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When Dylan is lost in this world and seemed traped with no way out of this endless circle. And all she can think about is of what once was perfect and now taken away. But she is determined to stay focused and live!!! But sometimes thats just not the way things go. Can Adam help her??? Read to find out:)


3. Lunch

Dylan's POV

Did i really just do that!!! Tell him my past or well parts of it. When i relized it was Adam 1 of the popular kids at school. Ahhhhh! I should have shut up my life is just going to get worse. But i just couldn't stop! Whats wronge with me? I saw the time I only had 20 minutes to get to school and i have no idea were  i am!!! So, i got up to leave. But, right before my hand turned the doorknob Adam  came down the stairs. "where are you going?" he said " Leaving" i said. " where" he said. "School i guess" i said. "You can stay with us." he said looking at his mom nodding. I gave a sigh of relief, but knew i couldn't "i can't i have caused you to much troble already. Thank-you for putting up with me." I said. Adam just shouk his head no. "we have an extra room that you can stay in." I ran up to him and huged him." where is all your stuf so we can go get it?" he said. "Ummmmmm... I have no stuf to go get or you no a place to put them. i said shyly looking at the ground. "I will change that." he said looking into my eyes.

Anne's POV

When i walked down stairs i saw adam with a girl on the coach. i just stared. Then i saw how he looked at her. He must like her. Then Adam saw me and came towards me and motioned to go upstairs. i fallowed. he told me; that she gos to his school, her name is Dylan, she has no family or home, and he found her on the front porch. Poor thing. In the end he asked if she could stay with us because she has no were eles to go." of corse she can stay she will be part of the family." I said. When we walked back down he talked to her and she agreed to stay. Then i spock up." If you have nothing to wear come up stairs and change onto something of mine." She nodded and followed me upstairs to my room. I gave her jeans, and a blew top with rufles. I hopped it would fit we had to be close to the same size. She came out smiling ear to ear. I laughed. " its the nicest thing i have waren in a long time" she said. Even though it was like 3 sizes to big. Then we whent down stairs to meet Adam all ready to go. Before they left i wispered in adams ear " watch out for her" and then they were off.

Adam's POV

As we walked to school we talked and got to know one another better. She looked beautiful. She stole my sun glases witch made her look even cuter. When we got to school the boys rushed up to me and started to talk but they all notest Dylan in like 2 Secondes and started to enter dose them selfs. But, she said she was late for her frist class and started to run to get there." See you at lunch?" i yelled. She smiled back at me. Ahhhh i am falling hard for her. As i put my hands behiend my head. When she was out of sight the boys snaped me back to reality. with chesy smiles on there faces. They new. They all started to elbow me and anoy me you name it but i didn't care all i could think about was her.

Dlyan's POV


WOW Adam is really nice! I can't belive i'm staying with him! He's so hot with his red hair and big eyes. Snap out of it dylan he would never think of you like that he so "smach" I ran into some one. ops! "I'm soooo sorry!"I beent down to pick up my books and he hit me across the face. With adams sun glases falling off When I stumbled backwards he kicked my books all arwound the hall way snicked and went back to his friends. I touched my face  and saw blood on my hand and just sighed and went to pick up my books. Then I heard some one comeing towards me so i looked up, it was adam."are you okay" he asked looking conserned. "Yeah, its no big deal" He picked up my books and placed his sun glases on my face and smiled. and took my hand and we stared to walk to the cafatiria.

Adam's POV

As we were walking to the cafitertia I couldn't hlep to think that she puts up with that with out fighting back. How good was she on the ice if she didn't fight back? Why would people treat her like that? What has she ever done to you?



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