stuttered. She laughed lightly with a soprano laugh that made me want to hear her speak more. 

"Lets just say I have my connections," she said with a dazzling smile. 

"Do you know why I am here," she asked as she stepped closer to me. I swear she had so much grace that I just felt wonderful for being near her. I was going to answer with some smart- ass remark like, "Lady I don't even know who you are," but something made me stop. 

"No, I do not know why you are here, heck I don't even know why I am here," I said as I looked around me. "Where are we," I asked because I truly hated when I got lost.

"Your in the in-between thats why I am able to speak to you," she said with a goddess like voice.

"Wait wait wait," I said getting creeped out easily. "Bre's in to this sort of shit not me." I quickly placed my hand over my mouth and regretted swearing. 

"I mean, in-between isn't that a place just for spirits and ghosts and stuff," I could feel the hair rising on the back of my neck. 

"Yes it is in deed and I am a spirit and so are you," she said calmly whilst she grabbed an apple off a tree hanging near by. 

"Sooo your dead," I said, I could feel the color draining from my face. She nodded while she bit into the juicy red apple.

" So if your dead and your talking to me," I paused.

"Go on," she said motioning with her hand.

"Holy crap I'm dead to!" I could feel the tears building in my eyes. The spirit began to talk but I cut her off with my bawling. There was snot running from my nose and tears running down my cheeks. 

"Shhh shhh," the spirit said softly and glided over to where I was standing.

"For gods sake I haven't even experienced anything in life yet," I cried some more.

"Child-," she began but I cut her off again.

"I'm only 16!" I shrieked and it echoed around the peaceful meadow.

"Sweetheart," she started again.

"Oh spirit lady I didn't even loose my virginity yet!" more tears rolled down my face. "At least you probably got to experience that your young and pretty and I'm sure all the guys wanted you," I babbled on still crying.

"Silence!" The spirit women yelled in a powerful voice. "Your not dead Priscilla."

"I'm not," I sniffled and wiped my face. "Then how am I here with you?"

"Your in a comatose state right now, you hit your head really hard and you lost profuse amounts of blood," she said as she handed me a tissue that seemed to materialize out of the thin air. 

"Well how to I get back to my body then," I said eager for me to be back inside of myself.

"I'll tell you that as soon as I tell you what I need to tell you so be quiet and focus," she said in a strong voice. I nodded slowly and blew my nose into the tissue. We both sat down on a large boulder as she began her story.

"Tea," she questioned.

"Uh sure," I said. She swirled her hand around in the air and a cute yellow and pink teacup appeared out of no where. She handed me the cup and then dropped some sugar cubes into it. I took a sip and waited for her to proceed.  

"Zayn needs you," she said and I swore I could see a tear roll down her face. 

"How do you know Zayn," I said very interested now.

"He was the love of my life," she sighed. "But because I can't be there for him anymore its up to you now." 

"Me?" I said in shock. She nodded her head solemnly.

"But I can't," I choked out. "I mean I like Zayn a lot but I'm with Lucas now he lost his chance."

"ugh you idiot," she rolled her eyes.

"Excuse me," I said defensive.

"Come," she said as she grabbed my wrist and dragged me over to the stream. 

"what are you doing," I said confused.

"sit," she commanded and my legs followed her bidding. I guess she could see my struggle to stand back up.

"Don't even bother I have powers in this dimension," she said while she moved her hands over the water in a circular motion. 

"There," she smiled smugly. I peered over and looked into the stream. I swear it was like something out of a fairytale movie. In side the stream was a large mirror-like circle that was formed out of the water. Except the mirror wasn't reflecting us but instead it showed an image of myself crying on my bed.

"Ive been to the future," the spirit girl mumbled and sipped her tea. 

"Why am I crying," I said as I looked at the pure devastation on my face.

"Lucas," she said in a mocking tone.

"well what did he do to me," I said worried that maybe she was lying to me.

"He only dated you for the sex, he knew you would give into him eventually and once he got you he was done," she said matter of factly. I didn't even have a chance to let that settle in because the spirit continued on talking. 

"Trust me you don't want to go through that heartbreak go with Zayn," she said with a genuine smile. "Hes a wonderful boyfriend," she said and I could tell she was remembering something.

"how do you know," I said smiling.

"You ask too many questions," she smiled and then closed the water mirror thingy. 

"But you need to go back to your body," she paused. "Zayn wouldn't be able to handle loosing both of us."

"Okay so how do I get back," I said standing up.

"Same way you got here," she laughed.

"How did I get here," I said expecting a magical door to appear out of no where.

"you ran, so start running and I'll stand over there," she pointed in the direction I'd be running.

"Okay," I nodded and waited her to be further away.

"Go," she called but her angelic voice still reached my ears perfectly. I sprinted as fast as I could except in this place I felt lighter then usual. It was almost as if the ground was disappearing.

"Thats because it is," the spirit laughed.

"Wait you can hear my thoughts," I said getting embarrassed that I thought of Zayn so much.

"Only here," her voice became more distant. All of sudden I wasn't running anymore, I was falling, off a cliff. Great. 

"Why did you make the ground go away," I screamed.

"Because you didn't run here," she laughed. "You need to experience pain to get here but don't worry you'll just wake up with a headache."

"wonderful," I mumbled as I fell down and down the cliff. Hmm I never got her name. Just as I hit the bottom I heard her angel voice clear as day.

"Jillian," I heard ring through my ears and then everything went black.   


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