Jesse is lost. She has committed crimes but has never been found. She has been hunted. The C2 agency has been after her for years now. He life has changed because of meeting 5 uncertain boys...


12. You're all I can trust

  Hey guys! Sorry I havent updated in a while, I was at my cousins and I had no wifi. Sucks right? I don't have an iPhone, so I need wifi codes instead of having worldwide wifi like other people. I have a really crappy phone. Also, I broke my iPod, and I don't write from my computer, I write from the safari app on my IPod. And the glass on my iPod cracked. But good thing, my iPod still works! So so soo sorry to keep all of you waiting on this chapter. Sorry the cliff hanger was so good. Luv all of mah fans. You guys stopped me from leaving. Even if I try now, Im never gunna leave y'all. 





I jumped out of the window. I grabbed my bags and changed my appearance once more. Black hair dye, sky blue eye contacts, and different outfit. I took my car out of the driveway. It is the real Transformer, Bumblebee. I stole it after the movies were finished filming. I put my stuff in the trunk and started driving. I pulled into a restaurant driveway and parked. I texted Liam, 'Hey, I might stop by later. ;)' I sat there and waited for his distinct reply. But instead of a brief message, which is usually super long knowing Li, he only sent one letter, 'K' So I started driving again. I backed out of my parking space, and made my way into the street. After what felt like forever, my car finally stopped in front of One Directions  house. I got out of the car, and grabbed my bags. I walked up to their front door amd rang the bell. Liam opened the door.

"Hey!" I said.

"Hey stranger." Liam replied.

"Do you know who it is?"

"Uhm. No."

"Its me! Jesse!"

"Jesse has dirty blonde hair."

"Look at this." I showed him our conversation.

"Liam i just dyed my hair black for protection."

"Jesse, you don't need protection. You have me." He pulled me closer and his lips smashed onto mine. What we had was perfect. I put my hand on his cheek to support the kiss, then I wrapped my other arm around his neck. He put in arms around my waist. He pulled away from the kiss. He lifted be up and put me on his back. I was hanging onto his back and he grabbed my bags. He put me down inside.

"So why did you come here?" He asked.

"Jai came back. And when you dropped me off, I opened the front door to see him and his fiancè doing some inappropriate stuff, then I slammed the door on that bitch, ran to my window outside, and climbed up. Then I heard groaning and grunting and moaning and hmming and fuck fuck fucks and holy fuck stop it hurts, and I heard, Bitch babe. Fricking fuck me hard. When I heard those things, I screamed and started packing. I couldn't believe Jai was doing this." I started crying. "Jai betrayed me, he betrayed the crim. law! And you are the only one I can trust Liam. I love you."

"Love you too Jess. What is the Crim. law?" Liam replied.

"The Crim. law is a law that criminal have to follow, or else another criminal will rat them out. Im giving Jai a year, to fix his mistakes. Or else."

"You can move in if you'd like. You can stay with me, in my room. I'll take your bags up. Just park your car in the garage!" Liam said.

"Thanks babe. You're the best, love." I said. Liam's my rock. My love. I think im in love. I think Liam has changed my cruel ways. But I'm still gunna steal clothes. Nothing but clothes.

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