The Archives of the Heroes: Series One - Foundation.

This is the story of two brothers growing up in our Universe. They manage to find themselves all kinds of trouble and adventures while travelling from galaxy to galaxy with their father.
Or, in some cases, by themselves.


20. Episode Six: The Resolution.


'I'm bored.' Strongh groaned.

'I hate you.' Yulean returned. 'But it doesn't change anything.'

Strongh scowled, and Liart tried to hide his smile.

'How much longer?' Strongh persisted.

Yulean spun around caught the boy by the neck. Then, in low tones, he hissed, 'I can end it now, if you like.'

Liart did not appreciate this bullying and stepped in as boldly as he could.

'Please, kindly stop choking my brother. He may be a pain and an idiot, but he's still a human being.'

Yulean did not flinch.

'Please.' Liart continued. 'If you do I'll cook  another bird.'

This made Yulean relent.

'Alright. Kid, get the bird.'

Strongh growled, but began hunting nevertheless.

Five minutes later, the three were watching the poor creature roast over an open fire. Yulean eyed it hungrily, Liart sympathetically, and Strongh with an air of fear. 

'Liart.' He said at last. 'How do we know that's not a human?'

Liart looked astounded. 'What?'

'Well... the Cerebrumaves didn't look like people.'

'Strongh, they could speak!'

'What if they just got rid of that? And... the bird can make sounds. What if... what if it is a person? What if it just speaks another language? Liart, how can we be sure it's not a person!?'

'Strongh, you have to accept that there are several basic qualities that make up a human being.'

'What are they?'

'For one, there is intricate communication.'

'How do we know the bird doesn't...'

'Strongh! There's also imagination!'

'How do we know the bird doesn't imagine stuff?!'


Strongh stood up determinedly. 'No, Liart. There's no way you can be sure. And so I'm going to be a vegetarian. No way am I risking eating people.'

Liart frowned. 'How do you know vegetables aren't people, Strongh?'

'Because they can't even move.'

'Well, they could have taken that ability away from them.'

'They're completely different, Liart. They make their own food. They bear no resemblance to the original human beings whatsoever.'

'Neither does the bird!'

'I'm vegetarian!'

And so it was settled. Strongh ate various plants while Yulean and Liart ate the bird.

'Don't eat that.' Yulean would occasionally put in. 'It's poisonous.'

Then Strongh would spit it out.

Eventually, the bird was finished, and Yulean stood up. 'Let's keep moving.'

Liart groaned. 'Can't we stay a little longer?'

'No.' Strongh put in, surprising his brother. 'We have to keep moving.'

Liart sighed, but did not argue with his brother.

'Fine.' He muttered, putting out the fire. 'Let's go.'

Yulean smiled triumphantly and lead the way into the jungle.


'It's so hot!'

Jaliq slapped another mosquito. 'Gee, they're big!'


'Stay still, I can see it. It's on your neck.'

'I know that too! It hurts!' Rose killed the insect herself.

'Fine. Don't wait for me to help you.'

'I didn't. Why is it so hot?!'

'Would you stop complaining!?'

'Stop talking to me!'

'You stop talking!'

'Jaliq, leave me alone!'

'You're the one who took me down from the tree!'

'Shut up!'

'I told you to shut up!'

Rose rolled her eyes. She cried out in shock as she nearly slipped into a nearby river., and jumping out of the rapid torrent, Rose decided she would not say anything. She would shut up, just like Jaliq had told her to.

'Are you going to answer me?!' Jaliq cried, and she lost it. She did not reply with words, no, she turned and pushed him into the river. There was a loud splash, followed by a cry of shock. 'That's icy!'

'Well you were hot!' Rose returned.

Jaliq stood in the middle of the river, staring at Rose in horror. She smiled before climbing up a nearby tree, trying to protect herself lest Jaliq should pull her in.

Jaliq shook his wet head and made his way out of the river. 'You think you can just get away with that?'

Rose glared at him. 'You think you can climb up and get me?'

'Of course I can!'

'Yeah, but you won't be able to get back down!'

'I'll push you!'

'Nu-ah! The river's not deep enough – you'd kill me!'

'Looking good!' And he tore up the tree.

Jaliq was angry now, so the height did not bother him. Rose's eyes widened in horror, and she scrambled further up the tree. But Jaliq had caught her, and pulled her back. Screaming, she clung tighter onto the branch.

'I'm sorry!' She cried. 'But you're so annoying! I should have left you in the tree!'

'I'm annoying?!' Jaliq cried, letting go. Rose instantly scrambled up onto the next branch. 'What about you!?' He sighed. 'How did I not realise this earlier?'

Rose chuckled. 'You did – remember?'

Jaliq frowned, and thought hard for a minute. 'Yes, actually, I do. But you were never this annoying.'

Looking back up to face Rose, he realised she was no longer there. There was laughter from below, and he saw the woman on the ground.

'How'd you do that?' He asked.

Rose beamed. 'Talent.'

Jaliq shuddered, and slowly made his way back down to earth.

'We need to keep moving.' He pointed out. 'We can't keep wasting time like this.'

Rose nodded as Jaliq began to lead the way. She waited for him to pass, which was a mistake on her part.

With his left hand he pushed her into the river.


It was dark, but Yulean insisted that they keep on moving.

'There's no-where safe to stay.' He told them. 'We have to keep going.'

Liart felt like he was about to cry. 'But I'm so tired!'

Strongh was tired too, but he took pity on his little brother.

'Here,' he offered, bending down. Liart quickly caught on, and tiredly wrapped his arms around his brother's neck and his legs around his waist. Then, with a little difficulty (due to the fact that Liart was actually as tall as he was) Strongh stood back up and began walking.

Liart was asleep within minutes, and all was silent (with the exception of the occasional growl from predators). Finally, Yulean spoke.

'You're a good brother, Strongh.'

Strongh chuckled. 'Thanks, but I'm not.'

'Yes you are. I should know.'

'Why? Wait, let me guess: you're fantastic.'

Yulean shook his head. 'My brother was.'

Everything seemed to stop all at once. Even Strongh could tell that.

'What happened?'

Yulean shrugged. 'He was killed by the monkeys. I wasn't. End of story.'

'He saved your life?'

Yulean nodded.

Then they walked on in silence.


Jaliq opened his eyes, but it was dark. Still, he could hear something. Something disturbing.

It was funny, he thought , how the eyes glanced around despite the fact that they couldn't see anything. But then, they could. His eyes could make out other eyes. Not two eyes – hundreds.

He froze, his heart rate increasing. He had to get out. He knew enough about animals to know that they were predators – and he was the prey.


Rose was about two metres away, in the nearest tree. He had to get her.

He sat up slowly. How was he going to get across to her? How was he going to wake her up? He didn't even have a weapon!

He shifted slowly. He was low down in his tree, but the branches – high up – extended over to hers – also high up. If he could just climb up, he could make his way over to her without even touching the ground. But if he fell – he was dead in more ways than one.

He took a deep breath and began moving. He was silent, so  silent that he was proud of himself. Soon he had made it to Rose's tree. Now all he had to do was make his way down.

It took him a lot longer to make it next to her, but when he did, he was surprised to find she was awake. She was just sitting there, frozen in fear.

'Rose?' He whispered.

She nodded.

'Rose, we have to move up.'

She shook her head. 'They can climb, Jaliq. They're like squirrels.'

Jaliq froze. If that were true, he could have just been killed.

'What do we do?' He asked. 'What are they?'

'They're monkeys.'

Jaliq was astounded. 'Monkeys?'

Rose nodded again. 'Jaliq, we are so dead.'

'B...but... are they at least scared of fire?'

Rose shook her head.

'Didn't you bring any weapons?'

'I brought a dagger and a spear.'

'That's got to be better than nothing.'

'Yeah, but it's on that branch.'

Jaliq turned to where she motioned, and saw that it was less than a metre away from about ten monkeys.

'Ah.' He muttered. 'So we are dead.'

He sighed.

He could use the science again. But what if they ended up in a worse spot? There were bridges around – he could feel them. But – once again – he didn't know where they went. What if he led them right into the thick of the predators?

'Can you do it?' Rose whispered.

Jaliq was surprised. 'You remember?'

She laughed a little. 'Of course I remember. Who else do I know that can use the science of Astronomiae Pontes? But it's dangerous, isn't it? You can't tell where you're going.'

Jaliq instantly put his guard up. 'It's not my fault. I wasn't taught how.'

Rose smiled gently, not that Jaliq could really see that. 'I wasn't saying it was.'

All was quiet for a while, before Jaliq finally decided what he should do.

'Stay here, alright?'

Rose suddenly became very rigid. 'Where are you going?'

'Nowhere, don't worry.'

'Jaliq, I know you too well to believe that.'

'Then you know you should stay put.'

And he bolted.

The monkeys hissed, and tore after him in an instant. Rose froze in complete terror and shock. Jaliq's heart rate increased rapidly, adrenaline coursing through his veins. He ran faster than he'd ever run before, hoping beyond hope that he'd survive.

But he honestly didn't expect to.

He briefly wondered why he was doing this. That actually made him laugh, the answer was so obvious.

He wasn't sure if the monkeys could swim, but he was heading towards the river. It was only about ten minutes away  - if he could just get there.

Rose was completely frozen in horror, wanting to do something but convinced she could only make matters worse. And so, in compensation, she dared not breathe.

The monkeys came closer, Jaliq could feel them breathing on him. Then, suddenly, pain shot through his shoulder. Crying out in pain, he turned to see one of the beasts was on his shoulder, digging its claws in for security.

That was it, the river was too far away. He was done for, unless...

He jumped, hoping beyond hope that he would make it. He was falling, falling.... and he landed.

There was a loud splash! as he fell into the river. The current was strong, he didn't know which way was up any more. The monkey on his shoulder  began running over him frantically, tearing his body in search for air. Well, there was his answer – monkeys did not like water.

He was being swept away, held under water by an invisible force that he could not control and had no hope of fighting. He was running out of air, and the monkey was too. Finally, after scratching the side of his head, the creature went limp. Then he felt nothing. It must have been swept away. He didn't have much longer.

Suddenly, a sharp, solid pain went searing through the entire front of his body – he had crashed into something. With the last bit of sense he had, he used up the rest of his oxygen thrashing about, desperately trying to find the surface.

But something found him, and was pulling him out of water. He hoped it wasn't Jasper or one of his men, but at the same time he was flooded by relief at the prospect of not drowning.

It was Rose.

At first he was thrilled, until he remembered a horrible truth: Rose could not swim. And she would never have been stupid enough to jump in after him, which meant that she had been pushed in by a monkey. Which meant neither of them was safe.

Jaliq began struggling even more desperately, trying to save Rose, fend of the ferral monkey, and rise above the water. His lungs were filling with water, he could feel the liquid – which he depended on for life – slowly killing him. He had to get out. He had to.

The current tore along, and he with it, Rose still on his back, and the monkey too. But, after a few more endless seconds, Jaliq discovered the only benefit of the domineering current, as  it washed away the monkey.

They were rolled in spirals, circles, somersaulting endlessly, coursing into rocks and branches. Jaliq quickly pushed himself away from one particularly huge boulder and tried to do the same for Rose, but was not successful. Even underwater he could tell she'd hit the obstacle hard. Opening his eyes a little, he could faintly make out blood dispersing through the water. A horrible thought crossed his mind, several horrible thoughts really. He hoped Rose wasn't dead. If she were, he'd practically killed her. And as for his other horrible thought, Jaliq could only hope there were no animals in this river.

There was a wave, and Jaliq was washed in a direction – he couldn't even tell which way any more. Rose clung tightly to him, but he almost wished she would let go. They didn't need to both die.

Suddenly, the constant sound of churning waves in his ears disappeared. Water began running down his face, and air began filling his lungs. For seconds he was paralysed in confusion. Then he realised what was going on.

Jaliq scrambled onto the river bed and began pulling Rose up to him. She was unconscious, just as he'd expected, but still alive, as he had hoped. He sighed in relief, but did not relax yet. He had to make sure Rose would revive.

He checked her pulse – it was steady. And her breathing was natural too. Rolling her onto her side for good measure, Jaliq shivered and collapsed in exhaustion.


Strongh jumped, waking up to the sound of a loud shriek. 'What was that?!' He cried, waking Yulean up.

'It's just a bird!' The man roared angrily. 'Go back to sleep.'

Strongh frowned, and looked up at the sun. 'Um... Yulean? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it about three o'clock?'

Yulean was definitely awake now. 'What?' He cried. 'It can't be! I'd never let us sleep that long! This was meant to be a five minute break!'

'Well it wasn't, and you did let us sleep longer.' Strongh retorted, waking Liart up gently. 'So we should get a move on.'

'We shouldn't.' Liart moaned as he woke up. 'It looks like rain.'

Strongh glanced at Yulean, who nodded hesitantly. 'He's right. So we should move quickly to find better shelter than this marsh.'

Liart groaned at what he'd caused, and tiredly climbed to his feet. Looking up at the sky as he stretched, his eyes widened, half in horror, half in hope.

'Strongh!' he cried. 'There's smoke!'

Strongh instantly panicked. 'A fire!' He cried. 'We have to find water!'

'Yes,' Yulean agreed, 'better than this marsh.'

'No!' Liart sighed, sounding more tired and impatient than usual. 'It means the village is just over there.'

Strongh and Yulean paused embarrassedly. 'Are you sure?' Strongh finally asked.

'Yes.' Liart continued. 'And if that planet up there means anything, I'm going to suggest we've walked around in circles.' He glanced at Yulean, but said nothing further. 'Let's go.'

Yulean scowled, pushed his way to the front, and lead the way quickly. Strongh said nothing, and Liart kindly did not rub things in.

After about half-an-hour, Strongh finally said, 'you know, Liart... you're kind of smart.'

Liart only shrugged. 'Fat lot of good it does me. You're not even my friend.'

Strongh rolled his eyes. 'I'm your brother, Liart. And that's even better.'

'Still not a friend.'

Strongh's temper was easily lit, and he frustratedly cried. 'Fine! We're friends! Are you happy now?'

Liart smiled – not happily, but proudly, as if he'd planned every minute running up to that declaration. 'Yes.'

Strongh rolled his eyes, and hurried after Yulean. 'Dude, I'm joining you.'

'Dude?' Yulean repeated.

'Stupid Earth-slang.' Liart explained, and Strongh glared at him.

'It's not stupid. It's very expressive.'

'It doesn't express anything but stupidity.'

'Hey! It does not! Liart, when we get home, I'm...'

Liart suddenly cut him off. 'Home...'

Yulean frowned. 'My planet. Are you trying to say something?'

'Home!' Liart repeated himself, this time yelling. 'Strongh! Mrs. Jure said she was from Home!'

Strongh scoffed. 'She doesn't look like a Home...ian.'

Liart ignored his bad grammar and cried, 'Strongh! Don't you see? This means she was lying to us!'

'Couldn't she just be confused? Maybe she just doesn't look like a person from Home... or something. I'm sure she wasn't lying. Why would she lie?'

Liart gulped. 'Strongh... remember? She was told she might have amnesia... but she said she didn't.'

'You think she's lying to herself? Goodness, Liart, if she were going to lie about something, why would she pick here of all places?!' Then, hurriedly turning to Yulean, he added, 'no offence.'

Yulean scowled, but said nothing in return.

Then he screamed.

Reaching backwards, he tried to pull on Liart for support, but Liart was simply not strong enough. He held onto Yulean and they both went falling forwards.

'Strongh!' Liart cried, and his brother stopped walking.

Looking at the ground, Strongh saw nothing other than a rather big mud puddle. Frowning, he rolled his eyes. 'Guys, it's just mud.'

'It's quicksand!' Liart objected. 'Yulean, stop wriggling.'

Yulean was in a panic. 'No!' He cried. 'We have to get out! We have to get out!'

'Stop!' Liart screamed. 'You're going to kill us both!'

'No!' Was all that Yulean would say in reply. His eyes were wide in terror, and Liart could tell he wasn't going to get anywhere.

'Slap him!' Strongh offered. 'Slap him while I find a stick!'


'Slap him!'

Liart hesitated, and then slapped Yulean across the face. 'Stop it!'

Yulean fell silent in shock, and Strongh whooped in congratulations. 'Good job, Liart!'

Liart beamed. 'That was kind of fun, actually.'

Strongh laughed. 'Okay, stay still, both of you.'

'Argghhhh!' Yulean screamed again, this time at the top of his lungs in terror.

'Could you shut him up too?' Strongh asked, but Liart made no reply. He sighed. 'Please don't tell me the situation gets worse.'

'Oh it does.' Was all Liart managed to mutter. Then, looking  up his brother in terror, he sunk further into the quicksand.

Yulean, a little way away from him, was up to his neck, and screamed, 'see?! I told you! These are the weevils!'

'Weevils are beetles!' Strongh objected, trying saw a long, sturdy looking branch of a tree with a blunt knife.

'Yes!' Yulean agreed. 'But they eat humans!'

'Oh!' Strongh cried. 'Next you'll be telling me that piranhas are like goldfish!'

'Don't be silly!' Yulean retorted, struggling madly. 'Piranhas are nothing like goldfish! They eat you alive!'

'Exactly!' Strongh replied.

'The piranhas or the goldfish?' Liart asked boredly, and Strongh thought that was a stupid question.

'The goldfish of course!' Yulean screamed, and Strongh momentarily froze in shock. 'I have a pet piranha – cute they are. Not like these carnivorous weevils!'

'Hurry up, Strongh!' Liart pleaded. 'They're pulling us down!'

'I'm going as fast as I can!' Strongh replied, sawing even faster than before.

Liart screamed, as the weevil pulled him down to his neck, and Strongh felt a surge of adrenaline like never before. Yulean didn't help, as he continuously screamed things like, 'we're all going to die! The weevils will prevail! We're doomed! DOOMED!!!'

'Shut up!' Strongh finally screamed, unable to cope with the enormous pressure. 'I'm trying, okay?!'

Yulean frowned. 'Brat!' He screamed. Then he was pulled under.

'Yulean!' Liart exclaimed, feeling around the quick-sand for the guide. 'Don't die! Please! That would be scary!'

'Stop struggling!' Strongh warned. 'I don't need you to go under too!'

Finally, the branch came free, and Strongh thrust it towards Liart. He sighed when the boy cried out in pain and nearly fell unconscious.

'Sorry. Now hold on!'

Liart shook his head in an attempt to wake up, and clung on to the branch with all his might. Then, in a upsurge of energy that brought him strength he didn’t' know he had, Strongh pulled his little brother out of the quick-sand.

Liart collapsed exhaustedly on the ground and finally fell unconscious. Strongh felt a little bad about this, but turned his attention towards the quick-sand, where Yulean still was. Thrusting the stick into the deadly mud, he slowly began to swish it around. Suddenly, a force pulled down on the end, and he nearly fell into the quick-sand. He rolled his eyes, annoyed that he would have to rescue some-one so annoying (and heavy too), but kindly began pulling up on the branch anyway. He hoped Yulean was trying his best to climb up the stick, or otherwise this process was going to take a long time.

'Hurry up!' A voice screamed, and Strongh frowned.

'Is that all you can say!?' He screamed . 'I may as well drop you back in!'

'That would be murder! Get me out!'

Strongh sighed, and gave one last heave. He fell to the ground, screaming as the stick scraped his back, and Yulean screamed too. But he was safe.

The man scrambled away from the side of the quick-sand and convulsed beside a tree. His legs proved his point about the man-eating weevils, and were bleeding profusely. It made Strongh feel a little sick, actually.

'Stop throwing yourself around!' Strongh cried botheredly. 'You're safe now. Unless, of course, the weevils come out of their home...'

Yulean immediately began screaming, and pointing back at the quick-sand.

'I was joking!' Strongh shot back, when he heard a slow, high-pitched sound. Turning around, he came face to face with the ugliest, biggest, most wicked looking beetles he had ever seen. He screamed then. 'I'm not joking!' He shouted, probably making things worse for Yulean. 'I have to kill them!'

'They can live without their heads!' Yulean shouted, as the weevil-pincers began slashing excitedly.

Strongh pulled Liart a little closer to him and glared at them as if that would make a difference. 'Die.' He said, hoping maybe he had the power to kill things with looks. 'Die!' He repeated again, though he knew it wouldn't work.

'Poor effort, kid. If you want to kill something with looks, you've got to do it right. First thing to keep in mind is what nationality you are.'

Strongh frowned. 'I'm Zraitorrmaein.'

'Then step aside.'

Wait. That wasn't Yulean's voice. That wasn't even a man!

There was a terrible shriek, and the weevils began to shrivel up. Within seconds, they lay dead on the banks of the quick-sand bog. Strongh instantly perked up.

'Cool!' Then he looked up. 'Who are you?'

Rose smiled back at him. 'Rose Eye, as you should well know.'

Now he was scared. 'Rose! You can kill things by looking at them?'

'Yes.' Another voice said. 'Which is why I'm lucky to be alive.'

'Daddy!' Strongh cried, rushing towards his father exhaustedly. As he threw his arms around the man's legs, he realised just how tired and scared he was. 'You came for us.'

Jaliq smiled warmly. 'Of course I did.'

'Yeah,' Rose admitted, 'but he was pretty lame. He got stuck up in a tree. I had to save him. Actually, this is the second time I've saved people's lives in the past couple o' days.'

'Hey, I saved yours.' Jaliq replied, though he didn't look particularly upset. Rose only smiled back at him.

Liart woke up with a groan. Then, seeing Yulean, he sighed in relief. 'I thought you died.'

'I bet you were hoping.' The man muttered.

'No actually. Like I said, it would be scary. Besides... you're pretty cool in a really annoying way.'

'Liart!' Strongh cried excitedly. 'Daddy and Rose are here! Rose killed the weevils by looking at them.'

'Sweet as!' Liart replied, using Earth-slang for once. Then he ran and hugged his father. 'I hate this planet.'

Jaliq laughed. 'So do I.'

Liart smiled before turning back to Strongh, though he still clung tightly to his father's body. 'It still looks like rain, by the by.' 

Yulean groaned. 'There's probably no shelter for miles! We're all going to die anyway!'

'Sounds like a plan.' Rose said, so convincingly, that Yulean thought she was serious.

'A bad one!' He retorted. Then he realised she was only joking and curled up in shame.

'I might be able to take us some-where.' Jaliq offered, though he didn't look particularly eager. 'I can use...' he shyly glanced at Liart before deliberately avoiding eye-contact with him. '… the science of Astronomiae Pontes.'

'Hey!' Strongh objected, pleasing Liart. 'You told us that was too evil to learn!'

'It's not great, okay? But I can use it now, if we all hold hands.'

'Sound cult-ish.' Yulean mused, but he held Jaliq's hand anyway. Liart timidly slipped his hand in Yulean's and smiled, while Strongh held Jaliq and Rose's hands.

'So where are we going?' Strongh asked.

Jaliq shrugged. 'Hopefully some-where safe.'

'Wait... what?' Yulean barely muttered before they were all taken away.

They woke up next to a high, wooden wall. Yulean smiled instantly.


'On Home.' Strongh teased.

Yulean only rolled his eyes and walked into his village. 'You are hardly worth the reward I will receive for saving  you.'

'Do I get a reward for saving you?'

'You get to leave!'

Strongh supposed that was more than enough. 

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