Catnip, Thievery and a Lot Of Books

It wasn't right. I knew it wasn't right. Yet, I did it. I told myself I wasn't a thief. I was just, borrowing.


2. Chapter Two- When All Else Fails... Laugh

My brother Jesse was in the kitchen, making himself a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich (I know, a tad childish, but hey, my twin brother is the most childish fifteen-year-old I know.)  I ran up to him and gave him a bear hug from behind that slowly morphed into a head lock.  Then he pinched both sides of my stomach.  

"Jeez!  I was just being sisterly, and giving you a hug!"  I said in a pretend sad/mad kind of voice, with a hand at my hip, looking all sassy.  

"Yah, you surely weren't trying to kill me!"  He said, in a real, mad voice, that contained a hint of fake sad in it.  "And could you turn down the music.   I am trying to read."



I guess my brother and I don't exactly get along that great. 

Anyway, I went deeper into the kitchen and found are little plastic fridge.  I pinned the list to the fridge and looked to my right at the counter, the one dad use to always lay his coat on.  A feeling of totally neglect and anger suddenly came upon me, and I barged into my room, super duper dramatically.

I laid on my baby blue bedding, staring up at my  dark blue ceiling.  My entire room is made up of blue, and cream.  Blue bedding, white bed, blue ceiling, white walls, white computer, blue desk, white cd player, blue record player, so on, so on.

Jesse walked into my room and collapsed onto my bed.  "Jesse!"  I said, a tad annoyed.

"What's up?  CHICKEN BUTT!"  He said, very excitedly, rolling around on my bed.  I tried to stop myself from laugh, but I let out a chuckle, which turned into a laugh, which turned into me, on the ground, laughing my head off, tears actually falling from my face. Then, Jesse joined me on the ground, laughing his head off.

I guess it was one of those moments, were I think that I'm incredibly pissed off, but I'm actually holding back laughter, all because of my dear brother.  It was one of are famous, sibling moments.

Jesse and I laid on the ground and laughed until my stomach hurt, and I could hardily breath.  We laughed until I was actually sobbing, and then I got up, and Jesse got up, and I give him a real hug, not one of those phoney hug I normally give him, I gave him a real live hug.  A proper hug.  One that I only give to those worthy. (very few are, but at that moment Jesse surely was.)


Once Jesse had cleared out of my room, and I had consumed all the salad and chicken fingers on my dinner plate, I went into my room, and instead of blasting Taylor Swift, or listening to her favourite Barbra Streirsand record, or even going on tumblr and creating a new Kurt and Blaine gif, I just sat there and thought.  This was the first of many times I spent my night thinking.

Thoughts buzzed around my head.

Can I handle this?

What on earth is going on with Maggie*


Woo, wooo, woo, is my brother listening to Michael Jackson?

This thought alarmed me, so I ran across the hall and barged into my brothers room.  "Is that...  Michael Jackson?"  

"Where?"  Jesse said, clearly sarcastically.

"Are you listening to Michael Jackson?"  I re-worded.

"Yep, what about it?"  My jaw dropped. I was completely astonished by my brother's actions.

"You like Michael Jackson?"

"He's pretty sick."  He told me.  Oh.  My.  God.  I am the Michael Jackson fan, he is the hater! 

"Okay, who are you and where is my brother."  He laughed.  "This is no laughing matter."  I said, almost laugh myself (again).  "You are not a fan.  At least you weren't when I was a fanatic!"

"Things change."

I laughed, once again, because, I mean, it was all I could do.  Like I have recently learned to say,

When all else fails... Laugh!

*Maggie drama, always going on!  (Maggie's a TOTAL drama queen.)


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