Change Isn't Bad...Right? (Sequel posted)

Elena and Niall were long time friends who reconnected after Niall finished the X-Factor. She had gone to live with Niall's sister Carmen for the summer. Over the summer Elena finds love, pain, sadness, four new friends, a boy and a couple surprises.

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15. Maybe I Should Talk to her...

I need to talk to her. But I don't know what to say, I've never had to have a conversation like this before. Oh god this is going to be embarrassing... For both of us. Lou told me I should suck it up and go and talk to her and lord knows I won't talk to the other guys about it because all they are going to say is "oh man! Your little sister's best friend?!" Or "Damn nice job" that kind of thing but somehow Lou always knows the answer to a problem I'm having. It's almost as if he was there, like he knew both sides of the story. But I know he doesn't, I mean him and Lena have become good friends but girls don't really talk to guys about this stuff do they? 

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