Change Isn't Bad...Right? (Sequel posted)

Elena and Niall were long time friends who reconnected after Niall finished the X-Factor. She had gone to live with Niall's sister Carmen for the summer. Over the summer Elena finds love, pain, sadness, four new friends, a boy and a couple surprises.

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29. Happiness isn't all it's cracked up to be (PART 1)


I was happy with Harry, everything was going great these past few months. I don't even think we've fought very much. Everything is safe and he is always kind. But he is getting more and more stressed, about work and tours. So I  stay out of his way a lot of the time. But now we are screaming. I don't even remember what we are fighting for. But he is yelling so loudly and getting so close to me, I am afraid of him.

Lena looked like she had been crying when she knocked on my door. Zyan was in the shower and I was cleaning up from dinner. "Lena?" I asked, it was poring outside and she was wearing a black skater skirt and a tight fitting v-neck shirt, "What's wrong? Please come in" she ran at me pulling me into a hug. "Where is Zyan?" she looked around sniffling. 
"He is upstairs showering, what's wrong sweetie?" I let go of her looking at her, my eyes searching for some tell tail sign of what had happened..
"Me and Harry fought for the first time... I mean really fought, he was just so  stressed and angry... I had to get out of-" she was cut off by Zyan yelling from the bathroom, "Babe! Come on! I thought you were joining me". Lena looked at me, and I smiled sheepishly. "I'm just going to go" Lena said getting up quickly, "I'll swing by sometime tomorrow" she was out of the door before I could say anything to get her to stay

Lena opened my front door running into my arms and hiding her face in my shoulder, "Lena?... Lena what's wrong?" she was shaking and crying. Her breathing was uneven and choppy. "He... Harry.... We fought... He ht me" she couldn't make out the words, she was gasping for air. My fists closed and my jaw tightened. I don't get it, I know he has been stressed lately and he doesn't deal with stress in the best way, but to take it out of Lena is just uncalled for, she would never hurt a fly... "Shh baby shhh" I rocked back and forth slowly with her repeating these words. She sank down to the ground, taking me with her. I saw now the red on the left side of her face wasn't the same as the pink on the right side. Her wrists had slight raspberry marks, almost like a hand had gripped it too hard. If I wasn't holding her and rocking her back & forth I don't think I would be here right now, I'd probably be halfway down to their house right now to hit him.  "Hey, babe sit down over here I'll get you some clothes and tea. Okay? Just stay here" I pulled her up into a standing position, with one of my hands still around her waist. She sat down on the big red couch that sat in front of my television. I pulled my green, white and orange fuzzy blanket around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head. Before I ran into my room and grabbing her favorite shirt that I have. I also grabbed a pair of shorts in case she needed them. 


I was standing in Niall's bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. He had a shirt made a couple years back at a fair that came into town every year, I was with him and his family when he bought it. It had the words 'Super Nialler' on it written in green, white and orange bubble letters. The shirt was still long on me. I didn't put on the shorts he gave to me, I was wearing spandex shorts under the skirt I had been wearing earlier. Walking out of the bathroom I looked over at Niall who had stood up when he heard the door open. He was studying me quietly, I made him blush when he made eye contact with me meeting my eyes. I turned so my left side was facing him and pulled up the shirt by my hip a little bit showing a small bit of my shorts, and laughing when his face became red like a cherry tomato. I threw my clothes into the open door of his laundry room and quickly skipped back into the living room. I wasn't happy, but I wasn't about to start crying again. 

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