Dark Ed

When Savannah gets out of a BBQ joint with her best friends, she gets into a very unexpected encounter. she feels safe with her savior, but she is scared out of her mind to be in his presence. She knows two sides but does everyone else?


4. Girls Night

Hello(: so this shoutout goes toooo Savannah(:! Thanks for the comment! This chapter is longer haha im trying not to do short chapters. ANYWAYSS Please




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"Okay! How does this look?" Tabby said with her exclaimed voice. We had just had an amazing day getting our nails done and pampering ourselves with the best oils and bubble baths. That is why I love the spa.

She was wearing a black dress that was about knee height and strapless and tight. To match it, she had a really cute pair of heels. She decided to end off the perfect night by taking me out to the club. I decided on a dress that looked just like Tabby's. A while back, we bought matching dresses as best friends.

As much as I was shaken up about the whole situation that happened the other night, this seemed like an amazing time for us to let loose and be girls. I am still not sure why I couldn't get the one ginger boy out of my head. He was just beautiful.

"I'll be right back, have to use the loo." I said at Tabby as she fixed her last bit of makeup in my dorm mirror.

"Alright love. Don't take too long!" she yelled back to me.

I started down the hallway that led towards the dorms bathroom. Checking my surrounds every five steps. Why was I so paranoid? Oh yeah... this is the place I almost got raped and abducted in. The exact bathroom I am about to go into. Just breathe and go. You can't let it hold you down forever.

I stepped in and hurried to the closest stall. I took care of my business and then realized there was not toilet paper. Really?

I sat there for a good 5 minutes before I thankfully heard the door open, indicating someone had just walked in.


"Hi, excuse me? I have no toilet paper. Would you mind handing me some please?" I yelled out to the mysterious person.

"Sure! Just a second!" she called out in a very cheery voice. Thank goodness she was nice and understanding. I would hate for a grouch to be all moody.

I saw a hand appear underneath the door with a roll for me.

"Thanks so much!" I quickly fixed myself and walked out to wash my hands. I saw her messing with her sloppy but neat dark brunette bun that sat upon her head. I dried my hands from the remaining water that was there from my washing.

"Hi! I'm Savannah!" I introduced myself with a smile.

"I'm Kelly." she said shaking my hand smiling back.

She looked about Tabby and I's age. She was very thin, pretty, and had a beautiful smile.

"So I am going to guess you're new here?" I asked eyeing a box of things on the floor beside her.

"Oh yes!" I just got accepted and I'm moving into dorm," she pulled out a piece of paper from her back pocket "152."

"That's right next door to me!" Even though I had just met this girl, I was excited to have a next door neighbor who I at least knew had manners.

"Oh! Awesome." she said laughing.

"Well me and my friend Tabby are at my dorm, we are actually heading out for the club. Would you like to come with us?" I'm sure Tabby wouldn't mind. She's always up for meeting new people.

"I wouldn't want to be a bother, plus I still have to unpack and everyth---" I cut her off.

"No! Please come?! If you come with us tonight, Tabby and I will help you unpack and set up your room. " I said trying my best to persuade her.

"Okay, sure." she said smiling and laughing. She then started towards the door. "Just let me get dressed and do my hair and makeup, Oh! and one more thing, which dorm is it?"

"151, See you later, neighbor." That sounded a lot better in my head.

"Haha, alright love! See you in a few!" and with that she exited the loo.

I walked back... No I ran back to the dorm. I stepped in to see Tabby finishing the last touches to her straightened hair.

"Before you ask, yes I did heat up the curling iron for you." She said cheekly. She knows that I love to curl my hair when we went out.

You are a good man, Tabby." I said laughing.

"MAN?!?! NO NO BOOBOO!" she said ticking me.

"AH! STOP PLEASE!" I said laughing to the point where I was about to cry.

"Who's the best?!?" She said laughing and still tickling me.

"T-aha Tabby-HA- Tabby-TABBY!" I said in breathes between each laugh.

"Yep!" She got up and dusted herself off.

 I went over to the mirror and started to curl each section of my hair with the hot metal.

"Oh! We are having someone join us. She just got accepted into collage here and she is moving in next door. I offered to go help her set up her room and things tomorrow. Would you mind helping out?" I said releasing the strand I had been holding there.

"No problem. As long as it’s before 6. I have a date with my man tomorrow at 7:30 and I need time to get ready." She said blushing.

"OoohOH. Get chu Some!" I said teasing her. "Nando's as always?"

"Yep." she said popping the p.

We sat and talked for a few more minutes and then i was finally finished curling my long blonde hair. (A.N. Picture On Side :D)

"So are we--" Tabby started.

*knock knock*

"That must be her! Her name is Kelly." I said to Tabby as I went to open the door.

When I opened the door, I saw Kelly dressed in a cute dark purple dress with black sequins.  She had her once pulled back into a bun brunette hair flat ironed, it was about down to her mid-torso and her makeup made her brown/green eyes pop.

"Hi Kelly! You ready to go? Oh, and by the way, this is Tabby." I said giving a hand gesture towards Tabby.

"Hi!" Tabby said sticking a hand out for Kelly to shake. "How are you?"

"Good, thanks." Kelly said back, shaking Tabby’s hand.

"So, we ready to go?!" I said antsy to get out of here.

"Alright let’s go!" Tabby said holding the door open for us to get out.

Good thing the Pub was in walking distance, because all of us were getting completely shitfaced. Which meant no designated driver. So walking saved us a lot of trouble.

As we walked towards the pub, Tabby and Kelly were really hitting it off. They seemed to get along well, And then I for sure knew this night was going to be an amazing time.

After about a ten minute walk, we arrived. We gave our ID's to the guy out front and made our way into the crowded place. As soon as I stepped my first foot into the bar, I could smell the mixture of alcohol and sweat from the dancing bodies and breath of all of the moving people in the crowded place. The music was booming some song I'd never heard before, but it had a strong bass and catchy tone.

"Let’s hit the bar!" Tabby yelled over the laughing and loud music.

With that we headed over and ordered our "lady drinks" as men called them. We sat there and had several of our lady drinks. Tabby on the other hand, she had been drinking out a lot with Niall. So there was nothing she couldn't drink. I still remember, that's exactly how they met.

"Wanna go dannccee?" Kelly said, slurring her words. Yep she was drunk, along with me and Tabby.

"Leeettttss gooooo." Tabby said laughing really hard before she got up and headed out for the dance floor.

At this point, they had on some Skrillex. I loved dancing to Skrillex, it was just so upbeat.

So Tabby, Kelly, and I got into our girl circle and danced until I don't even remember when. I do remember that when we were finished, my feet were killing me those heels really wore me out.

"Okayyyy, Bitchhesss! Let’s Go! Im Sooooooo Tireddddd." I slurred almost falling over of laughter.

We started heading out of the door, when I noticed a man, about 40, Tall and really creepy looking. I shrugged him off and just kept on going. We decided on taking the sort cut home, through the alley way behind the collage. It was about 10:30 PM so it was fairly dark outside. I could smell the moisture of morning dew starting to form on the grass as we stumbled along the alley.

"Alrighttttt." Tabby said and then just busted out into a laughing fit.

I heard a few footsteps behind us. As I turned around I was greeted by a shadow of someone... Someone as in the 40 year old guy.

I screamed and yelled for Tabby and Kelly to run and they turned to get greeted by the 6 foot figure running towards us.  We all started running, Tabby and Kelly got away while I, on the other hand,  tripped at the end of the alley and hit the concrete. Then I saw blackness...

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