Change Isn't Bad...Right? (Sequel posted)

Elena and Niall were long time friends who reconnected after Niall finished the X-Factor. She had gone to live with Niall's sister Carmen for the summer. Over the summer Elena finds love, pain, sadness, four new friends, a boy and a couple surprises.

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28. Catch me if you can

~Lena's POV~

I'd been staying at Harry's house the past couple of nights, which really wasn't good because neither of us got anything done. "Styles you gotta stop this, I don't think we have done dishes in the past few weeks" I started laughing and he stopped kissing my neck. "You're right love, but I know something even more fun we can do" I pushed his away from me as his smile faded. I got up and pulled on one of his button-up shirts, just as I had finished buttoning it up he walked over to me and grabbed my waist from behind. "You look good in my clothes did you know that? I mean you look good in anything, but right now I think you'd look better with nothing on" the shirt fell, but was being held up by my elbows. "Harry, you need to control yourself" I sighed and quickly ran away from him and fled into the kitchen. He walked in smiling as he saw me look over at him in his boxers and blushing. Then he started laughing at me as I realized he saw me and started fumbling with this buttons, "Let me help you" he said sweetly, "I've had more practice" I laughed at him. He started to clean the dishes that covered the sink and some of the counter. I picked up blankets and pillows from the living room putting them into the laundry and starting a load. Then I walked around his house picking up trash, empty bottles and food containers because we were both too lazy to cook most the time. 

~Harry's POV~
She left me alone in the kitchen for a few minutes. But when she came back in she was holding all of our trash from the past few nights. "We really need to eat home cooked meals sometimes, so Miss Styles get cooking. After all you are the women in this relationship" she giggled in between the last few words. "Oh I am the women now? Hmm is that so?" I said pulling out the faucet that could be used to spay things with. Turning on the water to something hot, I sprayed it at her causing her to jump and scream running to the other side of the counter and ducking down so I couldn't see her. I heard a bump on the counter and her say 'ouch' I dropped the spray thingy and ran over to her. But when I got there she wasn't anywhere in sight. I got up quickly bumping my shoulder on the counter right as she sprayed me with freezing cold water, "Got you!" she screamed running away from the kitchen and down the hall to my room I was almost within arms length of her, but then she closed the door lightly causing me to stop and look into the room through the little part of the door that still stayed open. She slid off the wet shirt and went to her drawer that was the first in my big dresser pulling out one of her pink lace bras and a matching pair of undies. Taking off her wet bra and undies quickly she slipped the others on looking at herself in my mirror. I opened the door and walked in, "You know those are just going to come off anyway so whats the point?" a small smile formed at the corners of my mouth. She shook her head, slowly walking towards me and throwing her arms around my neck, "You try that once and you will never be able to touch me again" she kissed me deeply, biting my bottom lip before I had time to respond. She was just kidding... Right? She had to be joking....But I wasn't going to try anything in fear that she might be serious for once.  

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