Bayleigh is a good girl with a troubled past but as soon as she moves next door to One Direction's member Zayn Malik her whole life gets turned around. He transforms a nerdy goody-two-shoes into a sexy dare devil. Read and find out how Zayn and the rest of the boys change her.


1. She's gone Bayleigh, she really is this time!

            Bayleigh's Point Of View:

I just stood there hanging over my mother's casket. They had tried to cover the scars with make-up, but it was obvious. The bruises where showing so why hide the scars! It made no sense! Everyone in that small town knew how she had died. How could I forget? I remember walking into the room right after the murderer made a mad dash through the field. :FLASHBACK:                                                                                                                                          

"Mom, I'm home from school!" I called from the front door. I sat at the table and got to work on the five page, front and back essay due the next morning in third period. "Finally!" I exclaimed. "Done with English. Now to the hard part, Math." I worked as far as I could. I had a few questions I needed help on and my mom always said she'd help so I decided to ask. "MOM!!" I called. Usually she'd come immediately but this time she didn't. This worried me and scared me. "Mom???" I called again. No answer. "MOM!?!!" I screamed. Still no answer. I climbed the stairs and headed to the hallway where my mom and my room was. My mom and I lived together alone. My dad left when my mom told him she was pregnant. Throughout the hallway there was shattered alcohol bottles and what scared me the most was that some where lined in blood. I ran to my mom's room to see if she was alright, but as soon as I found her she was sat up against her bed with her head hung back. Not to mention a empty bottle of Klonopin (the most deadly drug) and a blood covered wine bottle laying by her side. I stood in shock and glanced out the ajar window. I found a tall limber male dashing through the field beside my mother and my house. "HEY YOU!!!!!" I screamed out the window. He turn slightly but I wasn't able to get a good look at his face. Before I could say another word he jumped the fence and was gone.

"Bayleigh! Bayleigh!" My best friend Annabelle yelled into my ear. "Huh?" I questioned,"Oh! Hey! Umm.. Just remembering." " Oh! Sorry about your mom! Who are you going to stay with now, Bay?" Annabelle asked. "Belle, I'm 17! I think I can take care of myself!" I said almost in tears because the haunting memory of my mom was still floating around in my head. " Sorry Bay! Text me tonight?" She questioned again jumping into her car. "Yeah! Umm.. Sure!" The funeral was over then I jumped into my Ford Mustang GT and drove home.                                                                                                                                         

Of course knowing me I'd get a ticket for 'driving to fast'. "Hello Officer," I said in a sweet voice fluttering my long, voluminous lashes hoping he'd back up for a so called beautiful girl. All the guys last year called me cute, sexy and/ or beautiful. "What did I do wrong, sir?" I pouted. "N-n-no ma'am! N-n-nothing wr-wrong here!" He said dashing to his car. I knew it! He was young but married. He didn't want any trouble with a young teenage girl. Well that proves all of my A's and A+'s! I hopped into my car and rushed home I had plans for this house! And if all goes well it will be no longer mine. To many good and bad memories here.



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