Dark Ed

When Savannah gets out of a BBQ joint with her best friends, she gets into a very unexpected encounter. she feels safe with her savior, but she is scared out of her mind to be in his presence. She knows two sides but does everyone else?


2. Mystery Man

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Savannah's POV

I kept my eyes shut. Afraid of what might be revealed behind my dark, closed eyelids. I wanted so badly just to scream. I was to afraid to though. 

"It's going to be okay princess." He cooed in my ear. It was whispered it in a very low manner. 

Once he finally got me in a place we could be alone, he let my mouth go. He grabbed my wrists and forced me against the wall. His body pressed to mine. 

"I know you want me, Princess." 

Why the fuck does he keep calling me that?! I looked into his green eyes that were slightly covered my his long, jet black hair. 

"I'm not your FUCKING princess!" I snapped at him. That's when I felt a hand sting me dead across my face.  

"Don't speak bitch! You will be my servant. I'm taking you far away from here. You won't say anything to anyone. Got it?" 

Those words put the worst fear in me. 

"Fuck you!" I spat at him. That's when he then smacked me again. This time, a lot harder. I knew there was going to be a bruise there the next day. I felt my wrists starting to get numb with pain. His grip was tight and grew tighter a his anger raged on.  

He started sucking on my neck. I wanted to bad to punch and run.  I felt his hand wander around my inner thigh. Working his way from my wrist to my lower region. With a free hand, I saw my opportunity to punch him. What a horrible decision to make on my part. He grabbed his hand away from my thigh, and smacked me ten time harder than before. Same cheek, same spot. At this point I was losing all hope of being rescued. I knew what was coming, I was about to get raped and taken away by this guy. I was never going to finish collage, see Tabby again, get my professional photography career started, and worst of all I was about have my virginity swiped by a guy that kidnapped me on my own doorstep. 


I was crying full on about now. Not only because of all the things i'm about to have taken away from me, also because the pain he was putting my my wrists. He was grinding against me hardcore, still sucking on my neck. Yep. There is going to be a hickey now. He started to mess with the button of my pants. The only sound I managed to make was loud, but muffled screams. That's when I finally noticed the gag tied around my head. When the hell did he put that on me? I mentally prepared myself for the worst. Over and over in my head I thought, "here it goes...."

"What the hell are you doing?!?" I heard a mysterious voice yell. 

My attacker instantly dropped me and I hit the floor. My knees were weak, along with my legs. Standing up right now seemed like an impossible task."CHAD! THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW! I'M DONE WITH YOU!" I heard the mystery man yell. The man was throwing punches at my attacker. His knuckles turning red from the blood from this so called 'Chad'.

"GO!" My savior yelled at me. In a moment of fear of this guy, I quickly regained my footing and I made a mad dash for the door. I practically tripped over my own two feet running out of the bathroom

I continued to run, until I reached my dorm. I grabbed the keys that were still lying on the floor, exactly where I dropped them when my kidnapper practically threw my over his shoulder like a  rag doll.  I hurried in, scared that someone was behind me. I can't really say that I've been 'paranoid' before. At this time though, I had all rights. I got in, and quickly locked the door. I threw my back at the door and got into fetal position. That's when i let everything out. I thought I was crying hard before. No. I removed the tightly wrapped gag from around my mouth. I sat there for at least 2 hours. That's when I started getting really sleepy.....


I couldn't sleep at all that night. As much as I tried, nothing worked. I took sleeping medication, tried laying in different positions, and even adjusting the temperature. The bright red numbers on my alarm clock showed 3:00 AM.  That was it, I needed Tabby.


I started towards Tabby's dorm with the clothes I had thrown on before I left. I am so glad that her dorm is only in the next hallway. Since it was nearby, I got there pretty quickly.

*knock knock*

"Tabby?" I called out. It was late, and waking up my fellow students wasn't a very great idea. I sat there for a few minutes. She probably didn't hear me, but I wasn't going to knock again in case I wake up her surrounding neighbors.

Just when I turned around to leave, her door opened. Not even five seconds after she opened the door, her eyes grew wide.

"Oh my... Savannah what happened to you!?" her facial expression frozen. I'm not quite sure how she realized something happened. I didn't tell her anything. 

"H-how'd you know?" I shuddered.

"Have you looked in the mirror?! You're makeup is streaming down your face, your wrists are clearly bruised along with a ... is that a hand print? WHO THE FUCK DID THIS TO YOU?" she was yelling at me. Not in a 'getting on to you' kind of way but more of a worried way. I don't blame her for a second though. If she were to ever show up to my dorm at 3 AM beaten up, i'd react the same way.

"Can I come in and explain?" i asked her. It more croaked than anything. I guess from all of the crying, it does that to your throat.

She led me in and we sat on her bed. She grabbed a box of tissues, knowing that when i explain a situation I cry.

"Do you want some water hun?" she asked me. That actually sounded amazing right now, to be honest. I was lucky Tabby had a mini fridge in her dorm. It takes too long to walk over by the loo to get some. The loo.... the last place i want to even think about right now. She handed me the bottle and I quickly opened it and took a sip. the cold water felt amazing sliding down my parched throat. I then started telling her what all happened.....


And that's why I'm here. Her facial expression was blank. Then I saw a tear slip from her eyes as she looked down.

"This is all my fault..." she trailed off.

"Tabby! Don't blame this on yourself! you wern't there. You could do anything about it. All that matters is that i'm fine right?" i said trying to calm her.

" No, you don't understand... Chad... He's my ex," she started weeping a bit more "we broke up right before me and Niall started dating."

"What does that have to do with anything?" I asked her. I was seriously confused about now.

"He texted me about a week ago saying that I needed to break up with Niall. And that I needed to go sleep with him. I told him no and that I loved Niall too much to do that to him.... and he said that I had one week to choose. Him or Niall and of course I chose Niall. He texted me yesterday and said that he saw that I chose Niall and that I was going to regret it... I didnt know what he meant but now I know what he meant...."

"What did he mean?" I asked through choked tears.

"He's coming for you, to get revenge on me...."



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