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When Dylan is lost in this world and seemed traped with no way out of this endless circle. And all she can think about is of what once was perfect and now taken away. But she is determined to stay focused and live!!! But sometimes thats just not the way things go. Can Adam help her??? Read to find out:)


2. Her story

Dylan's POV I woke up in a place that i never seen before. With thes beautiful eyes staring at me. What the hell is going on?? I said in my head. He just stared at me into my sole and smiled. "what;s your name?"he said. "Dylan" i replied. "Thats a pretty name."he said as i bluched looking at the ground. "You can tell me if you what. You can trust me." he said. I think i can trust him but I don't know if telling him will help him. But, would he feel sorry for me? ( he probably already dose frist impersssions are everything and as you can see i not so great at that part)I don't whant him to think that i am some orfane with issues. I don't whant sympathie. But he did take me out of the rain he deserves an explanation. He just stared. So i took a big breath in  and desided that i should tell him at least some parts mabey it will feel good somebody. He might get to know the rest if i get to Know him beter Adam's POV She began to speck ...Before grade 7 every thing was normal. I had a familly, friends, and i played hockey on the aaa boys hockey team. people were already comeing to give me scholarships to play for them. That was the last time i remeber playing hockey. After that my familly whent on a cruse. It was really fun untill one night...


We crashed and started to sink my family fell over bord. And drownd. (I could tell that she was fighting back her tears) I was the only one left, i whanted to kill my self. So, I jumped in knowing I couldn't swim. but, this man grabbed me and saved my life. But, I just kept on screaming. It took 3 men to hold me down and then 1 of them gave me a needle and every thing whent black. I woke up in a hospital. With a doctor explaning every thing. Something in me just snapped, I got up and ran, i didn't know were I just keeped on going. No one could catch me . And i finaly lost them and fell asleep on a park bench. i desided to go to school, i thought it was the only thing i could do. "

I tryed to say something but nothing came out. I wiped the tears from her face and pulled her in for a hug. As she cryed into my shoulder to sleep. When she woke up she pulled her brown curly hair from out from her face and smiled. She was beutiful, but it was clear she didn't think so. She caught me staring and looked away embaraced. Then i relized that i knew her from some were. then it hit me  she is in my english class. I told her this and she agred. Then i saw the clock the last day of senior year started in 25 minutes!!!

Then i saw my mom come down staring at me and dylan. i got up and whent to talk to her.


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