Dark Ed

When Savannah gets out of a BBQ joint with her best friends, she gets into a very unexpected encounter. she feels safe with her savior, but she is scared out of her mind to be in his presence. She knows two sides but does everyone else?


5. Hi... I'm The Love of Your Life

Heller Lovelies(: sorry for the taking to long to update x.x don't kill me! I broke my phone (which I usually update from) and I just got it back. Then I tried to type on my computer and it decided to crash! So I'm sorry about that! But anyways this chapter goes to...... MayleenAlfaro Thank you for the comment love! Anyways the song mood setter is Paradise by Coldplay. Enjoy (:



I awoke to the shifting of someone beside me. To freak out was my instant first reaction as I realize that I'm not in my dorm. I'm in a dorm of my school, but not MY dorm.

I am freaking out... FREAKING OUT.

I sat there in the strangers bed, practically shaking from fear. Then that's when flashbacks from last night came flooding in. The man that was chasing me... Oh god. I was laying in bed with my kidnapper, a 40 year old man is lying next to me. Just as I was about to start crying from fear, I  felt the hangover kick in hardcore.

I lurched up and frantically looked for the loo. I pulled back as much hair as I could with one hand, while keeping my other hand clutched over my mouth. Once my destination was located, I sprinted and pulled up the lid as fast as my arm could move. I felt the burning in the back of my throat, as the drinks and food of last night came pouring out of me.

God I hate hangovers.

I soon felt a warm hand rub my back gently. I paid no mind to him until I was finished puking my guts up. When The awful encounter was over, I flushed the toilet and stayed there with my head bent over. Not only because the hangover was giving me a massive headache, I was still terrified to  face my kidnapper.

"Are you okay?" I heard the voice ask me.

The voice... Where have I heard him before?

Okay, so this defiantly isn't the guy who got me last night.

The guys voice wasn't deep and like a 40 year old mans... But this guy's was, young sounding, still deep but young. Like a mellowed out guy, my age.

"I'm okay." I managed to croak out. My throat was burning and dry.

Again. I hate hangovers

I finally got off of my knees and sat with my legs bent in front of me. My head was being supported by the side wall next to the toilet. My eyes opened and I literally almost flipped shit.... It was my savior, the one from the bathroom. Wait.. if I'm not with my kidnapper and he... That's when it hit me, he saved me AGAIN. He probably thinks I can't take care of myself now, Great...

"I'm sorry. Umm.. I should really get going." I managed to force out of my acid burned throat. I needed to get out of here. I am so embarrassed that I cant even think straight. He has had to rescue me twice in a row.

I feel pathetic..

"I think you need to lie down. You've had a rough night and you are sick. Please, I ask you to stay." he offered. As much as I would love to, you know, spend the day with a hot guy. I couldn't let him treat me like I was a child. For all I know, I could be older than him.

"I can't. You have done enough for me.. Thank you for everything." I said just as I was about to get up and make a mad dash out of the door.

"It's okay! Just please stay? Or let me take you out for coffee, something?" I was taken back by his response.

I smiled to myself. He wanted to take me out? This guy I barley knew, saved my ass twice, and is now helping me through a hangover.

"I don't really like coffee." I giggled a bit. It was true. I hated coffee.

"That's fine, order water." We both busted out into fits of laughter.

"Okay, I'll take you up on that offer. Only because your cute." I said being cheeky. With that I left the bathroom and laid down in the strangers bed. The tired hit me like a ton of bricks, and I fell into a deep sleep.


I woke up again in his bed. I looked over on the stand to find a note,

"Dear Umm...You?,

I went out for a minute. I had something to do.

By the way, You look peaceful when you sleep (;

See you later xx"

Something to do? I wonder why he wouldn't tell me anything.. Then again I'm just some girl he rescued.. I wouldn't tell myself anything either. Wait.. that made no sense.

Would I ever find out this guys name? At least his name is all I ask.

Well he is a ginger.. maybe its Ron..

Haha no... I guess I will just ask him when he gets ba...

"Someone's awake." I guess he came in just now.

"Morning." I said feeling a lot better since my nap.

"Its not exactly morning, love." he said grinning playfully. He made his way over to me and sat down on the bed. "Are you feeling any better?"

"Yes. A lot actually. Thanks for letting me stay here, and saving me after the club, and almost getting raped..." I ended up rambling on more than I intended to.

"Hey, babe. Its okay. I'm just glad you're safe now. Now how about that water date?" With that, he pulled a bottle of water out of a bag he had. I couldn't help but giggle, he was so corny.

 "I never did get your name?" he said looking at me with his beautiful, blue eyes.

"Savannah." I said shyly. I'm not quiet sure I got nervous so suddenly..

"Hi, I'm Ed." He said smiling.

Ed.... I like that.

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