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When Dylan is lost in this world and seemed traped with no way out of this endless circle. And all she can think about is of what once was perfect and now taken away. But she is determined to stay focused and live!!! But sometimes thats just not the way things go. Can Adam help her??? Read to find out:)


5. the party

Dylan's POV
I can't belive what I got on my report card! 92% is great! But 68% ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! If Harry wasn't so nice and made me have something to look foward to I would probably be dead in a ditch right now. He is amazing I think I am falling for him... hard! But he would never look at me like that. I just a little sister to him.
Finally we got to our house. Well i'm not to sure about the our part yet. But anyways. When we got inside Anne was waiting for us. We plopped down on the coach.  "Theres a party tonight at six can we go? " Harry asked. "Of cours you guys can go! As long as theres no drinking, no drugs and lets keep it PG 13." I looked up at Harry s face. He was going red. I giggled.
"We don't have time to go shopping to get you something to wear cuz its already 5 so mom can we look through your closet? " Harry asked. I looked at him shocked "yes" Anne said. He picked me up bridal style and ran me up stairs.
Adam's POV
When we got into my moms room we whent strat to her walk in closet.  I saw the grin on her face grow in awww at how many clothes there were. I laughed I knew exactly what she should wear all ready.
I grabbed a bright sun dress that was wight and had bleu and green comeing from the bottum. When she saw it she gasped and then it was likea bus hit the smile right off her face and looked down at the ground. Whats wronge? I asked. "Oh nothing" she grabbed the dress and whent to go try it on. She came out with her hands behind her back. She looked sooo beautiful. My breath was taken away. She saw me staring and looked away blushing. I
I stud up and whent to take her hand when she pulled away. What just hapened? I thought we were haveing a moment?  Than I saw it the cuts all alonge her wrist. I gasped. I couldn't take it in why would someone so beautiful whant to hurt her self?
She just looked at me and said "I know you are discussed by me now I will just leave. She whent to go but I quickly took her hand and kissed her whirst cuts.  And said " your scars are as beautiful as the rest of you. They tell your story, of how stronge you really are and how you have survived it all. You are not messed up. You have gone through some rough times but that just makes you, you. Please stay. She looked at me and said thats the nicest thing I have ever heard anyone say to me. She came closer. And took my other hand. This is my chance. Lean in come on do it! I did and kissed her on the lips she kissed back and sparks flyed.
When we both pulled away she smiled and leand in and kissed me again. I wish we could stay like this forever, it just feels right. Like it was meant to be.
We only had ten minutes untill we should be there so I whent to get changed when I came down I saw Dylan sitting on the coach looking prettyer then ever in the dress I pick out. I whent over to her and she stod up and hand in hand se walked to my car.

Dylan's POV
Omg! I think he dose like me or at least I hope he dose. He kissed me. It was perfect. When we got in the car Im not going to lie I was nervous. I am going to a party at the peoples house that torment me. But I took a big breath in and walked in.
This place was huge. I was stuk in awww. But Adam's house was way bigger. He took my hand and showed me around and interduseing to people. They all were roud. But some were kind. Then harry got into a conversation woth someone. So I walked out side and sat by the pool. People were swimming and haveing a blast. Then they noticed me staring and asked if I whanted to come in. "No its okay" I said. "Come on!" " No really its fine." " James!"  "Ya." "She whants to go for a swim." Pointing at me. And before I could protest I was being picked up and throun over his shoulder.  Kicking and screaming. I can't swim!  Put me down! He didn't listen and through me in. I could get out from under the water I was trapped. Lossing hope. I guess this day was to good to be true. Then every thing whent black.
Adam's POV
I heard screaming comeing from outside. So i whent to see what was going on. Oh my god Dylan! She was just throughn into the pool. She didn't come up. What the fucks there problem?!? I quickly took off my shirt and dived in pulled her up. got out and layed her down she wasn't breathing. I screamed at them " what the fuck she can't swim! And she is scard of the water!" "Why? It was just a joke." Her hole family drownd and died!" I said with tears in my eyes. They looked shocked. I whent over to her. And started moth to moth. After a 1 min or so. She opened her eyes. And chofed up all this water. " i'm sorry" Dylan said. "Why are you sorry? You didn't do anything they did." She just looked at the ground still in shock. "Hey look at me putting my fingers on her jaw lefting her face to look into her eyes. "You okay?"  "I was just scard that I would never see you agin." She said bluching. Well babe I think I was 2 times scard then you. She smiled. I moved a hair away from her face and leand in and kissed her on the lips. When she kissed back. I wished we could stay like this forever. We both pulled away smiling. Come harry ask her! You can do it! No there to many people. Oh well just spit it out! "Dylan, will you be my girlfriend?" " she nodded trying to get her words out y-y-ee-s-s-s. I was so happy.

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