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When Dylan is lost in this world and seemed traped with no way out of this endless circle. And all she can think about is of what once was perfect and now taken away. But she is determined to stay focused and live!!! But sometimes thats just not the way things go. Can Adam help her??? Read to find out:)


1. Just another night

Dylan's POV

It was like any other night walking on some road that i have never seen before, alone and misrable.I was thinking like at least noting can get worse than it already is. But just my luck a rain drop landed on my nose and i knew i was in for a long night. I was looking for somewere that i could be hidden from the rain. There was this huge house that had a porch. I walked on and prayed that the people who lived here wouldn't see me.

But, all i could think about was how its just life there is no spark in me to have point in living. So, i took a rock and started cutting, i know its not good but i have all this pain and I can't see it. To see the blood drip down physicaly it calms me down. i shiverd and cried myself to sleep.

Adams POV

I couldn't sleep so i went down stairs to get somethig to eat. But, then I heard a small whimmpering comeing from outside. i looked through the window and saw a girl in ragy clothes, wet from the rain, and there was blood every were. So, i whent out side and picked her up carefuly and lad her on the coach. she is so small it was like if i breathed on her she would break like a tooth pick . I got a cloth and tryed to find were the blood was comeing from. Then i saw it comeing from her wrist. I quickly but gently held the cloth there to stop the bleeding. i didn't know what to do next so i just sat there untill she woke up.


n\a Hope u guys like it pls comment and i will be updateing in longer chapys in the futcher thx!!!:)

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