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When Dylan is lost in this world and seemed traped with no way out of this endless circle. And all she can think about is of what once was perfect and now taken away. But she is determined to stay focused and live!!! But sometimes thats just not the way things go. Can Adam help her??? Read to find out:)


4. ...Lunch

Adam's POV

When we got to the cafeteria we went to go order our lunch. I got a hamburger, fries, apple, and chocolate milk. When I looked down to see what she got I only saw a muffin and a bottled water. " Why don't you have that much to eat?" I asked. "Not hungry" she said. But, I could tell that, that wasn't the case. " Come on you got to eat more then that. I will pay."  I said. " well, I haven't really eaten anything in 7 days and that was only a half eaten bagel. I am afraid if I eat to much my stomach won't be able to take it." Dylan said shamefully at the ground. That's why your so thin I thought to myself. " If you don't eat enough you won't learn to be able to eat regular amounts now will you?" I said lifting up her jaw. "I guess your right." she said smiling. As I was handing her a hamburger a huge smile of joy crept on her face. "What?" I asked confused. " I can't even remember the last time I had one of these. But I can remember that they are delicious!" She said.

Dylan's POV

When we sat down together with his friends, one of the boys reached out to shack my hand. " Dylan we never got to introduce are self's. I'm CJ, that's Jason pointing to a guy with black curly hair and green eyes, That's Jackson pointing to a guy with the bib cut but it was blond, and that is Ty pointing to a guy with short brown hair." Said CJ. " I'm Dylan, But I guess you already new that." I said.  They all started to laugh. Then the guy that hit me earlier came to our table. "Do you guys want to come to a "Hells out" party tonight?" He said. Then in unison they all said YES! But then he looked at me and smirked. You can come too, if you want. looking powerfully over me.  "Allright" I said. "See you guys at 6." And then he left.
Harry looked at me and I said quitly in his ear that; thats the guy who hit me today. He looked mad but not sorry for me. (Thank god) then we both got back in the conversation.
Adam POV
The bell rang for 3 period.  So we all got up to leave to get to class. See u in english.  Yeah she said looking down at the ground.
All gym class I couldn't get her out of my head. So I stard at the clock tick. Then the bell rang I shot up, got changed, and took off to english.
When I got there I saw dylan waiting outside the room. How cute! We walked in together.
We looked at  were everyone was sitting. No one was in there right spots. So we took our seats. When the class got seatled, our teacher Miss. Martin started to talk " since its the last day, I thought that we would just read a book  and look at our marks because I'm going to hand out report cards." She handed this book out called the boy in the stripped pajamas. "Who would like to start?" The girl beside Dylan raised her hand and began reading aloud. I could see that she was really teants. I wonnder why? Then Miss Martin said "Dylan would you continue?" She nodded looking pale. Ummmmmmmm... he la geof lif the... getting quiter and quiter so, I took over but the teacher just stared and was like Dylan continue. So, she did almost in tears, but she just keeped on trying. After like 15 minutes the teacher just smirked and looked at me to continue.  I did but, I couldn't get through my minde that Dylan couldn't read I mean she may have her issues but she has gone to school her whole life. She should know how. But than it hit me she is like this every time she is asked to read aloud. And every one laughs and bullys her. There sooo mean. There must be a reason why she reads like that.
When I finished and looked at Dylan who was now just a little bit red. "Are you okay?"
Dylan's POV
Should I tell him? If he is going to be in my life he should know. I mean like a brother but I wish it could be more. Nobody knows I mean whos alive. Can I trust him? Mabey its time to tell someone. So, I decided to tell him. I-I'm dyslexic. He looked at me puzzled. Ummmm... it makes you see thing differently. Like words and stuf. He nodded understandaly. "Dose anyone else know?" He asked. Nope just you and I. He took my hand and started to move his thumb up and down, In a calming way. I sighed and put my head on his shoulder.  He smiled and I smiled back.
I felt safe here beside him.
The bell was going to ring in ten minutes.  So,  Miss Martin handed out are report cards. Oh My God! I was soooo nervous! I do really good in school. But its hard being dyslexic and you know. I also really needed good marks because I needed a scholarship to get into university. God this is going to be impossible! 
Adam's POV
I could tell she was nervous.  As Miss Martin handed us are report cards e both ripped them apart. My average was 83%. Thats pretty good. I thought to myself. Then I looked down at Dylan's report card. WOW she is smart!  Every mark she got was like 92%.! But she was disappointed.  Whats wronge? You did great!  She just stared at her english mark I looked at it. It was 68%. Oh god. This dyslexic thing must be harder thing then I thought.
She must have notiesed me staring so, she put her report card away. When you said you and I dose that even mean the teachers? I asked. She nodded Yes, its not an excuse. Knowing the mark was really getting to her I hughed her and keeped on saying its okay then the bell rang.
SCHOOLS OUT!!!:):):);):P


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