You Have the Wrong Girl

Lea's identical twin Alice kidnaps One Direction one night after one of their concerts. Lea decides to help them escape. What happens when One Direction tries to get revenge on Alice but get Lea instead? Read on to find out! **this movella's rating is yellow but I'm not sure what will happen in the story so it might change to red YOU'VE BEEN WARNED**



      Lea's POV


     "SQUEEEEE!!" My twin Alice squealed. I groaned and rolled over in my bed to look at the clock. 6:47am?! "Alice! This had better be pretty damn important to wake me up this early!" I yell at her. She seemed too happy to care that she just woke me up. "It is," she cried, "I just got you a date on Friday night with that guy you keep talking about---" "Chad Heners?" I interrupted. "Yup. And I finally managed to get an concert ticket for One Direction!!" She squealed. "OMG, really?" I cried back. "SQUEEEEEE!!!" We both screamed together.

     "GIRLS! Get downstairs and make breakfast if your awake! I'm going to a club tonight and I'll need my energy to dance!" Our aunt Maye yelled from downstairs. Alice and I looked at eachother and rolled our eyes before running downstairs to cook.



Sorry for the short chapter. I just realized I'm a terrible writer. :(

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