Bayleigh is a good girl with a troubled past but as soon as she moves next door to One Direction's member Zayn Malik her whole life gets turned around. He transforms a nerdy goody-two-shoes into a sexy dare devil. Read and find out how Zayn and the rest of the boys change her.


2. Home! I Have to get out of here!

                 Still Bayleigh's Point of view:                                                                                                                                                                      As soon as I walked through the door to the house I saw where the blood had stained the hardwood and the carpet. I couldn't bare to see my own mother's blood on the carpet. *I am going to move! To many memories, Good and Bad.* I thought to myself. I grabbed the carpet shampooer and got to work. All the blood stains and glass where off the carpet. Now, to the hard part, the hardwood flooring. I started scrubbing! It took me about 2 hours to clean the house entire house!!! I told Annabelle I needed her help. In about 5 minutes my trusty bestie and I where put to work. "I am moving." I told her."Wait? What??? You can't leave me." " There are to many memories here! I can't!!" I cried out. "Okay Bay. If that's your standard I'm alright with your decision." 

                We finally finish packing and from the inside, it looked like my house was made from cardboard boxes. "Aahh!" we both exclaimed as we fell back onto my bed," Done." "FINALLY!!" Annabelle screamed. " We are off to find a house, we are off to find a house." I sang ripping through the hallway like a three year old and fell on my bum because I was running in socks. "LAPTOP!!!!" I screamed. I got up, ran crazily grabbing my laptop and plopped down in the middle of the floor. I swear Belle fell down 20 times and collapsed in laughter while doing so! Finally, My crazy bestie plopped down beside me." So where we planning on livin' me lad?" Belle said trying her best Irish accent. "I was thinking Cheshire, UK." I said. "EEEK!! YOU KNOW WHO'S HOMETOWN THAT IS RIGHT!!!!" Annabelle squealed. "Who?" "HARRY EDWARD STYLES!!!" she squealed again. "Oh! You're never coming to my house then." I laughed out. "awww!!!! Why not?" she whined. "Well you just screamed over him. If you came to my house he could probably hear you scream as soon as you walked through my door." I laughed. "What about West Lane?" She asked. " Umm... Yes, long as there are no One Direction guys living in the neighborhood." I sternly told her. "Umm.. Okay then! Get to looking then!" She demanded. "Ooh I like this one! It's in St. John's Court, Bradford at Fallow Fields. 2 bedroom priced at 89,995 Euros." I suggested. "Two bedrooms? Why?" Belle questioned. "Well I plan on living there the rest of my life Belle. The crime rate in that area is below the normal rate and I'm pretty sure I'm going to marry someone Belle. I'm not a complete loner. I'm not going to be that woman with the 72 cats." I laughed, "And besides when I do get married I want to have kids. If we don't then that room will be for.... Umm.... If I get mad at my husband! He'll sleep in the other room instead of in the comfy  bed with me!" "Well, You have your life planned don't you!" She said kinda ticked but still happy. " Yeah guess so" I replied. I clicked the "BUY" button. "Wait? Where did you come up with that kind of money?" She asked.

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