Change Isn't Bad...Right? (Sequel posted)

Elena and Niall were long time friends who reconnected after Niall finished the X-Factor. She had gone to live with Niall's sister Carmen for the summer. Over the summer Elena finds love, pain, sadness, four new friends, a boy and a couple surprises.

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13. Morning After: Niall

Lou was in the kitchen eating some left over pasta from the other night at Harry's party. Lena was reaching up on the counter to grab a bowl with her normal long tee shirt, but unlike the other times she'd worn it now as she reached to the top of the pantries the bottom of her butt and some of her black lace underwear was showing. I need to sit down, "Hey guys, what's for breakfast?" Lena stepped down quickly, "Whatever you lazy boys make yourself" she joked with us. I don't know what you say to someone after a night like we had even more so when it could have been a dream... I'll wing it, or ask Lou he is always good with these things.

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