You Have the Wrong Girl

Lea's identical twin Alice kidnaps One Direction one night after one of their concerts. Lea decides to help them escape. What happens when One Direction tries to get revenge on Alice but get Lea instead? Read on to find out! **this movella's rating is yellow but I'm not sure what will happen in the story so it might change to red YOU'VE BEEN WARNED**


8. Changing my Look

Lea's POV


     "Alice, do you know where my wallet is?" I asked while flopping down on my bed. Gah, where the hell is it? I needed it to go shopping! 

     "Alice! Are you still not talking to me?" No response. Damnit. 

     Well now what? I need money. Maybe its in the kitchen? I sighed as I rolled myself off the comfy bed and down the stairs. Yes, I rolled. I'm lazy, don't judge.

     After, picking myself up at the bottom of the stairs, I walked to the small kitchen. Guess who I found there, Aunt Maye. Holding my wallet and my favourite shirt and my floppy stuffed bunny.

     "What the hell! Why do you have my wallet, shirt and Flopples?! You have no right to steal my things, give them back!" I yelled at her.

     Her spray-tanned face, god people over 45 should not spraytan, crinkled into a grin. "Ya know, I done think I whale." Great, she's drunk and its only 11:00 am. 

     "GIVE ME MY MOTHER FUCKING WALLET YOU BITCH!!!" Boom. In about ten seconds, I had transformed into Satan. Startled, she gave me my things and headed to the living room. This is why you should never take my things without asking. I can and will make you temporarily deaf.

     After slipping on my black converse sneakers, I slammed the door and walked to the hair salon. I had decided I wanted people to be able to tell Alice and I apart, so I was going to dye my hair, get a bob, and if I could find some, contact lenses. 

     " Hi there doll! Do you have an appointment?" A cheerful girl with platinum blonde hair said as I entered the barber shop. "Hi, umm I had an appointment to get my hair cut and dyed? I'm Lea Clarise."I told her.

     She flipped through a book and stopped on a page. "You're with me! Come on!" she said and led the way to a chair in the corner.

     "So how short do youcwant it?" She asked while putting on the cape thingy. "Well," I said, "I was thinking about a bob. About chin legnth? And I wanted to dye it turquoise, too"

     The lady nodded and started cutting my hair. Holy shit, you could make a wig with all the hair she was cutting off. Soon, I fell asleep in the chair.

About half an hour later.

     "Wake up." A disembodied voice rang through my dreamworld. My eyes fluttered open. "Well? What do you think?" The blonde asked, thrusting a mirror in my face. Woah! I look awesome with blue hair! The length was cute too! "I love it! How much does this cost?"

     "Well, with the dye and the cut. And you snoring half the time. I would say 90.00$." Yeesh, 90 dollars? I paid and left. Ti e for the mall! 

     Two hours later.

     God, ahopping is hard work! I plopped down in the foodcourt with my many bags. I rested my head in my arms on the table and breathed. My feet hurt and now I had to walk home like this?



Okay! A filler, I know. The next chapter, which I hope I can write tomorrow, will be better, I promise! Is ther anything you guys think I should do differently? The reason I gave her a bob and blue hair in this chapter is my friend cut her hair in a bob today and it looks adorable and I want blue hair. Really, I think I would look good with blue hair... FAREWELL MY UNICORNS!!!!!


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