Change Isn't Bad...Right? (Sequel posted)

Elena and Niall were long time friends who reconnected after Niall finished the X-Factor. She had gone to live with Niall's sister Carmen for the summer. Over the summer Elena finds love, pain, sadness, four new friends, a boy and a couple surprises.

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27. Coffee and awkward conversations

~Lena's POV~

I woke up to Niall's snoring and Harry lightly shaking me telling me that we were home. But I wasn't home, I was at their flat. Louis and Liam we unloading the car, Zyan and Carmen were inside unpacking all of the food. "Shouldn't we wake Niall up?" I asked looking back at him sleeping peacefully, he looked like a cute little boy. "He needs this, he never woke me up last night, we switched once after you fell asleep, but he never woke me up again. You know Niall, when he wakes up he will realize that he is hungry and come running inside, don't worry about him babe" he smiled down at me pulling me out of the car and into his arms wrapping me in a hug, "We have to go unpack" he kissed my forehead before grabbing the blanket I was wrapped in and opening the trunk to get our bags. 



~Harry's POV~

Everyone was sleeping, well everyone but me and Elena, we were watching some movie that I wasn't really paying attention to. I was just trying to distract Lena. I started kissing her neck and slipped my hands under her shirt and around her waist. She let out a small moan as I moved closer the her biting her neck. If I hadn't been focused on her I never would have noticed, but I smirked and started to kiss her again. "Harry stop" she giggled. Lust quickly filled my eyes as I pulled her shirt off  and began kissing her shoulders, her nails dug into my back slightly, "Babe we should maybe go to my room" I whispered trailing off quickly, she distracted me again as she ran her fingers down my sides taking off my jeans. I kicked them off onto the floor. We needed to get upstairs. She moved her hands down again feeling my hard-on and giggling. I pulled off her pants slipping them onto the ground. 

~Lena's POV~

The next morning I was cuddled up in Harry's arms. I shifted my weight so I could be under more covers, he wrapped his arms tightly around my waist. Last night was amazing, but I needed some coffee to wake myself up. I didn't think anyone was up yet because they was no noise and I could hear Zyan snoring from the other room, or maybe it was Niall, with those two you never know. I slipped on my undies and bra walking towards the kitchen where Liam sat on the stool by the big table in front of the window. He heard my footsteps and quickly turned to look at me eyes widening in surprise, "good morninggg Lena". I ran back to living room as I pulled Harry's shirt on from last night. I was back in the kitchen grabbing a mug off of the top shelf, "good morninggg Liam" I imitated his voice as I grabbed the coffee pot poring it into the mug. "Shirts are over rated you know" Harry said stepping into the kitchen wearing only his sweats and winking at me. I rolled my eyes and laughed at him. I started walking towards the couch again, but I playfully bumped into Liam's chair causing Harry's shirt to lift a little "Sorry Liam" I giggled walking to Harry again and kissing him on the cheek. "No no problem Lena" Liam said his voice shaking a bit. Harry quickly pinched me on the butt before I was out of arms reach. I turned around blushing and shaking my finger at him "No no Mr. Styles" I laughed to myself leaving Liam in an awkward talk with Harry. 

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