You Have the Wrong Girl

Lea's identical twin Alice kidnaps One Direction one night after one of their concerts. Lea decides to help them escape. What happens when One Direction tries to get revenge on Alice but get Lea instead? Read on to find out! **this movella's rating is yellow but I'm not sure what will happen in the story so it might change to red YOU'VE BEEN WARNED**


6. Tuesday night

YAY I CAN FINALLY POST ANOTHER CHAPTER!!!!!!! sorry for not posting sooner, damn school....


 Lea's POV

I crept quietly down the creaky stairs to the basement, hoping I didn't wake up Alice ir Aunt Maye. 

I flicked on the light and it lit up the cold room. The boys were all sleeping. "Kiss Niall," a voice in my brain said. "Are you crazy, Brain!? What if he wakes up?" I argued. Geez, I have to stop talking to myself like that. 

I walked over to Zayn and shook him, hoping he wouldn't jump on me again. Slowly, he opened his eyes. "Come on, unless you want to live in my basement forever." I said. Then I woke up the others.

"So, ah, how to we get out?" Louis asked. "Easy" I replied, walking over to a door. I opened the door, revealing the dark night world. Harry facepalmed himself. "So, all we had to do was open a fucking door?" He asked. "Yup," I laughed, "you guys aren't very observant. Now go, before Alice wakes up." 

They scuttled out the door. "Well, there's my weekly dose of adventure." I thought as I climbed the stairs and burrowed under my warm blanket. "Now I can sleep."



Okay, sorry for the short, shitty chapter (excuse my language). I do another one later tonight. If you guys have any ideas for the story (as i am currently suffering from a serious illness known as Writers Block) please feel free to post in the comments :)

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