The Archives of the Heroes: Series One - Foundation.

This is the story of two brothers growing up in our Universe. They manage to find themselves all kinds of trouble and adventures while travelling from galaxy to galaxy with their father.
Or, in some cases, by themselves.


11. Episode Two: The boys scare everyone.


They walked carefully, aware that they now how many enemies. Everyone on Cerebrum would be against them in this act, whether they were free or not.

The code to the laboratory had been changed since their last visit, but it didn't matter. Strongh simply broke the code again. Then, quiet as mice, the two crept into the eerie room.

'So what?' Strongh whispered. 'We just smash everything?'

'Pretty much.'

'Won't we end up killing people?'

Liart winced. 'I- I don't know.'

Strongh shrugged. 'Guess it's a risk we'll have to take. Come on, let's begin.'

'Strongh.' Liart said, before his brother could do anything. 'What if this isn't the only place where Cerebrumaves are made? What if there are more?'

'Then this is a good start – come on!'

Liart sighed, and locked the door behind them. Then, taking a deep breath, he picked up a near-by broom and smashed the nearest test-tube.

Strongh smiled. 'Good work, brother!'

Liart seemed shaken. 'Yeah, whatever. Come on, you need to work too!'

Strongh seemed more than happy to help, and eagerly began smashing everything in sight. Liart joined in a little more hesitantly, and tried to avoid the shattered glass that his brother sent flying round the room.


Liart turned towards the door, his face filling with fear.

'Strongh, they're coming.'

'Time for phase two.'

'Stop it!'

The door handle was moving.

'Hurry up...' Liart pushed his brother.

Strongh smashed the final vial and nodded. Then, childishly, the two ran under a table and hid.

The door flew open, and in walked several angry Cerebrumaves, security guards, and scientists. Dr. Manges was at the forefront of the group.

He eyed the room carefully, as one of his men turned on the lights.

'They can't have gone far, doctor.' The youngest looking guard assured him. Then, looking at the damage the two had done he shook his head. 'Too bad we didn't come faster.'

'We came in time.' The doctor replied. 'The book is still intact. Thank you, Delta 55C.'

Strongh glared at Liart.

'What!? How was I meant to know he would betray us?'

Strongh rolled his eyes, and Liart shut his mouth.

'We have to get the book.' Strongh whispered, as the men began searching the room. 'If not, all our efforts have been in vain.'

Liart agreed, but didn't see how it was possible. 'It's kind of up high.'

Strongh nodded. 'Well... maybe they'll give it to me.'


'Like before, when they let me out. They thought I was Dr. Manges.'

'Strongh, that was a weird... exception, okay?'

Strongh wasn't listening to his brother any more. Smiling, he crawled out of his hiding spot and stood directly in front of Dr. Manges and Delta 55C.

'Give me the book.' He ordered, frowning at them sternly.

Liart cringed, and held his broom a little tighter. No doubt he would have to use it.

But Doctor Manges began shaking. Delta 55C nodded obediently and took the book down from the shelf.

'Here you are, sir, Mr. President.'

'Yes,' Strongh replied, taking the book. 'Mr. President of what?'

Delta 55C seemed ashamed. 'Cerebrum.'

'That's right.' Strongh nodded, trying not to sound as confused as he was. 'Not president of Motor, not president of Nervacia, and not president of Audit! President of all of them – president of Cerebrum. Therefore you must listen to me. I am above all the others.'

Everyone nodded fearfully.

'Now,' Strongh continued. 'Perhaps you are wondering why I destroyed this room.'

Dr. Manges gasped. 'You destroyed it?'

'Yes, with the help of two boys.'

Delta 55C was definitely ashamed now.

'Where are they?' He asked.

'Probably hiding! I imagine they'd be terrified! But – not the point. Do you want to know why I smashed everything?'

They all nodded.

'Right. Well, I decided this was all stupid. I mean, if we don't stop all this business, Zraiatormma will start breathing down our necks, and then...'

'Sir, you know how well we've avoided that.'

Strongh hesitated. 'Remind me.'

'Five years!' The doctor cried. 'Since the discovery of the needed chemical on the planet Home to this day we have avoided confrontation. We just wipe their memory – it's very simply really.'

Strongh had been distracted. 'Home? You found the chemical on Home?'

'Yes. Five years ago, when the planet was discovered.'

'Five years ago!? The planet was only discovered five years ago!?'

'Yes. I imagine it's because it's inhabited by savages – they have no idea how to build houses yet alone space-craft!'

Liart was as shocked as Strongh. Hadn't Mrs. Jure said she came from the planet Home? But if it was only discovered five years ago, she couldn't have possibly!

'Anyway,' Strongh said, trying not to lose his train of thought. 'Regardless of all that... quite frankly, I think it's wrong. We need to stop all this mutation business...'

The doctor scowled. 'You would put an end to this utopia?'


'Well, well, well. What a surprise.' He smiled. 'That was a lie, by the way. I made you – I was expecting something like this.'

Strongh frowned. 'What?'

'Dear me, Mr. President. You don't truly believe that we just mutate Cerebrumaves do you? Of course not! If we took that risk, we might end up with no office workers, or no leaders. No, we have been genetically modifying everyone. Yourself included, Mr. President. You were born to be a leader – literally. But I'm afraid if you persist in this matter your life must end.'

Strongh shuddered. 'You would kill me?'

'That's what I said.'

'Well... that's a shame.'

The doctor chuckled. 'So will you stop?'

Strongh nodded. 'Yes. I think I will.'

'Good. Now, we'll forgive you for this little crisis, so long as you keep it under your hat. We have plenty of other production clinics, so it shouldn't matter too much.'

Strongh felt physically sick, but nodded.

'All right. All right, I'll keep it secret. But first, could you tell me one more thing?'

The doctor nodded.

'Is there any-one else... do you modify anyone else?'

The doctor grinned, a haunting grin. 'Of course, President. For all those who are willing to keep their mouths shut we export the necessary people. Bustakai needs bankers? No worries, we send them a few.'

'Okay, all right, then. Thank you. I'll just... be off. If you see either of the boys, let them off, will you?'

Dr. Manges nodded. 'Of course.'

Liart wanted to scream: 'he's lying!', but that was a dangerous impossibility. And Strongh was not perceptive enough to notice, he fell for the doctor's lie. He left the room, leaving Liart alone and vulnerable.

'Get them.' The doctor said, as soon as Strongh was out of ear-shot.

Liart quivered, and held onto his broom. Then, after a quick prayer (though he wasn't too sure if he did it right) he jumped out from his hiding spot and screamed.

He screamed as deeply as he possibly could, which gave him a bit of an advantage. The men were intimidated by his roaring, and hesitated before attacking. But Liart knew his bark would not hold them off forever, and his bite would never hurt them.

The youngest guard was aiming his gun, and Liart panicked. He was no good at martial arts, but he did his best to front-flip over to the man. He flew through the air and landed on his chest, forcing him to the ground, as well as hitting a few men on the head with his broom.

Well, Liart thought, that had gone far better than expected.

He kicked the man's gun away and turned his attention to the next guard. Oh dear, he had a gun too. Even worse, they all did.

He front-flipped again, receiving the same results, though a little less spectacularly. This shook his confidence, and so he began swinging his broom like a crazed mad-man, hitting everyone in sight. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the youngest guard had retrieved his gun and was aiming. Figuring it would be unwise to repeat the same move too many times, he dropped to the floor and rolled, pushing people over with the broom.

'Strongh!' He cried when he stood up. Then he hit the young guard on the head with all his might. He felt a little sorry when the man cried out in pain and collapsed. Still, he didn't want to get shot.

There was no use picking up the gun, he thought. There were too many men to fight off with one gun.

'Calling for your brother, are we?' Dr. Manges taunted. 'How sweet. But let me assure you, your brother will fare no better than you. You will both die, and so will your silly guardians.'

Liart flared with rage.

He roared, and heard cries of terror from behind him. Good, he thought. He could use a little fear-factor.

He did not waste his time going for the unarmed doctor, and concentrated on the gunned guards. Cerebrumaves jumped on his back, tore at his hair, and he did his best to shake them off. He ran backwards into one guard, knocking the two of them to the ground and squashing Delta 55C.

He was still angry.

'What's happening to him?!' One guard cried. 'He's gone white as a sheet!'

No! He couldn't let them see his fear! He hit another man with his broom, and felt satisfied when he collapsed.

'He's grey, fool!' Another man shouted.

Liart was a little confused by this, but did not let it distract him. He realised two guards were about to shoot and ducked. They were on opposite sides of the room, and shot each other.

'He looks like he's on fire – like he's burning.' One guard said, less confident than the others. Liart frowned, and stole a glance at his hand. His eyes widened at once.

What was happening to him? His skin had gone white and grey, though it some-how appeared to be on fire. Had he touched some poisonous chemical?

He had been distracted.

He cried out in pain as a much bigger man punched him on the left side of his face, sending him falling to the floor. He had to move, he thought. If he didn't he was done for.

He tried to move – too late!

Blood was streaming down his face – he wasn't sure where it was coming from – but he could still faintly make out a leg coming towards his torso. In an instance of terror he reached out and clung to the foot. He only hoped he could soften the impact.

Men screamed.

'What has he done!?'

Dr. Manges took a step back, his face paling by the second. 'That's impossible!'

'He's dangerous!' Delta 55C cried. 'I won't fight any more, I won't!'

The other Cerebrumaves nodded and ran from the room.

'Don't go!' Dr. Manges ordered the guards. 'If you do you're all fired!'

The scientists all took a step closer to the back of the room, and watched on as their guards – created to be fearless – fought the young boy while trembling in terror.

Liart was just as afraid as everyone else, though he couldn't let it show. He didn't know what he had done any more than anyone else in the room, though he couldn't let that show either.

He picked up the broom, and saw that the same thing happened again.

It turned to diamond.

His face hardened, as it suddenly occurred to him what he could do. Doing his best karate spin, he twisted his broom, knocking five men to the ground and coming closer to the guard he had somehow turned into diamond. He hit him.

The man and the broom shattered into a million pieces, embedding its way into everyone and everything within its presence. Liart didn't even blink, he knew he was safe.

He was cased in diamond.

The final shard hit Liart's casing and it too shattered. Finally there was silence, and Liart glanced around the room.

Dr. Manges was still standing.

'Must I kill you?' He asked the man.

Dr. Manges nodded, and pulled out a gun. 'Good luck with that.'

He pulled the trigger, and Liart encased himself in diamond once more. The bullet shattered his case, sending shards everywhere. The doctor ripped the door of its hinges and held it up as a shield, though it came a little late. His face and arms bled, and every movement of his limbs made him cry out in pain.

'You will not destroy this utopia!' He cried – roared. 'I will stop you!'

Liart shook his head. 'I think you'll find it's the other way round.'

'It doesn't matter. Even if I die some-one else will take my place.'

Liart frowned – he knew it was true. But there had to be some way of stopping it all!

Strongh was running, running to a very specific location. He had worked it out. He knew how to stop it all.

Zraiatormma could intervene, but what good would that do? Besides, their assistance would come too late. He needed something instant, something fast.

Liart had told him about the chemicals in the next ward, though at the time Strongh had thought the information useless. Now, though, he thought it was the most useful piece of information he had ever heard.

He ran up four flights of stairs before he heard footsteps behind him.

'That's him!' A voice cried.

It was Delta 55C.

'What if he can turn into diamond too?!' Another voice cried.

Nobody answered this question, which had confused Strongh, but he knew the answer all too well. He could not turn into diamond. And so he ran faster.

It was the fifth flight of stairs – some-one was coming downstairs.

'There he is!'

It was a security guard.

He aimed his gun and Strongh took a deep breath. Then he did what Liart could never do. He jumped, double rolled in the air, and hit the man on his back. The guard began falling down the stairs, so Strongh jumped up and landed beside the next guard. He flipped the man over with expert agility and ducked just in time to avoid a punch from the next. Then, grabbing a gun, he sent a shot off in no particular direction and ran upstairs.

He was a good gunman, and would occasionally send random shots behind him. They never missed their targets, and sent men falling to their knees in writhing pain.

'I can't run!' One shouted into his walkie-talkie. 'He shot my foot – he shot us all!'

Strongh smiled and kept running.

He reached the doctor's office – Liart had been right about its location – and burst into the room.

'Dr. Manges!' One of the men cried. ‘Is everything all right?'

'Don't let any-one in!' Strongh replied, locking himself in another room.

He was safe for now.

He began pulling things out of cupboards and throwing papers around. Where was it!?

There was knocking on the door – no, men were throwing themselves against it.

'I swear it was him!' One was crying. 'I don't know how the boy could possibly be in there!'

Strongh realised that his little trick was not going to hold the guards back, and panicked. He worked faster.

There! It was there, in a small vial. But what was he to do with it? There wasn't very much – he would have to use it sparingly. Looking at his feet he found another vial, about twice the size of the one he was holding. Carefully he poured the chemical into it, filling the other half of the container with water. Hopefully Liart had been right. Hopefully he was right. Hopefully this would work.

The door fell to the floor, and Strongh clumsily finished what he was doing. This was going to be difficult.

'Doctor...!?' One of the men cried, his face filled with confusion. 'Where is the boy?'

'I don't know, just come here.'

The man obediently did so, though fear was in his eyes. Then, quickly, Strongh injected him with the chemical.

He supposed there was a bitter irony in this. He was trying to stop a dictatorship, trying to stop genetic mutation. And how was he doing it? By mutation, of course! He shuddered as the man before him gasped for air.

'What have you done?' Another guard asked.

'It's a... strength booster. It will help you destroy that one who turns into diamond.' Though Strongh was not sure what they had meant by that. Liart couldn't turn into diamond!

The men bought his lie and lined up for the injection.

'The Cerebrumaves too.' Strongh instructed, and the men moved over.

He didn't like watching them all writhing in pain, but he knew it was necessary. And it didn't last long either.

'Right!' He cried as soon as they had calmed down. 'New orders! Genetic mutation is bad, and you have to go and save those boys!'

One of the guards shook his head, as if trying to clear it.

'Did you just... mutate us?'

Strongh didn't know how to answer that question.

'What did you do?'

Strongh wasn't sure how to explain that.

'You... you made an antidote didn't you? You mutated us so that our mutation was gone?'

Strongh nodded.

'So now... we can really decide if we want to help you or not.'

Strongh nodded again.

The guards' faces hardened, and for a minute he was scared. But then they all cried,

'Death to mutation!' And ran out of the room.

Strongh beamed. That had gone far better than he had expected. But now it was time for phase three.

Liart's anger had faded, and tiredness replaced it. To his horror, he realised that the more his anger faded, the weaker his ability to turn to things into diamond became.

Suddenly, in rushed several more guards and all the Cerebrumaves that had ran away to begin with. Liart's spirits sunk, as he realised there was no way he could possibly win.

'Let's finish this.' One of the guards said, and Liart felt ready to cry.

But they did not turn to him. They turned to his enemies.

Liart stood perfectly still, completely dumbfounded. That was when Strongh ran in, carrying a vial filled with a pale green liquid.

'No!' Liart cried immediately. 'You did it?!'

'Yes, I did it, and it worked! Now come on, we have to go fix this problem for good!'


'At father's meeting – how else?'

The boys ran to the government building, no longer pestered by security guards or Cerebrumaves.

Meanwhile, Jaliq was pleading with the receptionist, as he had been doing for the past hour and fifteen minutes.

'Please!' He begged, aware that his time was running out. 'I'm Jaliq Hero, I swear!'

'I'm sorry, but you need to provide your papers to prove that.'

'I already told you – my home's too far away, I can't just get my papers! Besides, I have a T.B. Isn't that good enough? Can't you scan it and check who I am?'

'I've already told you, sir, we do not have the appropriate equipment for that.'

Jaliq groaned and rolled his eyes in frustration.

'Hey, mister!' A voice cried. Jaliq turned around and saw Glesi, puffing and panting, and running like a headless chook.

'Where are the boys!?' He cried, though he feared he knew.

'I don't know!' Glesi replied. 'I've been looking for them for the past hour or so!'

'The past hour!?'

Glesi only nodded in reply.

Jaliq's frustration peaked, and he was just about to yell when the two boys in question came running in.

'I have his papers!' Liart cried, pushing them in the receptionist's face. 'He's Jaliq Hero all right!'

The woman quickly inspected the papers and then sighed.

'I'm sorry sir. You may go in now.'

But Liart had pulled his father round the corner. It was Strongh who smiled pleasantly at the lady and said, 'thank you.'

Liart had a hard time holding his father down, but he kept in mind he only had to pull it off for a couple of minutes. Eventually though, his father broke free and cried, 'what are you doing?!'

Liart looked up at his father apologetically, and the man sighed.

'I'll deal with you later.'

Then he ran over to the door.

'Didn't you just...?' The woman began.

'No!' Jaliq replied, bursting into the room.

What he saw was, indeed, a sight!

Strongh walked out, leaving all the leaders of Cerebrum writhing in pain.

'What did you do!?' Jaliq cried, horrified.

'I'll explain later.' Strongh promised, walking away from his father as he spoke. 'You'd better talk to them, though.'

Jaliq saw the sense in that, and so turned his attention to the many men around the table.

'Men,' he began hurriedly, 'I have to talk to you about genetic mutation...'

He was cut off by the President of Cerebrum.

'Did you just mutate us back to normal?'

Jaliq froze immediately, completely confused.

'You... you did!' The President of Motor cried. 'I can feel it for the first time... real free will – not manipulated in any way by any person alive!'

The men revelled in their joy, while Jaliq stood staring at them in confusion.

'You're right!' The President of Audit shouted, turning to Jaliq. 'We must put an end to genetic manipulation! It will end!'

Jaliq blinked. 'How did you know that I was going to say...?'

'You fixed us!' The President of Nervacia answered. 'What more did you have to do?'

'Thank you.' The President of Cerebrum put in. 'And please, put in a word for us at Zraiatormma. We could use some support to make sure this never happens again, if you please.'

Jaliq only nodded. 'Of course.'

Then, seeing his time was up, he left the room.

Liart and Strongh could tell their plan had worked just by looking at their father's face. Proudly, they high-fived.

'What did you do?' Jaliq asked, his eyes still wide.

'Made an antidote.' Strongh replied. 'That's what we were doing.' The last part was for Glesi.

Jaliq shook his head. 'You should have just stayed home...'

'You could have been killed.' Strongh cut him off. 'You needed us.'

Jaliq was horrified. 'If I could have been killed, then so could you!'

Strongh only laughed. 'Father, do not worry about us. I can make people think I'm some-one I haven't even met, and Liart can turn into diamond!'

Jaliq paled.

'You can what?'

'Liart can...'

'No, not Liart. You.'

Strongh frowned and repeated himself. 'I can make people think I'm some-one I haven't even met.'

Jaliq shuddered, and the blood drained from his face.

'Let's go.' He said, in an attempt to cover up. 'Thank you for your help, but please, next time stay out of things.'

The boys nodded, though all knew it was as good as useless.

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