You Have the Wrong Girl

Lea's identical twin Alice kidnaps One Direction one night after one of their concerts. Lea decides to help them escape. What happens when One Direction tries to get revenge on Alice but get Lea instead? Read on to find out! **this movella's rating is yellow but I'm not sure what will happen in the story so it might change to red YOU'VE BEEN WARNED**


7. 2 weeks later

Hiii! I'm typing this on my iPad (thanks for the iPad, daddy!), so the formatting and stuff might be abit screwed up.....Anyways!!!!


Harry's POV

Two weeks ago Lea had helped us escape from her sister Alice. And God, I couldn't stop thinking about her! She was perfect, her bright green eyes and short coppery hair.....I think I'm in love...

But I couldn't believe her sister kidnapped us! She seemed so shy backstage. 

I wanted revenge. What could I do to her to make her pay, though? Hmm, I could lock her in a room full of spiders.... no, that's just cruel. Make her walk barefoot on Legos? That would hurt like a bitch... Or maybe I could kidnap her back. That seems possible. I could get the boys to help me! 

"Hey, I was you guys want revenge on Alice at all?" I asked, hoping they wouldn't think I was crazy. Zayn and Liam shrugged. "Sometimes...." Louis mumbled. "Kind of." Zayn chimed in. "Sort of, but how would we do it?" Niall asked. "I was thinking we could kidnap her. Not for forever though." I replied. "But Lea and Alice are twins, how do we know which one to kidnap?" Liam pointed out. Now that stopped me for a second. "We could guess. I mean, there is a 50% chance we get the right girl." Zayn answered. "Okay, lets go now!" Louis yelled, already grabbing the keys for the van. This is a stupid idea, I thought.

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