Change Isn't Bad...Right? (Sequel posted)

Elena and Niall were long time friends who reconnected after Niall finished the X-Factor. She had gone to live with Niall's sister Carmen for the summer. Over the summer Elena finds love, pain, sadness, four new friends, a boy and a couple surprises.

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14. Morning After: Lena

*NOTE: this is before Naill is awake*

"What do I do? What do I say? This isn't something where you could be like 'hey I slept with you last night but neither of us remember it' it doesn't work like that, does it?" I was freaking out; I screwed up, big time.

My best friend's brother. Really Lena? Really?

"You will work something out. You always do. But maybe he will say something to you. You never know. Maybe he has grown some balls in the past 24 hours with you. As much as I love you I don't want to hear any gross yucky details. He might tell me anyway" I could tell he was trying to help, but I wasn't in the mood, so I turned around to find a bowl for some cereal to eat, and asked Lou how his night with his girlfriend was. He told me that the boys have gotten used to him and his girlfriend having sleepovers so he didn't have to do the walk of shame the next morning like I had done earlier, but he kept talking anyway. Naill walked in and asked about breakfast, I wasn't about to make some food for any of them. Just as I started walking away Zayn walked out of Carmen's room with his hair all messed up and sleepy eyes giving us the 'don't say anything or I might just have to kill you' look. Oh on a side note the only thing he was wearing was his pants. I think that was the most awkward thing I've seen in a while. Car walked in rubbing her eyes, she was wearing Zayn's shirt from last night, her hair had been quickly pulled into a messy bun, and a smile had been plastered to her face. No one looked up in fear that she might take it the wrong way and bit our heads off. "So guys what are we eating today?" She asked.

"I know what you've been eating," Naill was making fun of his sister and breaking the awkward silence that followed her every move. She just shrugged. Nothing seemed to be affecting her mood this morning. 

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