Dark Ed

When Savannah gets out of a BBQ joint with her best friends, she gets into a very unexpected encounter. she feels safe with her savior, but she is scared out of her mind to be in his presence. She knows two sides but does everyone else?


3. Since When?

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*key note. Each chapter I will also have a "mood setter song" and this one is Too Beautiful by He is We.

-Tabby xx




Savannah's POV

So, let me get this straight.

My bestfriend's crazy, fucked up in the head, ex boyfriend is after me.

Because she wouldn't break up with Niall and snog him?

Okay, what?

  I looked up at her once tear filled eyes that were now drying some.  I could tell she was devastated and confused just as much as I was.

"You want to crash here tonight?" she said at my expressionless face. I slowly nodded. Thank goodness it was a Friday night. Which meant no lectures, which was good because of the fact that it was 4 AM.

"We really need some sleep." I stretched, yawing tiredly. I'm not sure but Tabby's presence helps me relax.

"Okay hun. You want some tea?" as great as that sounded, I was to tired to even think about drinking anything.

"No, but thanks." I said. In reply she nodded and turned off the light.


The morning light pierced my eyelids. Shone through Tabby's dorm blinds like a blinding light. I was calm until memories of last night came flooding into my head. His voice echoed through my head like a horrible ere annoyance. Kind of like nails on a chalkboard.

I curled into a ball and started to cry. If it wasn't for that guy.... I just don't even know. Who was he anyways? Tabby might know, she knows practically everybody here. Not only because she was just so outgoing, she's dating the most popular guy in school. Speaking of Tabby, where is she?

I got up to look for her, she wasn't in the bathroom. I was walking to the dorm door to leave, when I passed Tabby's mirror that hung by her door, I noticed the giant bruise across my cheek. I sighed at how I looked, makeup everywhere along with my hair, bruised face and wrists, and no glimmer of happiness that is usually there. There was no way I could go out like this. Picking up my phone, I decided to give Tabby a ring.

"Hey, how ya doin? sorry you can't get through. leave ya name and your number. and We'll get back to you!" her voicemail played. Little Mix's How ya doin. We recorded that in 8th grade at a sleepover one night. I still can't believe she still had it.

"Hey, its savannah. Just wondering where your at. You just kinda disappeared this morning. Ring me back. Bye love" I said. and with that I hung up the phone. I might as well go look for her.

I made my way to the bathroom. As soon as I got in there, I washed my face being really careful around my bruise. Every light touch was like jabbing a sharp blade deep into me. I winched of every brush.

After the long, hard process of washing the dried up, ran down mascara, I threw my hair up and fixed my clothes. The bruise had to be covered. I had to stay in the shadows, and walking around with a hug bruise on my face wasn't really going to help any. I grabbed Tabby's foundation and powders and carefully applied it to my skin. Surprisingly it covered pretty decent, you couldn't tell from afar.

On the way out, I grabbed a jacket I found on the rack, to cover the bruises on my wrists. I started towards the cafeteria, stopping every now and then to look at every by passer. Flashbacks of reality TV shows I used to watch. About how these kids went through traumatizing events and were paranoid to the world. I never understood fully until now.  It was almost as if every person that passed by was Chad. That name is a horrid name to even think about. It kept going through my head. Chad....Chad....Chad.... Please make it stop! I yelled at myself.

Tears stung at the waterline of my eyelids. No. I will not cry. I will not show him that he is better than me. Be strong Savannah.

I arrived into the Cafeteria in my search for Tabby. I was skimming through tables and booths that sat in perfectly aligned columns and rows. The world seemed so big to me right now.

I skimmed over the last row when I saw two familiar heads of blonde hair. Tabby and Niall. Thank goodness. I practically ran towards them.

"I called you!" I shouted at Tabby who looked at me dumbfounded. She pulled out her phone and looked at me with sorrow filled eyes.

"I'm sorry, I left it one silent. Please sit. Join us." she said smiling. I tried to pull a alight smile, but it didn't quite make it that far. I sat next to Her and looked at Niall. His eyes bright with blue and a smile showing off his teeth.

"Hey, you got your braces off." I noticed. He smiled at me and laughed.

"Yep! about time!" I managed to pull a smile. Niall was always good at brightening anyone's mood.

We sat and Tabby bought me food and root beer. I hated coffee, with everything in me. After eating and Niall cracking some of his "master" jokes, I was feeling better. It really got my mind off of what had happened last night.

"Mani, Pedi's today aye?" Tabby said smiling devishly at me. That actually sounded great. Girls day.

"What about me?!?!" Niall said fake crying.

"we can get pink painted on you, It'll bring out your eyes." Tabby winked at him. We all laughed.

"I understand girls day!" Him and Tabby talked for a minute but I completely zoned out when I saw someone in a varsity jacket for our school, with blue eyes and ginger, red hair. He goes to our school? Since when?





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