You Have the Wrong Girl

Lea's identical twin Alice kidnaps One Direction one night after one of their concerts. Lea decides to help them escape. What happens when One Direction tries to get revenge on Alice but get Lea instead? Read on to find out! **this movella's rating is yellow but I'm not sure what will happen in the story so it might change to red YOU'VE BEEN WARNED**


5. Explaining

Lea's POV

     Zayn didn't seem too happy when I untied him, jumping on me and everything. But he sat down next to Liam and Niall sat down between Louis and Harry. Then, they all looked at me, waiting for me to explain. They probably wouldn't believe me but it's worth a shot.

     "Okay. My twin sister Alice kidnapped you guys I guess after your concert and erm now you're in our basement." I start. "Umm, my name's Lea and since Alice has a date on Tuesday night, I could help you escape then. Y'know, if you want..."

     "So your identical twin sister Alice kidnapped us and you want to help? How do we know you're not lying?" Harry questioned. "If you want, I can get Alice down here." I replied, smirking. I took a deep breath as if I was about to yell for Alice. "NOOOO!!!!" They all screamed. "LEAA!!,"Aunt Maye yelled, "GET UP HERE AND MAKE BREAKFAST!!" "Are you guys hungry?" I asked them. "FOOD!" cried Niall. I laughed. "I'll take that as a yes."

     Then, I ran upstairs. Well, that went okay.


     Okay, so since no ones reading this movella so far, I'm going to need atleast two (hopefully more) favourites and three comments, just to know that some people care. Anyway, the next chapter will involve Alice more than just talking about her.

      What do you guys think should happen next? Post it in the comment!

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